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iPad video journalism comes of age at NAB 2012

By Allan Tépper | April 21, 2012

iNEWS and iPad

iNEWS and iPad (photo courtesy of Avid)

Ever since I saw the 3rd-generation iPad (2012), I began to have visions of its use for video journalism. Many of ProVideo Coalition magazine readers sent me private enthusiastic comments about my pre-NAB iPad articles like Avid now lets you edit video on your iPad for US$4.99. Should you?, Why an iPad is like a 4-5 view camera, and why you'll need a black "focusing cloth" and later part 1 of my review called 1st handheld dynamic microphones with hybrid XLR/USB/iPad connectivity from Audio Technica. While I was translating/localizing brochures for Avid Latin America just before NAB 2012, I became aware that they were going to launch iNews Command for iPad. On the NAB 2012 floor, I saw several iPad video journalists. Ahead you’ll find several photos, a few videos, and comments about various iPad video accessories.

Mounts for iPad 2012

Back in Why an iPad is like a 4-5 view camera, and why you'll need a black "focusing cloth" I mentioned that via Amazon, Abesco & Co. offers this tripod mount specifically for the iPad (2012) for US$69.95. In just the few weeks that have passed since then, the price has dropped to US$56.95. At NAB 2012, I saw at least two other such mounts in use with the iPad (2012): First I saw the Makayama Movie Mount for iPad2:


As stated above, the Makayama officially works with the iPad2, although the gentleman I photographed had managed to use it with the third-generation iPad (2012). For US$99.95 (at publication time), the Makayama also includes a .45x wide angle adapter.

Finally, I discovered the Padcaster (the following three videos are courtesy of

Crawfish boil from Manhattan Edit Workshop

Upcoming iPad video journalism articles

Upcoming iPad video journalism articles will include:
  • part 2 of my review called 1st handheld dynamic microphones with hybrid XLR/USB/iPad connectivity from Audio Technica (part 1 is available here)

  • Why iPad video editing apps like iMovie for iPad and Avid Studio for iPad currently work better for traditional broadcast news than for new age Internet news

  • More microphones and preamplifiers for iPad

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IEBA: | April, 22, 2012

I think a lot of professionals are thinking along the exact same lines now that the iPad 3 has a real quality camera in it. I said as much a month ago on VideoUniversity:

The larger screen certainly makes editing video a lot easier than trying to do it on the iPhone, so as cumbersome as the iPad may be for shooting, it certainly rules the roost for editing and delivery right now with real LTE speeds.

Not to mention that it’s the only HD video camera that comes with a full-HD screen to monitor the video with. smile

I fully expect that this trend will increase and eventually 7” models (from any maker) will be the in-between choice fro compactness and ease of editing.

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