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NAB 2012: RED

RED's Ted Schilowitz discusses 2012's products, and a photo gallery.

By Adam Wilt | May 07, 2012

RED's "Leader of the Rebellion" Ted Schilowitz held a press conference at NAB on Monday, describing the projects and products RED is working on. Rather than paraphrase him, I've got him on card (well, it's not "on tape" and it's not "on film"; what are we supposed to say these days?) so he can tell you himself. I also have a collection of images shot around the RED booth, for your viewing pleasure.

Ted's spiel runs about eleven and a half minutes (even with the abbreviatory jump-cuts—thanks, Jean-Luc Godard!) so grab yourself a glass of milk / cup of tea / flagon of ale / firkin of wine / pint of whiskey as you prefer, kick back, and enjoy...

Some images...

The I/O Module finally brings us many of the "gozintas and gozoutas" that EPIC and Scarlet cameras have been lacking.

RED's new I/O Module on an EPIC.

The I/O Module has an additional monitoring port on top.

Another view of the I/O Module on an EPIC.

The Meisler [sic] Module's main purpose is to eliminate the cable spaghetti surrounding a cine camera: it provides wireless audio and video monitoring and serves and integrates Focus / Iris / Zoom (think Preston or Cmotion) control into a single, dockable module.

Meisler [sic] Module, right side.

Meisler [sic] Module, left side.

RED's Ted Schilowitz demonstrates wireless FIZ control.

Other shots 'round RED...

The new 9" LCD: "My, that's a big one!"

I know why the caged RED sings...

Mutant handheld RED with support gear.

RED SCARLET handheld with Canon 24-70mm EF-S lens.

Rigged-out DSMC with RED PRO Primes.

Found lying on a chair.

I just hope that side grip-wheel is properly tightened down.

Oakley-branded passive 3D glasses used for RED's theater demo.

RED RAY 4K laser projection system. Note the PL-mount prime lens.

While I've never been a fan of RED's bad-boy/biker-gang aesthetic and techno-aggro design sensibility, the RED folks do at least have a sense of humor:

Warning label on the side of the projector.

Disclosures: I attended NAB on my own dime, with a press pass to save the cost of admission. The NAB did not provide the pass in exchange for any promise of positive coverage, nor did they influence me in any way before or afterwards.

There is no material connection between me and RED, and nobody offered any inducements for favorable coverage. However my employer owns three RED ONE M-X cameras, two 18-85mm RED Zooms, three RED ROCKETS, and 90% of an EPIC, all of which were purchased at normal market prices on my recommendation. Whether that makes me an incorrigible fanboy or not, I leave for you to decide.

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