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DP Alex Buono Talks C300 At SF SuperMeet

SNL Veteran, Talks About Using the C300 For Network Television...

By Clint Milby | February 01, 2012

Recently I attended the 11th annual San Francisco Supermeet. Beyond some great lectures by some great speakers, there were a variety of different hardware manufacturers and software companies to show off their latest innovations to a very engaged crowd.

The main event for me was Canon, who had the C300 on hand. It was awesome to finally lay hands on this little wonder that's got the entire HDSLR world in a frenzy at the moment. That, however, wasn't the extent of it. The SuperMeet played host to DP Alex Buono who is also one of Canon's Explorers of Light and who has been the director of photography for NBC's Saturday Night Live Film Unit for the past twelve years. He is also the first DP to utilize the C300 for network television on two shorts that aired recently on SNL.

Buono took some time out of his busy schedule to speak to me about the C300, the Redrock Micro's ultraCage | blue, and how HDSLR shooters should perceive the EOS C300.

For the latest information from Alex, follow him on twitter at @alexbuono

For more information about the C300, go to Canon's website at:

For more information about Redrock Micro's ultraCage | blue go to their website at:

FTC Disclosure: I have no material ties to Canon USA, Redrock Micro or Saturday Night Live.

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Michael Horton: | February, 04, 2012

Thanks for this Clint. It often takes folks like you to give the producers of this show a chance to actually see the whole thing, stage show and what is happening in the Vendor area. Appreciate your efforts here and hope many more of you will bring a cam to SuperMeets, talk to each other and post.

Clint Milby: | February, 06, 2012

Thank you Michael.  For me, the SuperMeets are the highlight of any event in the pro video world today.  More intimate than any trade show, you can actually have a conversation with manufacturers, gurus and colleagues in an awesome setting.  You guys throw a great party, and I really appreciate the work you’re doing!

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