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FREE LightWave Modeler Scripts from Mike Young

FREE LightWave Modeler Scripts from Mike Young

Speed up your workflow when working with a lot of layers!

By Vanita Harvison | April 18, 2011

From by William VaughanApr 18, 2011"A good friend of mine, Mike Young, recently sent me a couple of Modeler scripts he created that have turned out to be extremely useful. He's been generous enough to allow me to release them to the LightWave community so be sure to add these to your collection of useful additions to LightWave Modeler. Read More


PVC NAB 2011:  Petrol Cambio Suitcase

Very Clever, And Very Necessary

By Bruce A Johnson | April 16, 2011

PVC NAB 2011: Petrol Cambio Suitcase from ProVideo Coalition on Vimeo.

We all drag out rollaboards with us on airplanes...why didn't we think of building a tripod into one? Read More


PVC NAB 2011: PortaBrace Audio Organizer Flex

Lots Of Flexibility For Your Audio Gear

By Bruce A Johnson | April 16, 2011

PVC NAB 2011: PortaBrace Audio Organizer Flex from ProVideo Coalition on Vimeo.

PortaBrace has been there for shooters and production people for over three decades. Let's see what's new from North Bennington, Vermont at NAB 2011. Read More


RED Booth with Ted

A sort of behind the scenes tour.

By Scott Gentry | April 15, 2011

RED Booth at NAB from ProVideo Coalition on Vimeo.

Ted realized most of PVC's readership has probably already seen heaps of Epic, Scarlet and more form the RED booth. This part 1 of 2 series takes a look at some other really cool tech that RED was displaying at NAB. From RED in 3D, to iPad control of Epic and more.Running time: a little over 12 mins. But oh so worth every second. Read More


Stereo 3D in After Effects CS5.5

Stereo 3D in After Effects CS5.5

Resources from Todd Kopriva

By Rich Young | April 14, 2011

Todd Kopriva has collected some resources for stereoscopic 3D in After Effects CS5.5. It's got all the latest on Stereo 3D for AE including a (text only) document explaining the theory and practice by Amir Stone, the software engineer responsible for steroscopic 3D features in After Effects.Chris Meyer has the full story on the new stuff in AE, so here's Karl Soule on how to edit stereoscopic 3D material using Cineform technology in Premiere Pro CS5+. See also the earlier video by Dave Helmley. Read More


adobe creative suite cs5 editing premiere premiere pro software

Adobe Premiere Pro hits 5.5

The incremental update gets some new features, Mercury still screams

By Scott Simmons | April 11, 2011

Here we are at NAB again and here's another release of Adobe Premiere Pro (and the entire Creative Suite). This year's release isn't quite the watershed release that last year's CS5 was but Premiere Pro CS5.5 packs some very nice updated features in overall, while still ignoring a few that I personally think they need to address to keep it moving forward and winning in the minds of editors. Read More


3d after effects cs5.5 stereo warp stabilizer

After Effects CS5.5

A series of videos demonstrating how to put the new features to work.

By Chris and Trish Meyer | April 11, 2011

Just one year after the release of After Effects CS5, the AE team has cooked up a very nice update with some significant new and updated features (plus a lot of nice small ones as well) that will be of interest to both motion graphics and visual effects artists. To share our take on these with you, we've worked with AdobeTV who is hosting a series of videos we created on how to take advantage of our favorites among the new features. These are embedded over the next few pages, along with some quick comments about the new features. These movies include: Read More


Building the Perfect Workstation (Part 2)

Mission Possible

By Stephen Van Vuuren | March 15, 2011

Armed with the data from Part 1, it's time to shop, right? Or is it? Actually, one key decision before shopping is still required - the choice of form factor. Should you get a tower of power like the Dell T7500? A sexy M6500 mobile workstation loaded to the gills? Or really push the envelope and build something DIY with flames painted on the side? Read More



Survey Time

We could use your assistance

By Scott Gentry | March 15, 2011

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A choice of one gift card from worth USD $350, OR one Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 digital cameraOne gift card from worth USD $300One of two gift cards from worth USD $250One of five gift cards from worth USD $100To begin the survey:In English (US) please click HEREIn German (Deutschland) please click HEREYour responses will remain completely confidential as they will be combined with responses from others who complete this survey and the results will be reported only in aggregate form. Thank you for sharing your opinions with us. Read More


4k nxcam sony

New Sony Cameras

Sony flew a bunch of journos to Japan recently; here's what they saw.

By Adam Wilt | March 13, 2011

In the past couple of weeks, Sony took industry journalists on a junket to Japan, to get an advance peek at some new cameras (I was invited, but had to decline due to scheduling conflicts). Jon Fauer and David Williams have written up what they've seen. Read More


NewTek is Giving Away a TriCaster

NewTek is Giving Away a TriCaster

By Jason Pruett | March 08, 2011

Calling all SXSW attendees, webcasters, bloggers and groupies. NewTek is looking for the next great webcaster and needs your help. Read More


LightWave 10 VPR

LightWave 10 VPR

Enhanced workflow with LightWave 10's VPR mode

By Dan Ablan. CPP | March 07, 2011

This week, I received a box in the mail. I wasn't sure what it was, and even though I don't remember things as well as I used to, I'm always aware when new software is on it's way. When I opened up the box, it was a copy of LightWave 10! I know what you're thinking, "but Dan, didn't you just finish writing the Inside LightWave 10 book?" Yes, I did, and of course that means I had the software already. True, but the final release disc, and box had not yet arrived and to me, this means the release is truly official. With any new release, there are plenty of great new features to explore, and one of my favorites is VPR mode. Read More


Avatar: Building a Virtual 3D Art Department

Avatar: Building a Virtual 3D Art Department

Innovative tools and novel techniques power the groundbreaking virtual workflow behind the year's most spectacular visual effects.

By Courtney Howard | February 25, 2011

As an awe-struck, six-year-old boy watching George Lucas's Star Wars, Rob Powers dreamt of being involved in filmmaking. He could not have imagined, nor could anyone have predicted, however, that in the years to come, he would join forces with another groundbreaking director to help revolutionize filmmaking forever. Read More


2011 3d archiving hdcam sr hpa schubin smpte tech retreat

HPA Tech Retreat 2011 Day 4

3D ghosts, camera arrays, etc.; final thoughts.

By Adam Wilt | February 21, 2011

On this fourth and final day of the 2011 Tech Retreat, we learned about standards activities, 3D ghosts, camera arrays, automated audio "recognition", a new method for making film protection masters, how bending a cable affects its performance, and a whirlwind tour through TV Tech history. Also: the death of tape... for real this time? Read More


3d camera disney distribution fims hdslr hpa imf stereo tech retreat

HPA Tech Retreat 2011 Day 3

After the fear and trembling yesterday, suggestions of solutions; OLEDs; DSLRs; and more.

By Adam Wilt | February 18, 2011

Day 3 (by my counting; HPA calls this Day 2, because Tuesday's Super Session doesn't count) covered LTO-5, LTFS, IMF, HDSLR, OLED, FIMS, SOA, SLA, monitors vs. displays, file-based mastering, Hollywood in the cloud, and Disney restorations. Read More


NewTek Releases TriCaster™ Virtual Set Editor

NewTek Releases TriCaster™ Virtual Set Editor

New application lets users personalize their HD production with customizable sets

By Jason Pruett | February 17, 2011

NewTek is pleased to announce the release of NewTek TriCaster™ Virtual Set Editor (VSE), breakthrough technology which allows TriCaster TCXD850 and TriCaster TCXD300 users build and customize HD virtual sets and double-box effects for use in their live productions. Read More


3d delivery hpa tech retreat transcoding vod

HPA Tech Retreat 2011 Day 2

Mayhem, confusion, and chaos continue!

By Adam Wilt | February 17, 2011

Day 2 of the Tech Retreat covered the year in review, CES, cloud storage, broadcasting, pool feed audio, content protection, transcoding, stereo subtitles, and more... Read More


aces hpa iif oled tech retreat workflow

HPA Tech Retreat 2011 Day 1

HPA Super Session 2011 -- Snowflake Workflows

By Adam Wilt | February 16, 2011

HPA set the stage for the Super Session with these words:"With all the options in workflow today, it seems no two projects are exactly alike. Just like snowflakes, our projects begin beautiful, shiny, and a unique wonder to behold. But as they slowly drift to their final destination, they seem to just turn into slush, as we leave them behind searching for our next wonderful, pristine, new way." Read More


Pixomondo uses LightWave™ 10 in Spielberg’s “Terra Nova” Super Bowl Ad

Pixomondo uses LightWave™ 10 in Spielberg’s “Terra Nova” Super Bowl Ad

By Vanita Harvison | February 14, 2011

FOX released the first TV commercial during the Super Bowl for the science fiction television series "Terra Nova," produced by Steven Spielberg. Eric Hance with Pixomondo shares that both dinosaurs were lit, shaded and rendered in LightWave™ 10. In the ad, you can see LightWave in action when the running dinosaur kicks up rocks, debris and particle dust.The new family adventure-drama series "Terra Nova" will preview during a special two-night event on Monday, May 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Tuesday, May 24 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. The show will then premiere in the fall.For more information on NewTek's LightWave 3D®, visit us at Read More


Weekly Live Webcast Allows Young Voices to Be Heard

Weekly Live Webcast Allows Young Voices to Be Heard

Be Heard! TV produced for youth, by youth

By Jason Pruett | February 10, 2011

Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm (Mountain Time), the voice of a new generation is streamed live to the world. Be Heard! TV is a 30-minute live news webcast produced by teens from Colorado's Roaring Fork Valley. Read More