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Coke Classic: Final Cut Studio is Back

You can still buy seats of the pre-X version - but what does that get you?

By Chris and Trish Meyer | September 01, 2011

As has been reported and confirmed by multiple sources, you can once again buy Final Cut Studio. You won't find it (yet?) in the physical or online Apple stores; you have to call 1-800-MY-APPLE, ask for part number MB642Z/A, and pay $999 ($899 educational).

Great. So?

When FCP-X came out, some tried to placate the naysayers by reminding them that the new version wasn't compulsory; they could just continue to use the previous version - it's not like their licenses had been taken away. The reply was yeah, but we'll eventually need updates and support as hardware and the OS change - why continue to invest effort into a dead product? And unless Apple is about the announce the biggest mea culpa since Avid said they were abandoning the Mac (or Coke quietly took New Coke off the shelves), that part hasn't changed, regardless of whether you can buy additional copies or not. With Apple's professional video division focused on the numerous fixes enhancements that have been requested and promised for FCP-X, I just don't see them launching a parallel development effort to update FCS as well. (Let me know if you've seen job postings for Apple that indicates otherwise.)

What this move probably reflects was that some large customers weren't going to switch to FCP-X just yet, and in the meantime needed additional licensed copies. And more importantly, it shows that Apple listened, and reacted.

And that's something.

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Mark Spencer: | September, 02, 2011

Personally, I wouldn’t make too much of this - according to one source:
“As we’ve done before with many end-of-life software products, we have a limited quantity of Final Cut Studio still available through Apple telesales to customers who need them for ongoing projects,” an Apple spokesperson told The Loop.

Terence Curren: | September, 06, 2011

One thing is for sure, this is as close to Apple saying “we screwed up” that you will ever get. :-0

Chris Meyer: | September, 06, 2011

I’m closer to Mark than Terry on this. I think all it says now is “we screwed up by pulling the old product completely off the market when some users who cannot upgrade right now for various reasons still need fresh licenses for new installations.” I don’t (yet) think it’s “we screwed up with FCP-X; time to back up.”

Bill Nelson: | September, 06, 2011

just follow the money, men. That’s what Apple’s doing…

Terence Curren: | September, 06, 2011


I was referring to Apple’s discontinuing FCP 7 when FCPX wasn’t ready for the high end pro market. I’ve never said FCP X was a mistake, in fact I was predicting it after last year’s NAB.

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