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NAB 2012: Assorted Snapshots

A few cool things I saw at the show that didn't fit into any other articles.

By Adam Wilt | May 08, 2012

I got this fisheye lens, y'see, and by gosh and by golly I'm a-gonna use it.

NAB is too big a show in too short a time to see more than a fraction of it. I've covered a few things in some depth (as have other PVC folks), but there's plenty more that slips by without proper coverage. Here, I have a few photos of interesting things that I saw in passing, with pointers for more info should anything catch your fancy. Read More


Adobe Reveals Future Areas of Focus at NAB 2012

Adobe Reveals Future Areas of Focus at NAB 2012

Richard Harrington discuss the future of Adobe Video with Bill Roberts the Director of Video Product Management for Adobe.

By Richard Harrington | April 18, 2012

Provideo Coalition- Adobe Video- NAB 2012 from RHED Pixel on Vimeo.

Richard Harrington discuss the future of Adobe Video with Bill Roberts the Director of Video Product Management for Adobe. They discuss future areas of focus that Adobe has and where Creative Suite is going.Richard has had a long history with Adobe including producing official Adobe books and training. He also runs his own shop using Adobe software. Read More


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NAB Sunday: Panasonic and Sony Press Conferences

What the two big camera companies taked about officially.

By Adam Wilt | April 16, 2012

One of many GH2s being used to record the Panasonic press conference.

When big companies hold press conferences, they're a mix of marketing / sales encomiums from happy customers, and some actual useful information about technologies and products. I'll mostly focus on the tech stuff that Panasonic and Sony announced today (and adding my own snarky commentary in [square brackets]). Read More


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NAB 2012:  Sony Press Conference

Memories of things past.......

By Bruce A Johnson | April 16, 2012

Alec Shapiro hosting the 2012 Sony Press event. Sorry about the poor picture, but that's a cellphone for ya.

The annual Sony NAB press conference was held at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel, with a setting that seemed to be a bit less grandiose than previous years. Perhaps this is fitting considering that Sony recently announced as many as 10,000 layoffs coming in the near future. But even without that hanging over the festivities, the announcements made by Senior Vice President for Broadcast & Production Systems Alec Shapiro were less than stellar, and at times even seemed pretty out of touch, at least to an old broadcast hand like me. The overarching theme was "Believe Beyond HD," and near the end of the presentation the spectre of 4K acquisition did rear it's head. However, the first three items presented were not 4K productions, but 3D. Clips from the upcoming programs "Stormsurfers" and hip-hop competition "Battle Of The Year" were projected on a mid-sized screen, but oddly, even with the provided RealD glasses neither clip looked very 3D at all. (And seeing one of the "Stormsurfers" surfers very obviously holding a GoPro camera on the end of a stick suggests, at least, that not *all* of the footage was shot on Sony cameras.) Shapiro opined that 3D was growing by leaps and bounds, but at least in the home TV market, the just isn't true, and might well be a big part of Sony's current financial malaise. The third 3D production mentioned was ESPN's coverage of the X Games, but oddly, no clips were played - and I would REALLY have liked to seen those. Read More


2D Footage with a Stereo 3D Rig in After Effects CS5.5

Edit and Optimize 2D Stereo Pairs from a 3D Video Camera or Twin Cameras with a Modified Stereo 3D Rig in After Effects CS5.5

By Jeff Foster | February 10, 2012

Adobe included a 1-step option to create a 3D Stereo Camera Rig in After Effects CS5.5, to everyone's enthusiasm for a simpler workflow in 3D space. Great if you are working in 3D space in After Effects, but what about an easy option for 3D Stereo pairs captured by a 3D camera or twin cameras on a rig? In this tutorial I'll show you how to quickly modify the Stereo 3D Rig in After Effects to quickly mux your L&R video files and adjust the convergence for anaglyph, interlaced or stereo pairs output. Read More


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Stereo 3D Video Production with GoPro

Using the GoPro HD Hero2 and the 3D Hero System with CineForm Software

By Jeff Foster | January 29, 2012

Whether you love it or hate it, 3D Stereography is here for awhile. And if you're totally into it like I am, you quickly realize that there are few turnkey workflows out there to capture and process 3D Stereo video that's easy to setup, shoot and edit Stereo pairs. Sure, there are a lot of high-end (expensive to rent) systems for two cameras to shoot, software to sync/mux the footage and rigs you can build to edit it, but GoPro has brought it together with a fun and easy-to-use system that anyone can use. Read More


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Lytro is the new RAW?

Light Field Camera for Stills, Video and 3D Applications

By Matthew Jeppsen | January 12, 2012

If you aren't familiar with Lytro, they are an innovative company that is very close to releasing a Light-Field Camera. This affordable consumer stills camera has the unique ability to calculate the angle of light hitting the sensor, and store that data along with the image data. Later, in post, you can refocus the image however you wish. It's amazing technology, and there's literally nothing like it in the consumer market. After watching an interview with Lytro's CEO, it really got me thinking about the future possibilities of this technology as a creative tool for professionals... Read More


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After Effects Apprentice Free Video: Creating 3D Objects using Adobe Repoussé

If you don't have access to a dedicated 3D program or plug-in, here's a way to use Photoshop Extended to create extruded logos and text.

By Chris and Trish Meyer | November 21, 2011

As we mentioned earlier, we've been busy this year creating an extensive, multi-course video training series based on our popular beginner's book After Effects Apprentice. Each course has two or more movies that are free for all to view; we're re-posting those videos here on PVC to make sure you don't miss them. This movie explains the ins and outs of using Adobe Repouss© to create 3D objects that may then be imported into After Effects. Read More


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After Effects Apprentice Free Video: Creating an Orbit Camera Rig

Techniques to make your camera move in a perfect arc.

By Chris and Trish Meyer | November 08, 2011

As we mentioned earlier, we've been busy this year creating an extensive, multi-course video training series based on our popular beginner's book After Effects Apprentice. Each course has two or more movies that are free for all to view; we're re-posting those videos here on PVC to make sure you don't miss them. This movie demonstrates how to build an orbit camera rig in After Effects, both manually and by using the new menu command added in AE CS5.5. Read More


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Adobe MAX 2011 Technology Sneak Peeks

What's cooking in the lab (and apparently close enough to tease us with).

By Chris and Trish Meyer | October 17, 2011

Adobe's big annual MAX conference finished a couple of weeks ago, and as part of it they included a series of technology sneak peeks. I've gone through the videos posted on AdobeTV and pulled out the ones of most interest to us video folks: Read More


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CMG Hidden Gems: Chapter 40 - Integrating with 3D Applications

Another selection of "hidden gems" (and essential advice), this time from Chapter 40 of Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects.

By Chris and Trish Meyer | September 23, 2011

We're going through our book Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects 5th Edition (CMG5) and pulling out a few "hidden gems" from each chapter. These will include essential advice for new users, plus timesaving tips that experienced users may not be aware of.Real 3D programs have several advantages over After Effects: For example, their objects have real depth, and the texturing and lighting options are far more advanced. However, After Effects is the better tool in which to refine the final look of your 3D renders, as well as composite other elements on top of them. Offloading portions of the work from your 3D program to After Effects will save time while giving you more power and flexibility - but it requires some planning to set up.In this chapter in CMG, we give advice on how to successfully integrate your 3D program with After Effects. Unfortunately, there is no one universal file format to bring information from a 3D application into After Effects, so in the book we focus on using Maxon Cinema 4D as it currently has the tightest integration with After Effects, plus is the 3D program we personally use. However, many of the concepts we cover are universal and can be applied to other programs as well. A few of the more universal tips from that chapter are included here. Read More


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Blackmagic breaks Thunderbolt price budget with US$299 Intensity Extreme

The US$299 Intensity Extreme is the first bus-powered a/v Thunderbolt interface, although not the first bus-powered device.

By Allan Tépper | September 09, 2011

At IBC in Amsterdam, Blackmagic has just announced its second Thunderbolt audio/video i/o interface, the US$299 Intensity Extreme. For about 70% less in price than Blackmagic’s first Thunderbolt product, the Intensity Extreme is also the first bus-powered a/v Thunderbolt interface, although not the first bus-powered device (since Matrox’s Thunderbolt adapter is bus-powered, but it is not an audio/video interface itself, but the connection to one). When connected with a laptop (i.e. MacBook Air or MacBook Pro), the Intensity Extreme will be powered by the laptop’s internal battery via the Thunderbolt connection. This article will describe exactly what you’ll get -and what you won’t get- if you choose the US$299 Intensity Extreme interface from Blackmagic, and its availability.

Read More


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Blackmagic delivers its first Thunderbolt-based i/o interface, the UltraStudio 3D

By Allan Tépper | September 05, 2011

Blackmagic Design has begun shipping its first Thunderbolt based audio/video i/o interface, which is officially known as the UltraStudio 3D. As its suffix indicates, it is capable of 3D stereoscopic workflows, although it is certainly capable of 2D workflows too. However, we must be diligent and refer to it with its full name (including the “3D” suffix) in order to differentiate it from other Blackmagic models whose names also begin with “UltraStudio”. This first look at the US$995 UltraStudio 3D will cover its features, specs, and even an initial limitation for HP DreamColor monitors, together with a somewhat costly workaround. You’ll also learn everything you need to know about the UltraStudio 3D’s end-point Thunderbolt connection and its current limitations. Read More


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A joint Adobe-NVIDIA research project demonstrating accelerated ray-traced 3D.

By Chris and Trish Meyer | August 09, 2011

At this week's SIGGRAPH convention in Vancouver, Adobe and NVIDIA are giving a technology presentation of ray-traced extruded text and shapes inside a "motion graphics environment" (you can read for yourself what the menu bar says; before getting too excited, note this is a technology prototype and not an announced or released product). Obviously, there are a lot of questions left unanswered at this point in time - but as we've seen in the past, a lot of other Adobe technology demos eventually become products; fingers crossed that this is the case here. Read More


The Stereo 3D Toolkit, a new script for After Effects

The Stereo 3D Toolkit, a new script for After Effects

from Ryan Cashman and AE Scripts

By Rich Young | July 13, 2011

Ryan Cashman and AE scripts have released a new script for After Effects, Stereo 3D Toolkit, a set of tools that help you create complex stereoscopic compositions. The Stereo 3D Toolkit "uses true left and right channels (instead of collapse transformations) so it is compatible with all 3D effects and plug-ins that use composition cameras." Read More


After Effects News Roundup

After Effects News Roundup

It's been a busy two weeks

By Rich Young | June 21, 2011

The last two weeks have seen a return to action in After Effects news with many more news items on tutorials, plug-ins, etc. and more action on the Premiere front too while FCP X waits in the wings. There's also some notes on related news. News roundups for May (part 1, part 2) can be found at AEtuts+. Read More


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Today The GoPro Let Me Down

(sad face)

By Bruce A Johnson | June 03, 2011

Regular readers of my mind-spillings might remember the Color-Correction Conundrum of a year ago, where I used the decidedly outdoor-color-balanced GoPro Hero HD as an accent camera for a choral concert in a church. The lemon-yellow footage of the piano keyboard was brought to heel by help from the readers of this blog, and since I had such success last time, I figured I'd do it again. Read More


Unboxing the GoPro 3D Hero System

Unboxing the GoPro 3D Hero System

New 3D System from GoPro Even Has Its Own Software

By Clint Milby | June 02, 2011

I just received the very cool GoPro 3D Hero System.  I first saw this gem when GoPro's Rick Loughery showed it off a bit at NAB 2011. I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival ever since, (see the video below). Read More


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NAB 2011:  GoPro Rides The 3D Wave

New 3D Rig Comes Complete with Hardware and Software Solution

By Clint Milby | April 27, 2011

When I caught up with GoPro, their booth was more like one of the casinos rather than a trade show booth. There was a multitude of screens, a GoPro van and even a race car. Read More


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NAB 2011 - Stereo 3D

A quick look at some of the S3D oddities on offer at NAB 2011.

By Adam Wilt | April 25, 2011

If you're gonna shoot S3D, why not watch S3D? Dual PMW-F3s on a mirror rig.

I'm a Chauncey Gardner when it comes to 3D: I like to watch. But as long as stereo 3D requires a bulky mirror rig, or a data cart like the one below, watching is all I'm likely to do. Fortunately, NAB shows that I'm not the only one who feels that way: there were plenty of [somewhat more] practical solutions for shooting stereo. Read More