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NAB 2013: Freefly Systems Movi M10

Pretty forward-thinking design...

By Bruce A Johnson | April 08, 2013

Their demo video took the world by storm last week, and now here is the Movi M10 live and in person.


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Geoffrey Brown: | April, 11, 2013

I’ve read a lot of comments about this new kit, words like ‘game changer’ are thrown around. It is an innovative and interesting piece of equipment but hardly game changing. Firstly it’s very pricey for the weight it can fly. $15K for 10lbs isn’t good value for money. By comparison Steadican Zephyr V is $9.5K for 23lbs and can do everything MOVi can, just needs a little more training to use, but as it can fly bigger broadcast and cinema cameras it has more currency with professional productions wanting larger rigs to match ‘A’ camera platforms. I’m sure they’ll all find a place to live happily together, i just wish the people would resist being loud and shrill about every bit of new kit thinking it will make them an instant filmmaker without the hard work and years of experience. It won’t!

Bruce A Johnson: | April, 11, 2013

Amen, brother.

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