Avid Gems 8

Gems in the Bins - How many do YOU know?
Steve Hullfish
By Steve Hullfish 11.11.08

Get your bin tips! Step right up, folks! Get your bin tips here!

Once again: maybe not sexy, but useful. One of these tips isn't even in the manual and one of them was new to me until I re-read the manual. Which ones will be new to you? You never know what little gem has slipped past you on the way to becoming the experienced editor you are.

GEM #1

In Frame View on a Bin you can use cmd-K and cmd-L (or control-K and L on a PC) to shrink and enlarge the thumbnails in the bin. This also works in Script mode too. Actually, it works in nearly everything, like to zoom in and out on the source and record windows and to enlarge and reduce the height of tracks in the timeline. The trick is to make sure you know what window is highlighted before you start tapping those keys.

GEM #2

image When it comes to "The Odd Couple," I'm more of an Oscar than a Felix, but when I'm in Frame view, I do like a sense of order. If you're like me, then you should know about the handy settings in the Bin Fast Menu (the "hamburger menu" in the bottom left corner) where you can choose Fill Window or Fill Sorted to make the entire bin look nice and neat. If you dragged a bunch of clips around and only want to organize some of the bin, then try lassoing the clips that you want organized and choose "Align Selected to Grid."

GEM #3

If you want your thumbnail images to be set to a specific "poster" frame, select the clip that you want to change in the bin and then "JKL" to the correct frame. When you release your "JKL" combination, the thumbnail will be set to that frame. (Don't do this with the clip in the Source window. Do it in the bin itself.) (This tip is not actually working for me on my Mac version of 2.8.0) If you want to search for this tip in the user manual, use the text "Changing the Frame Identifying the Clip."

You can also do this in the Source window by opening the clip in the Source window and navigating to the correct frame anyway you want and Mark In. When you find the frame you want, click on the clip in the bin and hit the Q key and the poster frame will "Go to In" showing the clip you marked. You could also mark it with a Mark Out and hit W instead (Go to Out). If you have your keyboard extensively remapped, this may not work. But if you know where you mapped "Go To In" and "Go To Out" then you should be able to get it to work with those keys.

GEM #4

image Have you ever wanted to force a specific clip to the top of a bin to make it easier to find? There are a couple of ways to do it. The obvious one to a computer geek would be to place a space or underscore in front of the Name of the clip. That also works well to force a specific bin in a project to the top of the list. But the cool tip to do this is to go to the Script View and drag your clip (let's say it's a voice over clip that you need to use multiple times or a special effect that you use over and over) up to the top of the bin. You have to be in Script View for this to work, but then when you go to regular text mode or brief mode that clip stays at the top! (In the screen grab, note the faint outline of the dragged clip and the small squiggly line above the top clip, indicating where the clip will be dropped when released.)

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