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50mm lenses createasphere nab 2012 schneider optics

Schneider Optics Puts Their 50mm Tilt-Shift Lenses on the C300

See how the lens fits onto and works with the camera

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 24, 2012

Niki Mustain from Schneider Optics took the time to tell us about the Tilt/Shift Lenses they were showing off at NAB. The high-resolution optics are combined with a precise zero-play mechanism in a lens housing ensuring long-term stability required for professional photography. Read More


chroma createasphere litepanels luma nab 2012

Litepanels Illuminates Chroma and Luma at NAB 2012

Check out two on-camera lights that were featured at the show

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 22, 2012

We have more from Litepanels as Toby Sali showed us their newest on-camera lights from the floor of NAB 2012. He gives us some details about the Luma, which is a daylight only light, and the new Chroma which is a bi-color light. Read More


createasphere nab nab 2012 orad

Orad News and Products from NAB 2012

Learn about what we discovered when we stopped by the Orad booth

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 18, 2012

Shaun Dail from Orad took the time to tell us about what they had to show and talk about at NAB 2012. He tells us about TD Control, a sports specific MAM system as well as their virtual studio that was on display at the show Read More


atto expresssas 6gbs host bus adapters

ATTO Debuts New Products at NAB 2012

Take a look at the ExpressSAS 6Gb/s Host Bus Adapters

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 16, 2012

Jeff Okonczak from ATTO Technologies took some time to tell us about what they were showing off at NAB 2012. He lets us take a look at the ExpressSAS 6Gb/s Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) which deliver the fastest available connection to SAS or SATA tape or disk storage. Read More


b&h createasphere hardware software

Check out a Number of Hardware and Software Options from B&H

Everything you need in one place

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 16, 2012

We grabbed Jerry Zorek, Manager of Business Development at B&H, to learn about what B&H was showing off at their studio booth. He shows us a Resolve system with the full panels for DaVinci, Autodesk's Smoke 2013, a Matthews motorized slider and the new Sony camera 300 along with a Marshall 3D monitor. Read More


cameras carry case nab 2012 petrol bags

Petrol Bags Shows off Their Latest Products at NAB 2012

Petrol Bags unveiled a wide variety of new camera and audio equipment bags at the show

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 11, 2012

We talked to Sam Thomas from Petrol Bags about a number of their bags that were showcased at NAB 2012. He showed off the Deca Audio Bag (PS614), the Liteporter professional carrier and the Rolling DigiSuite DSLR Camera Case to give us an idea of what these products are capable of doing. Read More


anton bauer createasphere gold mount nab 2012 plate

Anton Bauer Unveils Gold Mount Solution and MATRIX Cheese Plate at NAB 2012

Take a close look at both products from the show floor

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 11, 2012

At NAB 2012 Anton Bauer unveiled its QRC-CA940 Gold Mount solution for the new Canon EOS C300 digital cinema camera that is designed to streamline battery management for users. They also rolled out the MATRIX Cheese Plate, a new mounting plate that mounts directly on 15-mm or 19-mm rod systems. Kyle Dann gave us some details about the products and let us take an up close and personal look at them. Read More


Videoguys NAB 2012 Reflections

The Post PC era & the Post Apple era in Post. NAB is Professional again.

By | May 11, 2012


NAB is a professional show - again. Over the past few years the NAB show started to feel more and more like CES. We were starting to become dominated by the Apple distortion field and the thousands of FCP fans that attended. While FCP had made enormous inroads into... Read More


createasphere litepad loop rosco laboratories

Check out the LitePad Loop from Rosco Laboratories

An innovative and unique approach to the ring light

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 10, 2012

Mike Wagner from Rosco Laboratories shows us the LitePad Loop which is a sleek, easy to use ring light that produces a great quality of light. He shows us how it attaches to a camera and a number of different filters that are available. Read More


boxx tv broadcast createasphere nab 2012

Boxx TV Eliminates Latency for Broadcasters

Provides a live-to-air microwave link from any camera without ghosting, break-up or interference

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 09, 2012

Scott Walker from Boxx TV tells us a little bit about the company and details what kind of range and capabilities their latest products feature. He shows us the transmitter and receiver, as well as what the receiver looks like when it's on a mobile platform to turn it into a walk-around monitor. Read More


broadcast createasphere nab 2012 vizrt

Vizrt Shows off an Easy Way to Create Complex Graphics for Broadcast at NAB 2012

Viz Trio is the number one character generator (CG) for live televised events anywhere on the globe

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 09, 2012

Vizrt provides media companies with the tools they need to create the highest quality content to distribute it to any platform. At NAB 2012, we grabbed Chris Black to tell us about their Viz Trio system which they were showcasing. The Viz Trio is a character generator which allows you to have complete control over your video and graphic content during a broadcast. It provides you with an easy way to great complex graphics. Read More


3d camera filter lighting nab plasma

NAB 2012: Assorted Snapshots

A few cool things I saw at the show that didn't fit into any other articles.

By Adam Wilt | May 08, 2012

I got this fisheye lens, y'see, and by gosh and by golly I'm a-gonna use it.

NAB is too big a show in too short a time to see more than a fraction of it. I've covered a few things in some depth (as have other PVC folks), but there's plenty more that slips by without proper coverage. Here, I have a few photos of interesting things that I saw in passing, with pointers for more info should anything catch your fancy. Read More


createasphere nab 2012 newtek tricasters

Learn About a Brand New Family of Newtek TriCasters

Professionals can choose from a number of different TriCaster systems

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 08, 2012

We grabbed Carter Holland from Newtek to hear about their exciting news at NAB 2012. He told us about their next-generation product family, which includes TriCaster 8000, TriCaster 855 and TriCaster 455 which enables professionals to meet rapidly evolving consumer demand for high-quality, live programming, by delivering live video content to multiple viewing platforms. Read More


avchd nxxam sony

Sony quietly announces the NX30 camcorder, a little sister to the NX70

With an 1/2.88" sensor and 26mm wide angle (35mm eqv), the NX30 should ship in June for well under US$2500.

By Allan Tépper | May 08, 2012

Although during the past year I’ve written quite a bit about the Sony NX70 (officially, the HXR-NX70) here in ProVideo Coalition magazine, I haven’t yet published my review on it because I only received the NX70 loaner unit yesterday. While I prepare the review of the NX70 in the next couple of weeks, I feel compelled to let you know that at NAB 2012, Sony quietly announced the NX30 (HXR-NX30), a little sister (i.e. smaller and lower cost) to the NX70 which apparently shares the same sensor and almost identical specs on its lens. From my perspective, the NX30 is clearly focused by Sony to overtake the market space currently occupied by the Canon XA10 and the Panasonic AG-HMC40 (price/size/progressive/electric zoom/balanced audio inputs), about which I’ve already written a few times. In this first look at the NX30, I’ll highlight the NX30’s unique characteristics, make some initial observations & comparisons, and include some videos about it.

Read More


createasphere nab 2012 national association of broadcasters tessive time filter

Tessive Shows off Their Time Filter at NAB 2012

The filter smooths motion blur and improves the 180-degree shutter look

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 07, 2012

We talked to Tom Davis, Tessive CEO, to find out more about their Time Filter product. The Tessive Time Filter is a shutter that goes in front of the camera's lens. This tool acts as a global shutter for digital cinema cameras, smoothing motion blur and improving the 180-degree shutter look. Read More


Schneider Optics Presents the Cine-Xenar III Series Lenses

Schneider Optics Presents the Cine-Xenar III Series Lenses

They've gone from a 5 piece lens kit to a 6 piece by adding the 18mm

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | May 07, 2012

We talked with Niki Mustain from Schneider Optics to find out more about their Cine-Xenar III Series Lenses, which can be used on a film or video camera and will be available this summer. The lenses range from an18mm/T 2.2 to a 25mm/T 2.2, 35mm/T 2.1, 50mm/T 2.0, 75mm/T 2.0 and 95mm/T 2.0. Designed for PL-mount 35mm single sensor and film cameras, the fine optics feature fast T/stops, superb image quality and robust construction. Read More


4k 6k camera cine dragon epic red red ray scarlet

NAB 2012: RED

RED's Ted Schilowitz discusses 2012's products, and a photo gallery.

By Adam Wilt | May 07, 2012

RED's "Leader of the Rebellion" Ted Schilowitz held a press conference at NAB on Monday, describing the projects and products RED is working on. Rather than paraphrase him, I've got him on card (well, it's not "on tape" and it's not "on film"; what are we supposed to say these days?) so he can tell you himself. I also have a collection of images shot around the RED booth, for your viewing pleasure. Read More


camera cine follow focus grip handle remote rig support wireless zoom

NAB 2012: Camera Support

A few of the interesting bits 'n' bobs that make cameras usable.

By Adam Wilt | May 05, 2012

At NAB I found support vendors at the affordable end of the spectrum I hadn't seen before, comfy Aaton-style handgrips, F65 tweaks by Carlos Acosta, and a "drive-by demo" of a handy zoom/focusing lever. Read More


copter helicopter hexacopter octocopter quadcopter radio control rotor rotorcraft uav

NAB 2012: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Quadcopters, hexacopters, and octocopters, oh my!

By Adam Wilt | May 04, 2012

It's true: the black helicopters are coming after you.

In the first two days of NAB, I saw five different folks walking through the halls carrying multi-rotor camera copters. In previous years? None. UAVs of all sort were all over the show; here are pix of a few of them. Read More


aja cinedeck codex deck ki pro pix recorder sound devices ssd vtr

NAB 2012: Recorders

2012 marks the return to the rack, only without the tape decks...

By Adam Wilt | May 04, 2012

AJA Ki Pro Quad 4K-capable recorder hooked to a Canon C500.

In the past few years the industry has been moving away from rack-mounted tape decks in favor of small, on-camera or near-camera, portable recorders using CF cards, SSDs, and hard disks. At NAB 2012, we saw a partial reversal of that trend: the recorders are moving back into the racks. Read More