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The One Collaboration I Need Adobe To Make

I don't think I'm really asking I?

By Bruce A Johnson | September 07, 2011


Hey folks, been gone a while, but it's fall and time to get back in the swing of things. One of the interesting side-effects of writing for PVC is that I am on just about every PR person's mail list. Usually these missives are easy to toss to the side, but the other day I got one from Adobe, talking up their presence at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam (for the record, IBC is the international version of NAB, held in early September every year.) As a long-time Premiere Pro and CS-suite convert, I paid a little bit more attention to this one than average. Unfortunately, I neglected to save the URL, but the gist of it was this:

(Paraphrasing) 'Adobe has had an incredible year, and we are at IBC showing products and working on collaborations with all kinds of other companies.'

Well, that's cool, if a little vague. But what it did was to ping the bell in my head over the ONE thing I want with Premiere Pro that has so far eluded me:

I want an external fader box so I can stop mixing audio with a mouse or keyframes! Lots of other NLE's have this ability, so why not Premiere Pro?

Believe me, the faders are out there - I make a pilgrimage to the JL Cooper booth at NAB every year to ask the question, and the "sorry, dude" reply is getting old.

It doesn't have to be a full-blown audio board - just one nice, long-throw physical fader (that could be assigned to any track) would make me the happiest editor in my neighborhood. If I am missing a product that already does this, please let me know in the Comments section, but to the best of my research this beast doesn't exist. Why? Why? WHY?

My claw-of-a-right-hand (after mixing with a mouse) salutes you in advance.

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Erik Higgs: | September, 09, 2011

I am going out on a limb and say you are not going to find any that work, without some crazy hacked driver.

Most mixing interfaces use Mackie Control as their language, which is something PP doesn’t support. An example is the Presonus FaderPort. The other most common protocol is MIDI, which PP also doesn’t support (in this fashion at least). Units like the Frontier Design AlphaTrack and Behringer BCF2000 fit this category.

Can you work in Audition? I believe Audition 3 can connect to Mackie interfaces.

Vancouver Videographer: | November, 13, 2011

I agree.  The feature I’d like the most is a match frame rate box that I can check in the export window.  For the last several versions Adobe has created presets for all sorts of delivery mediums (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) but the frame rates are all over the places and it would be nice to just be able to keep all the settings in the presets but match the frame-rate to the sequence settings.

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