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Learning More About the Next Version of After Effects

Two hours of videos; six hours of sessions

By Chris and Trish Meyer | April 04, 2013

Adobe has started to “reveal” information about its next generation of pro video tools, and yesterday we wrote an overview of some of the more significant new features being slated for a future version of After Effects. But if you’re hungry for more information, and sooner rather than later, then you may be interested in some more in-depth videos we’ve recorded, plus a pair of sessions Chris is presenting at next week’s NAB show.

After Effects Technology Preview Video Course

After Effects Technology Preview course

On, we have nearly two hours of videos that demonstrate the major new features Adobe has revealed so far. These cover the Live 3D Pipeline integration with Maxon CINEMA 4D, Refine Edge, Warp Stabilizer VFX, 3D Camera Tracker, Bicubic Sampling, Pixel Motion Blur, Layer Snapping, and the improved Find Missing behavior. A quick introduction is included below:

(For those who are curious about After Effects/Cinema 4D Integration, a few years ago we created a separate course on the subject; the concepts are the same, except in the future it you won’t need to do the intermediate rendering step for most of the functionality discussed.)

If you don’t already have a subscription, you can go to to get a free seven-day all-access pass to all of their training, including all 40+ of our courses. They will ask you to go through the motions of registering, including giving them your credit card info, but if you cancel within seven days you won’t be charged. (But really – we think you’ll find it’s worth having a regular subscription; among other things, we have a few new courses on tap for later this year.)

NAB Post|Production World Sessions

Also, if you will be attending NAB, two of the sessions Chris will be giving at Post|Production World (requires its own registration and fee) will demonstrate the new features, with special guests who will take you on a deep dive into the possibilities:

  • Tuesday 10 AM – 1 PM Chris will be covering the VFX-specific features including Refine Edge, Warp Stabilizer VFX, and 3D Camera Tracker; his guest will be David Simons, Principal Scientist, Adobe Advanced Product Development Group (and one of After Effects’ original developers).
  • Wednesday 10 AM – 1 PM Chris will be covering all of the major new features announced so far for After Effects, starting with the CINEMA 4D integration. Chris’ special guest will be Rick Barrett, VP of Operations for MAXON the Americas. Chris will then move onto the other more motion graphics focused features before giving a round up of the visual effects topics covered in depth on Tuesday.

Both sessions of the above sessions are tentatively scheduled to be in room N254. Chris will also be giving a session Tuesday 3:30-4:45 PM on Editing and Animating to Music, and immediately afterward will be hosting a Hot Panel with Eran Stern and Ian Robinson on the Art of Motion Graphics. We hope to see you there!

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sgtPeper: | October, 19, 2013

Hi guys!

I love your books and videos! Can you help me to make a decision? I wan´t to buy your After Effects Apprentice book third edition but my questions are:
Are you planning to update the book soon?
Do you think that I should wait? Or, Do you think that is all right to buy and just download the update pdf? 

I´m a user, so, if you tell me to buy the book I would like to know if you feel that there won´t be substantial changes. If you tell me that there is all right, I´ll buy it. I know that things like the Cinema 4D part, which is a 2D layer after all, is not substantial. So, could you help me out?

Thanks in advanced.

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