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With over fifteen years in the film in television industry, Clint Milby's work experience spans from companies like Warner Bros. Television to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. An accomplished producer in his own right, Milby is also a regular contributor for the magazines such as HDVideoPro and Additionally he is publisher of and In 2012, Milby wrote a chapter on DSLR Filmmaking for the book, "Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective". Milby is the founder and CEO of Milby Media...

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clint milby digital storage drobo editing post production san francisco scsi supermeet

Drobo B800i At The 11th Annual San Francisco SuperMeet

New B800i, Safe Guards Against Failing Hardware and Human Error

By Clint Milby | February 15, 2012

At the 11th Annual San Francisco SuperMeet, Justin Russo of Drobo, showed off the new Drobo B800i, 8 Bay, iSCSI SAN storage. This unit is optimized for small businesses to provide reliable and high-performance storage to servers running applications like file services, data protection, email, and server virtualization. Read More


c300 canon clint milby eos hdslr redrock micro supermeet

Redrock Micro’s ultraCage for the C300

New Cage Fits New Camera Like A Glove

By Clint Milby | February 08, 2012

At the 11th Annual San Francisco SuperMeet, I was able to actually lay hands on the Canon EOS C300 which was a thrill considering it's all anyone has talked about since November. Read More


bernie keach clint milby colorgrading lcd marshall electronics monitor or-1024 orchid

Marshall Debuts the Orchid, OR-2410

Grade 1 Monitor Delivers Extreme Color Accuracy On Set

By Clint Milby | February 01, 2012

Due to changes in camera technology, it's now become possible to colorgrade on set instead of having to transfer it to another facility. Many DIT's are using systems that empower cinematographers to apply the 3D color space on set. Read More


alex buono c300 canon clint milby eos hdslr saturday night live supermeet

DP Alex Buono Talks C300 At SF SuperMeet

SNL Veteran, Talks About Using the C300 For Network Television...

By Clint Milby | February 01, 2012

Recently I attended the 11th annual San Francisco Supermeet. Beyond some great lectures by some great speakers, there were a variety of different hardware manufacturers and software companies to show off their latest innovations to a very engaged crowd. Read More


adobe alex buono clint milby fcpug flolight hdslr redrockmicro san francisco supermeet

The 11th Annual San Francisco FCPUG SuperMeet

This Friday 1/27/2012 -- See, Get Seen and Win Big Prizes!

By Clint Milby | January 24, 2012

If you're planning to be in the San Francisco/Bay Area this Friday, then you have a great opportunity to attend the most renowned user group meetups in the world, the FCPUG SuperMeet! Read More


citibank clint milby hdslr production the mill timelapse tyler ginter

Ginter Goes Globetrotting with ‘Orbital’

Shooter talks timelapse and travel for Citibank project

By Clint Milby | January 13, 2012

Timelapse shooter, Tyler Ginter recently had an opportunity to participate the Mill's timelapse production entitled Orbital. As Ginter explains, Oribital isn't your ordinary timelapse production as it was filmed in New York City, Paris and Barcelona over a 10 day period, 2 days per city plus traveling each day. Read More


autodesk brett richards brokendoll clint milby color correction editing nle smoke software

The Smoke and Mirrors Behind Sweden’s Brokendoll

Brett Richards Tells Why His Post Is Up In Smoke

By Clint Milby | December 20, 2011

Winner of numerous ProMax awards in 2011, Sweden-based, boutique production company Brokendoll has garnered acclaim with their self-described "visually intense" high end productions for advertising, television and web. You might think a company with this level of initial success would also have goals of growing, but according to Brett Richards, Brokendoll is intent on keeping their footprint small to maintain the quality of their productions, "It is important to the quality of the production that we have the right team on each job, so we avoid large, in house teams to maximize our flexibility." Read More


50mm 1.4 canon 7d clint milby flolight hdslr kessler crane led lighting redrock micro

Unboxing:  FloLight MicroBeam 128

Compact, Lightweight Light Proves That Good Things Do Come In Small Packages...

By Clint Milby | October 29, 2011

I'm currently doing some social media consulting for a great company you may have seen me cover in the past, FloLight. To familiarize me with their products, they were good enough to send me their MicroBeam 128, camera top, LED light. This is a great little light that is the perfect solution for HDSLR "Run & Gun" setups. Read More


5d mark ii canon eos cinematography clint milby hdslr letus shane hurlbut

Shane Hurlbut, ASC and Letus Announce New Line of Gear

Groundbreaking DP Tries His Hand At Manufacturing HDSLR Support Products

By Clint Milby | September 30, 2011

Shane Hurlbut, ASC announced today that he, along with Letus, will be releasing a new line of HDSLR support gear they are calling the Master Cinema Series. Read More


5d mark iii alexa canon clint milby eos f3 hdslr hollywood paramount

Canon’s Big News

What The HDSLR Speculators Are Saying

By Clint Milby | September 20, 2011

According to the invitation originally circulated by, Canon will be making "An Historic Global Announcement" November 3rd in Hollywood.  The event is rumored to be held at Paramount Studios, but this is unconfirmed. Speculations from the world of HDSLR seem to vary. Here are some quotes from the who's who of the HDSLR filmmaking world. Read More


Redrock Micro Brings Order To Unruly Cables

Redrock Micro Brings Order To Unruly Cables

Innovative microTies Promise To Tie Up Loose Ends

By Clint Milby | September 15, 2011

Your cat may like them. If you have a touch of OCD you might enjoy unraveling a nice ball of wires to calm your nerves.   However, disconnect a power cable on a light or your HDMI cable during a shoot and it could cost you a shot, which could cost you a job. Especially for the HDSLR shooters, the myriad of wired accessories continues to grow, and so do the chances of you getting tied up knots. Electric tape or grip tape work, but they aren't very dependable, and they make your cables and rig sticky. There's the velcro ties, but they're like socks that some how vanish without a trace. So what's the solution? Enter Redrock Micro's microTies.

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clint milby eric kessler hdslr kesslercrane timefest timelapse timescapes tom guilmette tom lowe vincent laforet

Shooting Through Space and Time

Kessler and Crew Defy the Laws of Physics at TimeFest 2011

By Clint Milby | September 02, 2011

What started as a gathering of like minded filmmakers in the high desert of Northern California has turned into a literal phenomena making videos go viral, servers crash and everyone talking about TimeFest. Read More


The Fourth Annual Amsterdam FCPUG SuperMeet

The Fourth Annual Amsterdam FCPUG SuperMeet

FCPUG Converges on Amsterdam With HDSLR Shooters including Philip Bloom

By Clint Milby | August 31, 2011

IBC is almost here, and that means it's SuperMeet Time, and this one is shaping up to THE event of IBC. Beyond the opportunity to meet and visit with your fellow filmmakers from around the world, you'll also get to interact with Philip Bloom and Jason Levine of Adobe Systems, Editor Eddie Hamilton (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) for Avid, Michael Wohl on FCPX, Autodesk & others. Read More


clint milby contest dslr cinema film contest hdslr long take one shot one kill touch of evil

DSLRcinema’s ‘One Shot One Kill’ Film Contest

Why Winning This Contest is a Long Shot

By Clint Milby | August 31, 2011

DSLRcinema is holding their second bi-annual film contest entitled "One Shot One Kill". Now, despite the name, this is not some violent or horror themed film contest. ‘One Shot' refers to ‘One Take' or at the very least the illusion of one take. Here's all the details from DSLRcinema. Read More


Unboxing:  FloLight’s MicroBeam 256

Unboxing:  FloLight’s MicroBeam 256

Light up the night without breaking your budget...

By Clint Milby | August 29, 2011

I recently had the opportunity to get my hands on the FloLight MicroBeam 256. This light is a fantastic light for mounting on to your camera's shoe or where ever you want it. The unit is incredibly light for its size, and it delivers a nice wide wash of white light that will enhance any ENG production or hand held applications. Read More


after effects almostdslr clint milby cs5.5 ipad iphone magic bullet looks premiere redgiantsoftware vimeo

Magic Bullet Suite’s MisFire and Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium

How To Make Your Video Look Old...But Not Tired

By Clint Milby | August 24, 2011

The Unsung Hero of Magic Bullet I say unsung, because there's not any mention of it being part of the Magic Bullet Suite. Once I loaded the Suite and opened it up for the first time in Premiere Pro CS5.5 -- there it was. I went back to the RedGiant website and searched and found just a small amount of information on their blog. Read More


The Great Camera Shootout 2011

The Great Camera Shootout 2011

Episode 2: Sensors and Sensitivity

By Clint Milby | August 06, 2011

Kessler and Zacuto are proud to present the second episode in our three part web series The Great Camera Shootout 2011. According to the film's director, Steve Weiss, they used a state of the art chart with twenty various grey patches. Read More


audio clint milby hdslr kevin waehner microphone mkh 8060 sennheiser shotgun

A Sound Solution to HDSLR Audio

Sennheiser Offers HDSLR Shooters A High End Shotgun

By Clint Milby | August 01, 2011

It seems everyone wants a piece of the HDSLR pie, and Sennheiser USA is no exception. With Rode microphones and Zoom recorders aggressively achieving an early HDSLR market position, Sennheiser is a bit late in the game, but according to Kevin Waehner of Sennheiser, their new MKH 8060 shotgun brings a high end solution for those seeking a camera top shot gun microphone. Read More


adobe clint milby cs5.5 dslr editing fcp final cut pro hdslr software video

The Cure for Rolling Shutter?

Adobe's Ellen Wixted Gives Us The Ins and Outs of CS5.5 Production Premium

By Clint Milby | July 17, 2011

One of the highlights of NAB 2011 for me was having an opportunity to sit down with Sr. Product Manager for Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium and Adobe Audition, Ellen Wixted. Ellen took some time out of her busy schedule to visit with us, and tell us why the latest creative suite is the answer to the problem of rolling shutter.

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bacpac clint milby gopro hd camera hdslrshooter hero lcd monitor

Unboxing: The GoPro LCD BacPac

Awesome New Accessory Completes the GoPro System

By Clint Milby | July 01, 2011

I just recieved the GoPro Hero LCD BacPac.  This nifty little device completes the GoPro System by allowing you to see exactly what your shooting.  No more guessing and hoping you got the shot, now you can know for sure.  Here's some more info about the BacPac: Read More