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With over fifteen years in the film in television industry, Clint Milby's work experience spans from companies like Warner Bros. Television to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. An accomplished producer in his own right, Milby is also a regular contributor for the magazines such as HDVideoPro and Additionally he is publisher of and In 2012, Milby wrote a chapter on DSLR Filmmaking for the book, "Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective". Milby is the founder and CEO of Milby Media...

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clint milby fisheye hdslr hdslrshooter lens lensbaby

It’s All About the Lenses…BABY!

The LensBaby System Rocks The Big Boys In Price and Versatility

By Clint Milby | June 27, 2011

Ever since getting the 7D in 2009, I've been on the look out for glass. Shooting only video cameras with a fixed lens and not being a fan of 35mm adapters, the whole idea of buying additional lenses eluded me. However, being a gear head myself, I quickly dove into it. Old lenses seemed a way to go, as I never shoot auto, and while still expensive, they are far less than new lenses. Read More


camera support clint milby focus support follow-focus hdslr nab 2011 redrockmicro

The New MicroFollowFocus Blue

Latest Innovation from Redrock Micro Expands and Glows in the Dark...

By Clint Milby | June 09, 2011

At NAB 2011, Redrock Micro debuted their new MicroFollowFocus - Blue. The Blue is a total redesign of the MicroFollowFocus Version II and will be available this summer. Read More


Unboxing the GoPro 3D Hero System

Unboxing the GoPro 3D Hero System

New 3D System from GoPro Even Has Its Own Software

By Clint Milby | June 02, 2011

I just received the very cool GoPro 3D Hero System.  I first saw this gem when GoPro's Rick Loughery showed it off a bit at NAB 2011. I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival ever since, (see the video below). Read More


7d adobe cs5.5 clint milby premiere cs5.5 re: vision effects revisionfx twixtor

Using Twixtor in Premiere Pro

Plugin Offers Excellent Solutions to Slowing Motion

By Clint Milby | May 28, 2011

One of the greatest pieces of software that came my way this year was a little motion effects plugin called Twixtor. If you're not familiar, Twixtor is part of a family of products from RE:Vision Effects, a research and development company focused on providing software solutions to modify, control, and enhance digital video imagery at the highest quality. Read More


broadcast clint milby hdslr livestream nab2011 philip bloom rod clark teradek. vincent laforet wifi

NAB 2011: Teradek Revolutionizes Live Broadcast

Landmark Broadcast at NAB Proves the Power of the Cube

By Clint Milby | May 13, 2011

We had a chance to visit with Rod Clark of Teradek who talked about the evolution of their products. Read More


5d bernie keach clint milby hdmi hdslr mashall electronics nab2011

NAB 2011: Marshall Electronics Debuts HDMI Loop Through Monitors

Three New Camera Top Monitors Bring Big Solutions in a Small Package...

By Clint Milby | May 11, 2011

Bernie Keach gave us the low down on Marshall's new monitor lineup with some pretty exciting features. Read More


adobe cs5.5 clint milby cs5.5 hdslr nab premiere pro production premium

NAB 2011: Adobe’s Al Mooney Gives Us the Upside of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

NAB 2011: Adobe's Al Mooney Gives Us the Upside of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

By Clint Milby | May 05, 2011

On Monday at NAB, the amazing people at Adobe arranged for me to meet with the project manager for Premiere CS5.5, Al Mooney, who very graciously took some time to enlighten me on what people can expect from this upgrade. I was a bit skeptical going into the interview, as many times software upgrades that involve decimal points are repackaged versions of the previous one, but I have to say I was totally taken back by just how many new and improved features Adobe is offering in Premiere CS5.5.According to Al, Adobe has been taking advantage of their very healthy community of users and bringing some of the top editors who use different platforms such as FCP or Avid to watch and see what these guys found challenging. Read More


audio azden hdslr omni directional shotgun mic stereo unidirectional wireless microphones

NAB 2011: Azden Microphones

New Line of Microphones Fit Nicely Into the HDSLR Toolkit

By Clint Milby | May 03, 2011

We utilized a few different pieces of equipment while interviewing on the NAB floor this year, but the one piece of equipment that we would not have been able to be without was definitely our stellar microphone, graciously provided by Azden Microphones. Read More


camera stabilization clint milby cranes dollys hdslr jibs kessler motion control sliders

NAB 2011: Kessler Motion Control System

Surprise Product Debut Takes the Cake For Greatest Innovation

By Clint Milby | April 29, 2011

I thought I would never be able to actually see something that's almost as rare as a bigfoot sighting and that's a Philip Bloom Signature Series Pocket Dolly from Kessler. Read More


3d clint milby gopro hdslrshooter hero nab

NAB 2011:  GoPro Rides The 3D Wave

New 3D Rig Comes Complete with Hardware and Software Solution

By Clint Milby | April 27, 2011

When I caught up with GoPro, their booth was more like one of the casinos rather than a trade show booth. There was a multitude of screens, a GoPro van and even a race car. Read More


35mm 7d clint milby hdslr hdslrshooter lensbaby nab nab2011

NAB 2011: Lensbaby Expands The Family…

With Composer Pro and Sweet 35 Optic

By Clint Milby | April 26, 2011

This year's NAB allowed us to catch up with one of my favorite lens companies, Lensbaby, and we spoke with Kirsten Hunter. Kirsten was good enough to show us a couple of new products. Read More


clint milby depthoffield followfocus iphone ipodtouch microfocus nab redrockmicro

NAB 2011: MicroRemote Follow Focus System

Highly Anticipated Remote Controlled Follow Focus Shipping June 15, 2011

By Clint Milby | April 22, 2011

I was pleased to have a look at the Micro Remote Follow Focus System. If you're one of the many who have been awaiting its arrival, you're now in luck. Read More


5dmarkii clint milby filters hdslr nab nd shanehurlubt tiffen

NAB 2011:  Tiffen and Hurlbut Visuals Team Up with New Filter Kits

ND Kits From Tiffen Transform the 5D Into a Cinema Machine

By Clint Milby | April 21, 2011

The Tiffen Company has long been one of the leading manufacturers of photo and video accessories. So it was our good fortune to get to speak with Jill Conrad at their booth at this year's NAB. Read More


5d mark ii 7d canon eos chuckwestfall dslr finalcutpro firmware hdslr nab technicolor

NAB 2011:  Chuck Westfall and The Future of Canon EOS

Westfall Talks Technicolor Picture Styles, Firmware Updates and More...

By Clint Milby | April 20, 2011

I had a great opportunity to meet with Chuck Westfall of Canon USA. Although EOS didn't have any new cameras to talk about, Chuck did elaborate on an exciting new picture style developed with Technicolor that will allow Canon EOS users to dial in a picture style to match other cameras on the market. Read More


NAB 2011:  MIO 3D Shows a New Way to Shoot 3D

NAB 2011:  MIO 3D Shows a New Way to Shoot 3D

SOC Sean Fairburn's New Company Brings Experience and Ingenuity to 3D Production

By Clint Milby | April 19, 2011

Mio 3D is a company founded by illustrious Director of Photography Sean Fairburn. He created a innovative new way of shooting 3D imagery, one that utilizes three different cameras instead of just two cameras. Read More


2011 3d brian valente clint milby hdslrshooter jake fruia nab nab2011 redrock micro

NAB 2011:  Redrock’s New Micro 3D Rig

New Device Makes Precision and Elegance Affordable

By Clint Milby | April 19, 2011

3D is rapidly becoming a standard rather than a speciality. With the advent of new cameras and new techniques, 3D has now become a viable option for those on a tighter budget. Brian Valente at Redrock Micro has the perfect solution: the Micro 3d Rig. Read More


3d clint milby dasrekorder nab nab2011

NAB 2011:  DasRekorder Rekords Das 3D

New German Startup Brings Passion and Ingenuity to 3D Work Flow

By Clint Milby | April 19, 2011

At NAB 2011 this past week, we ran across DasRekorder, a German based company who had a cool little device that allows for mobile 3D recording. Read More


central hall clint milby greatcamerashootout hdslr nab2011 zacuto

The Zacuto Revolution

Weiss and Co Screen Follow-up to GCS 2010 at NAB 2011

By Clint Milby | April 12, 2011

Over the course of the last few years, Americans have been bombarded with tales of doom and gloomand images of businesses closing laced with statistics of an economy that fails to render anything more than increasing unemployment. Every now and then, however, a ray of light pierces this darkness in the form of businesses not merely surviving but flourishing during this recession. Zacuto is one of those businesses.Since 2005, Steve Weiss and his partner Jens Bogehegn, transformed their production company into manufacturing some of the most innovative and well made production tools in the industry. Read More


New HDSLR Educational Series for Cinema

New HDSLR Educational Series for Cinema

Featuring Shane Hurlbut, ASC

By Clint Milby | February 19, 2011

Hurlbut Trailer:

Following the successful launch of an interactive online HDSLR guide, B&H has announced the upcoming release of the HDSLR Educational Series for Cinema featuring Shane Hurlbut, ASC. Whether it's learning about camera settings, or finding out how to overcome challenges with unique workflows, the goal of the series is to provide users insight about this developing toolset. Read More


alpha rev band of horses canon eos clint milby hdslr i melt with you mark pellington matt roe moby rob lowe

Sundance Serves Up HDSLR Feature In 2011

Mark Pellington's "I Melt With You" Made Possible with the 5D Mark II

By Clint Milby | December 03, 2010

In September, I was asked by HD Videopro to do a story about a new feature that was shot completely using the 5D Mark II. I happened to be in Los Angeles for PhotoCine Expo, so I called the offices of Director Mark Pellington and spoke to his associate producer Matt Roe about their experiences shooting with HDSLR. However, the feature, I Melt With You, wasn't their first trip to the rodeo... Read More