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Jeff Foster’s New Channel: The PixelPainter

By Jeff Foster | June, 19, 2013

I've been contributing to various production/post-production channels here on PVC for years but created my own channel with the re-launch of the new PVC website format, titled 0 Comments | Read More

PVC at AES 2014 - Details About the New Upgrades to Ozone from iZotope

By Woody Woodhall | October, 31, 2014

iZotope was previewing their updated version of Ozone at AES 2014 in Los Angeles and I had a chance to

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5 Ways Creating Documentaries Helped Me Improve My Storytelling

By Bobby Marko | October, 31, 2014

Back in 2008 I had a discussion with my wife about how I wanted to do something more with my talent and skill as a filmmaker. I loved the pay check I earned for what I was doing at the time

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Wringing the Life of an Old Mac Pro Tower

By Scott Simmons | October, 30, 2014

There’s a whole lot of us who still have a big, old aluminum Mac Pro tower sitting around doing a lot of work. We haven’t moved to 5K iMacs, Macbook Pros (or PCs) just yet. We also

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First look: Sony PXW-X70 10-bit/4:2:2 handheld camcorder

By Allan Tépper | October, 30, 2014

I am quite intrigued with Sony’s new under US$2600 PXW-X70 camcorder. It has been a while since I used that term, but there is a good reason, since the “—corder” part

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Video Bookmarks Give Creators a New Way to Highlight Relevant Info for Their Audiences

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | October, 30, 2014

While saying that television shows and football games are just what you see between commercials might be oversimplifying how the broadcast model works, it doesn’t change the fact

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Media Composer 101 - Lesson 3 - Project Selection/Creation

By Kevin P. McAuliffe | October, 30, 2014

In the next lesson of Kevin P McAuliffe's "Media Composer 101" tutorial series, he takes a look at the Project Selection window, and why you really need to think about what you're

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Review: Ninja Star tiny featherweight 4:2:2 10 bit recorder

By Allan Tépper | October, 29, 2014

Over the past several years, I have reviewed several 10-bit 4:2:2 HD video recorders, but the Ninja Star that Átomos sent me to review is certainly the tiniest: It weighs only 230

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Blackmagic Studio Camera Review

By Brian Hallett | October, 29, 2014

Without a doubt, the Blackmagic Studio Camera is a niche camera with a dominating monitor and Super 16mm sized sensor. This camera is designed for the world of multicam operations, and in

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Charge Your DSLR, Smartphone or Drone with Pronto

By Jose Antunes | October, 29, 2014

The fastest charging portable battery pack will be available in 2015, after a Kickstarter funding campaign that will end in a few days. The support to the Pronto battery pack idea was lightning

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