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Using Twixtor in Premiere Pro

Plugin Offers Excellent Solutions to Slowing Motion

By Clint Milby | May 28, 2011

One of the greatest pieces of software that came my way this year was a little motion effects plugin called Twixtor. If you're not familiar, Twixtor is part of a family of products from RE:Vision Effects, a research and development company focused on providing software solutions to modify, control, and enhance digital video imagery at the highest quality.

Twixtor enables you to speed up and slow down your image sequences with amazing results. Twixtor synthesizes new frames by warping and interpolating frames of the original sequence employing RE:Vision's proprietary tracking technology that calculates motion for each individual pixel.

The results are astounding. Typically, to get true slow motion you must double your playback frame rate. So if you plan to exhibit your video at 24fps, you have to record 48fps or higher, depending on how slow you want the footage to be. However, with Twixtor, you won't have to do any of that, and what you will get is beautiful slow motion that is indistinguishable from footage that was shot with an increased frame rate.

In this video, I go through a step by step process to get slow motion effects out of video that was shot at 24fps using the Twixtor plugin in Premiere CS5. I think after watching you'll see why I'm so excited about this software, and why I whole heartedly recommend it to every video professional and enthusiast.

For more information about Twixtor, go to the RE: Vision Effects website at:

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Andy Phil: | June, 01, 2011

Thanks for the crucial concept. I just watch the instructive video clips…’s very impressive for the HDSLR Shooter. wink

larry: | June, 02, 2011

What would be useful is an analysis of when Twixtor is succesful and when it fails. Definitely, it does not work out for whatever footages or sequqences.

Made some time ago some tests and my preliminary conclusion was that Twixtor creates quite nicely the intermediate frames when slowing down the motion of regular rigid bodies. But, in case of something deformable the outcome was not useful. Guess, the difficulty is to recognize the correlating points in two successive frames if the object is rather unregular and deformable. The worst example I tested was sunlight reflecting from water with small waves.

prathamesh: | February, 02, 2012

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