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Ginter Goes Globetrotting with ‘Orbital’

Shooter talks timelapse and travel for Citibank project

By Clint Milby | January 13, 2012

Timelapse shooter, Tyler Ginter recently had an opportunity to participate the Mill's timelapse production entitled Orbital. As Ginter explains, Oribital isn't your ordinary timelapse production as it was filmed in New York City, Paris and Barcelona over a 10 day period, 2 days per city plus traveling each day.

At each location they filmed about three to five timelapses, creating just over a million individual frames.  Even more interesting, is that Orbital was created to play on a forty screen installation in Kennedy Airport in New York.

If you're not traveling to New York anytime soon or to find out more about the production, go to The Mill's website at

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