Color Correction Tutorial #11

Intro to Apple Color's Color FX Room
Steve Hullfish
By Steve Hullfish 01.16.09


After a brief hiatus, my color correction tutorials are back.

This tutorial is about 8 minutes long and provides a glimpse into how to use the Color FX Room in Apple's Color. The Color FX room is very cool. It is a "nodal" or "process tree" based process where you add nodes (effects) together by graphically linking them into a "tree" that allows MANY effects to be linked in novel and complex ways. This tutorial shows how you can start THINKING about using the nodes to create effects. I'll do another tutorial later to give some more complex examples of process trees and how they can be built.

I still have a dozen more from the revised edition of my first color correction book - "Color Correction for Video." The original book was co-authored with Jaime Fowler and was called "Color Correction for Digital Video." The revised edition is completely re-written with a great DVD that has more than two hours of video tutorials and sample footage to play with. You'll be able to use the book no matter which application (or even OS) you prefer for color correction.