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RED Build 16: A Camera Whose Time Has Come

By Art Adams | July 04, 2008

Ah, sweet 16. How I've waited for thee. Finally, a camera I can work with.

It's not perfect yet. Not by a long shot. There's an error in the software that causes crashes attributable to "Codec Faults" and "Codec Errors"--I'm told one has to do with errors reading data off the sensor and one has to do with writing the data to the drive or card. Supposedly a fix for this will be out any day now. (I'm told that three builds of Build 16 have been released over a one week period.) But the usability improvements are long overdo and worth the pain we've suffered through.

Today saw a meeting of minds at Chater Camera in Berkeley: Dane Brehm (DIT/DAS), Adam Wilt (guru of all things videographical), Tim Blackmore (factotum and Adam's cohort in crime at film company "Meets the Eye"), and myself--your humble narrator. We sought to plumb the depths of the mythical (and Mysterical) latest software update for the RED ONE camera. This is the build from which there is no return: once you install it, you can never go back. Never.

But that's okay. (Or it will be when the bugs are ironed out.) Dane showed us why, on the next page:

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Steven Bradford: | July, 04, 2008

Thanks once again for such useful info. I hear you on the Macbeth chart—but I also think we (actually, SMPTE or somebody like them) need to come up with some sort of electornically generated color pattern that helps us set up the new monitors. The SMPTE Split Field bars miss a lot, while addressing things that aren’t really that much of an issue for digital, namely phase. Understandable since they were designed decades ago for the transmission of composite NTSC color, and nothing else!

And congrats on you guys finally being able to go forward with the wedding! The best news of a turnaround of a turnaround I’ve heard in a long time!

mXb: | July, 05, 2008

[That’s fine for a film stock, but I’ve not worked with many HD cameras that react to a meter the same way twice.]

that’s exactly how it is with a DALSA, which is why I try to work with camera that whenever possible

red’s build 16 is a mild improvement, complicated, and the camera is still a PITA. no thanks.


davhud: | July, 07, 2008

Thanks for the info and mucho congrats on getting married. One piece of advice. Don’t take a serious camera on your honeymoon unless your wife’s a DP too.

billS: | August, 08, 2008

has its time come?

is there anywhere i can go and see an actual movie done by this camera ( i saw zodiac, and it was sort of cool the way the viper did the digital look of the darkness)

any movies out i can see? even just on DVD….

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