Color Correction Video Tutorial

Steve Hullfish
By Steve Hullfish 11.05.08


This video tutorial on color correction shows how color contrast can be used to really transform an image. A large part of color correction is improving and manipulating the tonal contrast - the difference between the brightest and darkest parts of the image. But color contrast can be even more important in creating an interesting and arresting image. Contrasting warm tones with cool tones or playing colors against each other to create interest is something that sets the truly great colorists apart from the rest. The example in this video tutorial uses footage from Evan Nicholas' short film, "Susannah," which was shot with a RED camera, to show how tonal and color contrast can be used to improve the impact of a shot.

This is one of a continuing series of video tutorials based on the revised edition of the first book on color correction: "Color Correction for Digital Video" which I co-wrote with Jaime Fowler. The revised edition, which is due out in mid-December, will just be called "Color Correction for Video" and is largely re-written with all new examples and an entire DVD or sample footage and video tutorials.

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