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The Debut: Wii Spec Spot, shot on RED, now online at PVC

By Art Adams | May 10, 2008

Wii Spec Spot, 1k version

Here it is, finally finished. Phew! Now I know why I'm not in post production. I'll write a blog entry on my stupid post mistakes later; for now, enjoy!

Details that may be interesting to the reader:

Shot 4k 2:1

Edited in 2k on Final Cut Pro

Redcode 36

Color correction applied to RedLog-exported footage from RedCine, using Colorista

Zeiss Ultra Primes, mostly at T2

Schneider True-Cut IR filter used on every shot except for the TV (16mm Ultra Prime saw some off-angle cyan vignetting)

All shots daylight- or 4500k-balanced (the TV had to be shot under a daylight balance, for proper color, so I shot everything else daylight for consistency) except for the ceiling shot, which was done at 3200k to keep the light bulbs from going too warm

There's one shot that was done on a Lensbaby. See if you can pick it out.

More soon.

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david winters: | May, 10, 2008

Nicely done.  Did you edit with the QT proxies or convert over to Prorez for editorial.

sam: | May, 12, 2008

beautiful dolly shot. nice use of the skate dolly. how did you encode for the web?

Allan: | May, 13, 2008

Very well shoot and beautiful commercial. The download did however totally annoyed me. Credits on a commercial??? I get that it was a spec spot and everyone should get their dues but in the text here on pvc should suffice or on the other sites that link to it. It not only wastes my time waiting for it to download but potentially costs me money as my service provider charges after a certain amount of bandwidth. Stupid I know but that’s ISPs in Canada.

sam: | May, 13, 2008

i have none of the above problems. i just thought the size to quality ratio was very good. im no slouch with compressor, but i still haven’t been able to achieve such good results. did you use a hardware compressor?

Luc Meisel: | May, 13, 2008

Very enjoyable, the ambiance of the scene was built up nicely.
In my opinion, this screams for an insert of the gentleman playing the Wii controller, frantically moving thumbs to win.

I think playing is one of the most important aspects of the Wii and should be in there, I felt that the build up was wonderful but a contrasting whirr of frantic energy from the subject playing would have created more energy and substance to the piece and made me want to buy the machine.

Maybe even the shadow on the ceiling could cue up his frantic movements.

You guys could shoot an easy hands insert and maybe some extra game play on the screen and insert it into the scene via AfterEffects.

But I could be wrong, wink

Thanks for sharing such a great peice, I learned alot from it.

Mako: | May, 15, 2008

No Camera Assistants were used/abused/credited in the making of this spot?  grin

I would have liked to have seen a focus pull along the remote, ending on Wii. It bothered me that it’s out of focus and we only see focus as the hand leaves ... on “Wii.”

Nice atmospheric lighting.

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