Avid Gems 6

Four more Gems - these aren't sexy but they work!
Steve Hullfish
By Steve Hullfish 10.10.08

OK, this won't be a sexy tips week, but it'll be useful. Sometimes sexy sells, but in economic times like these, sometimes you've got to say "Damn! Workboots, a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans is just what I need today."

So, Flannel Gem #1 is:

The world is changing. Not every person in the world has their Avid hooked up to a $100,000 deck anymore for digitizing and laying off. As a matter of fact, most people probably just use Firewire and their camera. Well, did you know that is you have your trusty DVX-100a plugged in to your Avid, you should NOT use Autoconfigure in the Capture tool? That's right. Step away from the Autoconfigure button.
Well heck! That's the first button I reach for most of the time. Now what do I do?
imageWell, Avid recommends that you use the Adjust Deck button right below the Play button. Sometimes this button may have the name of the last deck you configured on it. Click on it and it will call up the deck settings dialog. In that, you should choose the brand of your camera. That will call up all of the possible Firewire cameras in the pulldown menu next to it and you can select the exact camera (or a close relative). Then you can even put in a description of the camera if you want or change the name of it to the pet name you have for that camera.

image(Come on! I know you have a pet name for all of your cameras.) You can create one of these settings for every camera or deck that you encounter on a regular basis, whether you own them or rent them or have clients or vendors that loan them to you for digitizing.

imageNow, to save this information, you can go to your settings list in your Project window and double click Deck Configuration.

imageFor each deck or camera, add a Channel, using the button to the right. Each channel starts on the left with the Channel information, which is basically how you control the deck. Your choices are Firewire, Direct (RS-422), or VLX/VLAN (which is a specialized controller for mostly RS-422 devices). You can also choose the hardware through which the video signal travels (through the Mojo, or using direct Firewire.) Then you can add a deck using the buttons to the right, under Add Channel and add one of the decks you just created or you can create a new one. You can continue to add Channels and match them with decks. Then you can type a configuration name at the top of the window, like "rental decks" and save the deck configuration. Now whenever you want to digitize from one of the decks you set up, you can recall it from the Settings list.

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