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With over fifteen years in the film in television industry, Clint Milby's work experience spans from companies like Warner Bros. Television to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. An accomplished producer in his own right, Milby is also a regular contributor for the magazines such as HDVideoPro and Additionally he is publisher of and In 2012, Milby wrote a chapter on DSLR Filmmaking for the book, "Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective". Milby is the founder and CEO of Milby Media...

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canon carl zeiss clint milby ete ete2013 full frame sensor hdslrshooter lens nikon otus 1.455

ETE 2013:  Carl Zeiss—Otus 1.4/55

To create the best lens on the market, there could be no compromises...

By Clint Milby | November 25, 2013

For the folks working in R&D, the hardest thing to deal with are the compromises they must make when creating a new product.  Typically, these compromises come are the reduction of quality in order to lower the overall cost of manufacturing.  You can only imagine the... Read More


4k bernie keach clint milby ete2013 lcd marshall marshall marshall electronics qvw-2710

Marshall Electronics QVW-2710 Quad-Viewer Monitor

Get Your 4K In 4 Channels

By Clint Milby | November 20, 2013

Whether you like it or not, 4K seems to be here to stay.  Fortunately, some manufacturers are coming to the table prepared with a cost effective monitoring solution. Marshall's QVW-2710 Quad-Viewer monitor, not only gets you an HD, 2K, or 4K compatible monitor, but also... Read More


4k 4k monitor akitio azden barber tech blackmagic design canon canon 70d canon c100 carl zeiss

Entertainment Technology Expo 2013: Wrap Up

Expo Was Wellspring of New Product Debuts and Upgrade Announcements

By Clint Milby | November 19, 2013

The Entertainment Technology Expo of 2013 was filled with a variety of training opportunities, including time lapse tutorials as well as formal discussions of the 4K revolution.  It was also home to some surprising new announcements from the likes of Canon and Blackmagic Design.  If... Read More


clint milby gpu k5000 nvidia premiere quadro quadro 5000

The NVIDIA Quadro K5000

Bring Power and Stability to Your Post Production Workflow

By Clint Milby | October 18, 2013

Over the course of the last two years, Adobe Premiere Pro, my NLE of choice, has made it easier than ever to leverage the power of the GPU. Being a PC user, my CPU and amount memory was my primary concern. However, my focus shifted to finding the perfect GPU that would work in harmony with my... Read More


anita ondine clint milby transmedia transmedia next transmedia summit

Transvergence Summit 2013: Anita Ondine, Creative Director, Lead Trainer, Transmedia Next

Award winning Transmedia Producer Talks Training and Campaigning

By Clint Milby | October 08, 2013

At the Trans Vergence Summit, attendees, both those familiar and unfamiliar with transmedia, had the opportunity to sit under the teaching of Anita Ondine. Ondine is one of the world's most renowned transmedia creators.  She Executive Produced Lance Weiler’s transmedia... Read More


all these worlds llc augmented reality blackmagic cinema camera clint milby kip haynes trans media transvergence summit virtual reality vr

Transvergence Summit:  Kip Haynes, Chief Technologist, All These Worlds LLC

Implementing Transmedia Solutions for Veterans with PTSD & Other Military Applications

By Clint Milby | September 21, 2013

Kip Haynes is one of the most highly sought-after consultants for design and development of training applications for commercial and military users.  He spent the early part of his career developing high performance parallel distributed rendering applications for large scale data... Read More


Transvergence Summit: Josh Sawyer—Project Director, Obsidian Entertainment

Transvergence Summit: Josh Sawyer—Project Director, Obsidian Entertainment

Legendary Game Designer Talks the Future of Gaming in a Transmedia World

By Clint Milby | September 21, 2013

At the 2013 TransVergence Summit, we were able to visit a bit with Josh Sawyer, project director at Obsidian Entertainment. If you're not familiar with Josh or with Obsidian, you're probably familiar with Obsidian's "Baldur's Gate" or  "Star Wars: Knight's of... Read More


Transvergence Summit: Rich Silverman, Writer, “Heroes Evolutions”

Transvergence Summit: Rich Silverman, Writer, “Heroes Evolutions”

Emmy-winning writer talks about his work on NBC’s "Heroes Evolutions" interactive experience

By Clint Milby | September 10, 2013

During the Transvergence Summit, I had an opportunity to visit with Rich Silverman, who works as a multi-platform strategist and story teller and may be best known for his work on "Heroes Evolutions".  After two years on the NBC "Heroes" team, he was contracted by 42... Read More


Transvergence Summit:  Actor/Writer/Director:  John Cabrera

Transvergence Summit:  Actor/Writer/Director:  John Cabrera

Creator of "H+: The Digital Series" talks web evolution and creative development

By Clint Milby | September 03, 2013

During the Transvergence Summit in August, I was able to sit in on a great panel entitled, "It Starts With Story".  There, panelists discussed what it takes to create a great story in the world of new media.  The panel was filled with some of Hollywood's best writers and... Read More


bar karma clint milby ea gaming jake fruia simcity story storytelling the sims transvergence

Transvergence Summit 2013:  “The Sims” Creator, Will Wright

Game Creator and Entertainment Innovator shares his thoughts on what's next...

By Clint Milby | August 27, 2013

The Transvergence Summit, was a true meeting of the brightest and most innovative minds in new media. It was also an opportunity to witness one of the best, (and fastest!) power point presentations I've ever seen by Mr. Will Wright.

If you’re not familiar,... Read More


Transvergence Summit 2013:  Adam Besserman of Yahoo

Transvergence Summit 2013:  Adam Besserman of Yahoo

Head of West Coast Development breaks down the past and future original programing

By Clint Milby | August 21, 2013

Adam Besserman, Director of West Coast Development for Yahoo, delivered the keynote on day two of  the TransVergence Summit at the W Hollywood. Besserman plays an instrumental role in developing, producing and distributing over 50 premium original programs for Yahoo. During his... Read More


brian valente camera mounts clint milby cobalt cage gopro grip hdslrshooter hero2 hero3 nab 2013

Cage Your GoPro Hero

Redrock Micro Demonstrates Revolutionary Protection: The Cobalt Cage

By Clint Milby | June 17, 2013

Making appearances in everything from, web video, television and even motion pictures, GoPro cameras have become a permanent fixture in the digital filmmaking landscape.  No one can deny GoPro's ability to deliver incredible shots that would be in many cases impossible to... Read More


HDSLRShooter at NAB 2013:  Adobe After Effects CC

HDSLRShooter at NAB 2013:  Adobe After Effects CC

Sr. Product Manager for After Effects, Steve Forde breaks down new rotoscoping abilities and Maxon Integration

By Clint Milby | May 29, 2013

Prior to NAB 2013, we had the chance to visit Adobe Headquarters in San Jose and get an overview of the new Creative Cloud, including After Effects CC, (check it out here: At NAB, we were treated to a private meeting with Steve Forde, Sr. Product Manager... Read More


clint milby hdslr hdslrshooter kinotehnik lcdvfe loop loop manios digital view finder

HDSLRShooter at NAB 2013: Kinotehnik LCDVFe & Accessories

More than a loop on a monitor, it's a true EVF for HDSLR

By Clint Milby | May 29, 2013

Kinotehnik originally introduced the LCDVFe last year, but since that time, there has been some huge improvements and new accessories that make the device compatible with HD-SDI cameras.First of all, we'd like to say that this is by far the BEST LCD EVF on the market.  Tonis of... Read More


clint milby hdslr hdslrshooter led led lighting lighting manfrotto nab on-camera lights vitec

HDSLRShooter at NAB 2013:  Manfrotto LED Lighting

Manfrotto illuminates NAB with a new brand of LED Lighting

By Clint Milby | May 28, 2013

In addition to their long line of video and photo support gear, Manfrotto is now stepping deeper into the realm of LED lighting with their new line of 1x1 and on board camera lights.

There are 5 models of on board lights planned for... Read More


clint milby effects glass hdslr hdslrshooter lensbaby lenses moviemaker kit pl mount red

HDSLRShooter at NAB 2013:  Lensbaby Movie Maker’s Kit

Save time in post by capturing your effects on set with Lensbaby

By Clint Milby | May 27, 2013

Lensbaby lenses and optics allow you to get "creativity in the camera" saving you both time and money in post production.  However, the Lensbaby system works best as a system which might catch some shooters off guard. In the past, you had to get each lens, optic, accessory, etc.... Read More


clint milby documentary hdslrshooter micro budget moco motion control nab 2013 one man crew redrock micro rodney charters

HDSLRShooter at NAB 2013: Redrock Micro’s One Man Crew

New Motion Device Helps You Raise the Bar Without Raising Your Budget

By Clint Milby | May 25, 2013

NAB 2013 will be remembered as the year of the improvement or refinement of existing products. This is true for many manufacturers but not Redrock Micro.Redrock came out strong at NAB 2013 with a new device that promises to help budget conscious producers raise the bar... Read More


canon eos carl zeiss clint milby compact zoom glass hdslr hdslrshooter lens nab nab2013

HDSLRShooter at NAB 2013: Carl Zeiss Compact Zoom 28-80

Lightweight Zoom Lenses Feature Interchangeable Mount System

By Clint Milby | May 20, 2013

When you're considering what to invest your money into in regards to camera equipment what comes to mind?  Some may say the camera body, but with technology changing moment to moment the body is  one of the most disposable pieces of a camera rig.  At best you may be... Read More


500 561bhdv 701hdv bridging technology clint milby fluid video tripod head jake fruia manfrotto mvh500a mvh500ah

NAB 2013: Manfrotto 500 Series Tripod Head & Fluid Monopod

Light weight 500 Series Head With Tripod/Monopod Options Perfect HDSLR Production

By Clint Milby | May 14, 2013


The last of their 'Bridging Technology' series, Manfrotto's new lightweight fluid video tripod head was released during NAB 2013. The new 500 tripod heads will come with four different tripods, two carbon fiber and two aluminum, and is able to hold up to 11... Read More


atomos canon clint milby field recorder firmware firmware update hdslr monitor nab nab 2013

NAB 2013: Atomos Ninja-2 Price Drop & DSLR Support

HDMI Field Recorder Now Compatible with 5D Mark III

By Clint Milby | May 14, 2013

After discovering Atomos back in January of 2013 at the San Francisco Supermeet, I was intrigued by the Ninja-2 especially when I realized a pending firmware update for the 5D Mark III would make it compatible with the Ninja-2.  

This portable field recorder and... Read More