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Matrox and other 3rd Party I/O Vendors with CS4

PDF and video information

By dhelmly aka DavTechTable | September 25, 2009

As many of you know, over the past several weeks, Adobe has been working with the 3rd party I/O board vendors and their current CS4 drivers. This has been a joint effort between these companies and Adobe. CS4 introduced a number of changes ranging from 64 bit memory addressing to I/O calls and so on.

The recent Matrox Axio & RTX driver is working quite well with only a few minor issues for Windows users. We are highly recommending that Windows users upgrade to Vista64 (or Win7 64 when released) & 8GB or 16GB of RAM. Here is a PDF with information on using Matrox Axio and RTX with CS4 and identifies a few of these issues. Matrox is continuing to make improvements to their driver. Make sure to periodically check their website for updates.

If you have any questions on any I/O cards and Premiere CS4 please feel free to ping me or your 3rd party rep. Adobe engineering and myself are working with these companies weekly.

We are also working on a Premiere 4.2 update due next month. A number of fixes plus support for Native AVC-Intra Import.Stay Tuned. I'll send an update when it's available.

Adobe Story (our new Metadata Script writing tool) was also released on Adobe Labs - Make sure to check it out and get a free beta download.

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Disclosure, to comply with the FTC’s rules 16 CFR Part 255 This article was either written by Adobe employees or for Adobe by an outside contractor. It is intended for the Adobe Channel on ProVideo Coalition, which Adobe sponsors.


Eric Addison: | September, 25, 2009

Thanks for the post, Dave.

I’m looking forward to the 4.2 update - thanks for the heads up!

jbandy1: | October, 02, 2009

Do you know if this will include any updates for Encore CS4 and it’s Blu-ray burning capabilities?
We have been having numerous problems and were thinking about going with Sonic but if there is a update coming I might hold tight for a little while longer.

Please Let me know!

dhelmly aka DavTechTable: | October, 02, 2009

In the 4.2 update there are a couple of major changes in Adobe Media Encoder which could help Encore CS4 in some cases. It depends if the issues are related to bad source media which is common.

Look for 2 CS4 updates, one on Premiere Pro (4.2) and one on Media Encoder (4.2). We are targeting the end of the month.

Testing is going well. A few sneaks:  AVC Intra support, FCP 7 Import, and improvements to HD to SD down convert. I’ll do a full write up on my as well as new video showing the features and changes.Should post mid Oct. I’ll also post here.


Eric Addison: | October, 03, 2009

Thanks, Dave. Any word on when we can expect FCP export? I know it’s been talked about , but is it still something you all are working on?

dhelmly aka DavTechTable: | October, 05, 2009

We are still testing it internally. There were a number of changes in FCP 7. My tests have been going well. No release date yet.

jbandy1: | October, 28, 2009

Any new informtion on when this update will be coming out?

dhelmly aka DavTechTable: | November, 09, 2009

Tuesday 11/10/09

kingtrae: | November, 24, 2009

I work with what seems to be a sort of basterdized child when it comes to Hardware I/O, Premiere Pro CS4 on a MAC.  does any of the matrox line or any of the hardware I/O on the market (black magic, etc) support Premiere Pro CS4 on the MAC?  been searching for an answer to this for a few months now!

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