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102 Year Old Lens on a Canon 5D mkII

Another way to get That Look in camera

By Chris and Trish Meyer | October 04, 2010

A lot of people have been following the exploits of Timur Civan as he plays with a 1908 Wollensak Cine-Velostigmat f5 lens that a friend of his - "a brilliant Russian lens technician and owner of Panorama Camera Center" - modified to mount onto his Canon 5D (although of course any camera with interchangeable lenses would be a candidate for such surgery). The results have a lovely combination of vignetting, glow, and flare. Here's a few links so you can catch up on the fun, including still images plus video results:

As a person who likes to print on unusual papers at the end of the photographic process, of course I also love the idea of someone who shoots video and film with an unusual lens at the start of the process.
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Davidove: | November, 02, 2010

Really nice shots with an 102 years lens.
Can I know how much it costs such lens.

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