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Free Video: After Effects CC Text Templates for Adobe Premiere Pro

Get up to speed on this important new feature in the next release of After Effects and Premiere Pro CC

By Chris and Trish Meyer | May 24, 2014

Several weeks ago, we wrote about some of our favorite new features promised for the next update to After Effects CC (Creative Cloud). Since then we’ve produced a series of videos about these features; below is one about using After Effects to create animated text templates for Premiere Pro CC.

(Note: We personally have problems with these videos playing in Safari; Firefox or Chrome work fine for us.)

As we mentioned previously, a main focus for After Effects CC in this hopefully-imminent update is in being a good partner for Premiere Pro CC. This particular feature is being referred to as Live Text Templates. An After Effects user can create a composition with one or more text layers, lock the text layers you don’t want the editor touching (such as maybe the title of a show), and keep unlocked those you do want them to edit (such as a presenter’s name or the title of the next show segment). Then you set a new switch in Composition Settings to designate the project and this comp as a Template.

A Premiere Pro user can then import only enabled template compositions from that AE project as assets into Premiere Pro. Once this asset is opened in Premiere Pro’s Source (not Edit!) window, you can access its Effect Controls and edit the text of the unlocked layers without touching the font, styling, or animation. This asset can be duplicated in the Premiere Pro Project panel, and the duplicates can be edited separately to create multiple versions of the template. 

The above video is part of an update we created to our course After Effects: Creative Cloud Updates for If you don’t already have a subscription, click here to register and get a free all-access 7-day trial before they start charging your credit card. We have a lot of other courses up there, including a recent one on using a combination of After Effects and Premiere Pro to quickly enhance the production value of substandard footage.

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johannes.ganglmaier: | June, 12, 2014

the Template Option in After Effects doesn’t show up in the composition settings. Are there any additional adjustments to make for example in the program settings?

Chris and Trish Meyer: | June, 12, 2014

This feature will be in the next update to After Effects and Premiere Pro CC, which are not shipping as of the time this was written. However, we see Adobe has a big event happening next week; maybe we’ll hear some more news then:

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