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That Wasn’t In the Script…

Beware: Scripts with UIs can crash AE CS4.

By Chris and Trish Meyer | January 08, 2009

First, the bad news: There are two ways you can ensure After Effects CS4 will crash on exit:

1) Boot AE CS4 with an add-on script open in a docked panel.

2) Quit AE CS4 with an add-on script open in a docked panel.

Now, the good news: It's a relatively benevolent crash; you won't lose data or take down any other programs as well. Also, it's fairly easy to work around this bug: Either open your scripts that have user interfaces in undocked (floating) panels, or make sure all scripts (such as Ease and Wizz, or TrackerViz) are closed when you quit - perhaps create a Workspace that has them all closed, and select that before quitting.

Yes, Adobe is well aware of the problem. No, it is not fixed in the AE 9.0.1 update. But at least now you know what's going on, should you be suffering persistent and mysterious crashes on exit...

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dsp_418: | March, 06, 2009

I’ve no dockable script at all, but AE still crashes… I’m using the 9.0.1 here.
Should I try to reinstall it from scratch?

Chris Meyer: | March, 06, 2009

If you try a re-install (not a bad idea), I would first make sure I ran Adobe’s de-installer, and then if you are on a Mac, run Repair Permissions or otherwise repair the disk using Disk Utilities.

Not promising that will fix it; there are some known issues with 9.0 and 9.0.1 that Adobe is aware of. Make sure you enable and send your Adobe crash logs if you get their screen after a crash; it’s been helping Adobe pinpoint some problems.

good luck -

dsp_418: | March, 06, 2009

Yes, I’m sending the crash logs to Adobe.
Thank you for your prompt reply Chris.

By the way, the only thing I’ve noticed is that AE started crashing after I’ve installed Flash CS4 from the Suite installer. Anyhow, dunno if it could be related to the crash in any manner.


Chris Meyer: | March, 06, 2009

Ah! Yes, sometimes the individual products stomp on top of portions of each other when installed separately. I’d uninstall anything that had to do with the suite, then install them all from the suite at the same time. Then run Adobe Updater (under the Help menu).

good luck -

Chris Meyer: | June, 04, 2009

BIG NOTE: This bug has been fixed in the 9.0.2 update. More details on Todd Kopriva’s blog:

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