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Lensbaby Macro Test

PVC readers get an advance look at my Lensbaby Macro test footage.

By Art Adams | February 21, 2008

I shot this footage back in November when I bought my Lensbaby 3GPL kit with wide angle/telephoto attachments and macro kit.I'm in the process of writing an article about this for HD Video Pro magazine, and thought I'd post the test footage here for an early look. Enjoy!

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Richard Haynie: | February, 22, 2008

Impressive.  It’s beautiful!

Steve Bradford: | March, 06, 2008

Hmm, is it shallow of me to admit that the type geek in me was also admiring the nice film weave in your title slates?

This is cool though. I’ve got to get one of these lens baby things and play.

collateraldp: | September, 08, 2009

That looks great! Did you use the Lensbaby brand macro kit for these shots or something else? It claims on their website that they won’t work with the 3GPL, though I can’t figure out why.

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