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After Effects CS5.5

A series of videos demonstrating how to put the new features to work.

By Chris and Trish Meyer | April 11, 2011

Just one year after the release of After Effects CS5, the AE team has cooked up a very nice update with some significant new and updated features (plus a lot of nice small ones as well) that will be of interest to both motion graphics and visual effects artists. To share our take on these with you, we've worked with AdobeTV who is hosting a series of videos we created on how to take advantage of our favorites among the new features. These are embedded over the next few pages, along with some quick comments about the new features. These movies include:

Page 2 (the next one): Warp Stabilizer

  1. Instant Gratification

  2. Basic Parameters

  3. Advanced Parameters

  4. Outsmarting the Stabilizer

Page 3: Enhanced 3D Lights, Cameras, and Effects

  1. 3D Light Falloff

  2. 3D Camera Depth of Field

  3. Depth of Field Utilities

  4. Orbit Camera Rigs

  5. Camera Lens Blur Effect

Page 4: Stereoscopic Tools in After Effects

  1. The Stereo 3D Camera Rig

  2. Stereo 3D Controls

  3. 3D Glasses Effect

  4. Focus and Convergence

Page 5: Editing Audio in Adobe Audition

  1. Simple Audio Workflow

  2. Dynamics Processing Tutorial

Page 6: Tweaks for Geeks

  1. Edit This/Look At That

  2. Searching and Sorting

  3. Source Timecode

  4. Enhanced Caching

  5. New Expression Options

  6. Save As CS5

Virtually all of the examples demonstrated in these videos use project files from our book Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects (5th Edition for CS5) - so if own a copy, you can follow along once you get your hands on a copy of AE CS5.5 yourself.

(By the way, don't freak out over the movie thumbnails looking so low-res; the movies themselves are much sharper.)

next page: Warp Stabilizer

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scottieb: | April, 11, 2011

Thanks for this article!

Second video on page 3 (“3D Camera Depth of Field Parameters”) is not playing for me.

Chris Meyer: | April, 11, 2011

Thanks for the heads-up, Scottie; working with AdobeTV to get that resolved.

scottieb: | April, 11, 2011

Thanks, Chris. Living vicariously through these posts as I am stuck in NYC this year :(

Trying my best to get all the info without the hangover!  grin

Chris Meyer: | April, 11, 2011

While we try to this resolved, here is the direct link to the AdobeTV page that has the missing Camera Depth of Field Parameters movie:

Jeff Foster: | April, 14, 2011

Nice job on all of these Chris! I especially like the “Outsmarting the Warp Stabilizer” video. (You already know my passion for Green Screen!) wink

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