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As if the DTV transition wasn't already screwed up enough...

By Bruce A Johnson | March 28, 2008

Word today from Broadcasting & Cable magazine that Microtune, a manufacturer of digital TV tuner components, has been sampling the competitor's wares and finding them lacking.

From the article:

"Microtune said its private testing revealed "numerous and pronounced test failures" that could lead to "the loss of television reception in large areas of many metropolitan areas throughout the United States."

Of course, it would be silly not to recognize that Microtune has an enormous financial stake in the DTV transition. But still...what if they are right? The tuners tested are all on the federally-approved list of DTV tuners (here's a Wikipedia page with a chart of all of them.) The tested tuners have not (yet) been identified, and the NTIA has announced they will look at Microtune's data. But still, what is this? Big problem three million in this transition?

I've said it a thousand times - I don't think the DTV transition has been worth it, at all. Agree?

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Scott Gentry: | March, 28, 2008

What strikes me is that Frank Capria wrote about how few HDTV sets are actually tuning to HDTV (here)

On the surface, once you’ve seen a great picture in HD, nothing compares.  But the majority of the public doesn’t know what to look for.  There are also so many different places for the picture to degrade; from the Cable or satellite co., in the home lines, tuner, or even in the TV.  I’ve been to many a house where the owner touts his great picture, and you can tell it’s not great at all.

Is the transition worth it?  I think the answer is “for some”.

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