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NAB 2012: Maybe this means nothing.

Maybe it does.

By Bruce A Johnson | April 16, 2012


Anyone that has attended NAB in the past decade knows that major booth positions change very rarely, either in position or in size. For example, it was a big deal when Sony moved a few years back from dominating the Upper South Hall entrance area to a space near the rear of the Central Hall. And for as long as I can remember, Panasonic has lorded over the Central Hall floor from an elevated position in the middle of the hall.


This year, those scrappy kids from GoPro have eaten away at almost *half* of Panasonic's space on that tier. It is a stunning sight to see. And in combination with Sony's underwhelming press conference on Sunday, it's hard for a broadcaster to feel too comfortable at this point. Are tectonic shifts afoot?

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