Do Not Adjust Your Set: The Studios

A selection of some of our favorite studios and spots from the 1999 BDA Conference.
Chris and Trish Meyer

In the main article, we discussed some of the more interesting design topics brought up during the 1999 BDA Conference in San Francisco. In this companion post, we focus on nine studios that particularly caught our eye.

USA Network Redesign
USA Networks




Belief was hired to create a package of open, bumpers, promo elements, end pages and various logo treatments for several USA programs, such as Pacific Blue, Happy Hour, USA Movie and Matinee, Up All Night, and La Femme Nikita. Steve Kazanjian comments "We like clients that trust our visual style and will let us run wild. The perfect client says these are the parameters, build me something cool, and USA is very much like that. They guide the process of creation versus micro-managing it. This allows the artist working on the spot the most creative freedom."

What draws us personally to Belief's work is the layered use of plug-in effects, that are manipulated in thoughtful ways to create a deeper visual effect, rather than just appearing as pasted-on special effects.


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