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Jeff Foster’s New Channel: The PixelPainter

By Jeff Foster | June, 19, 2013

I've been contributing to various production/post-production channels here on PVC for years but created my own channel with the re-launch of the new PVC website format, titled 0 Comments | Read More

Sony PXW-X180 Camera Review

By Brian Hallett | November, 23, 2014

Just when you thought 1/3 inch cameras were on the way out, Sony goes ahead and makes a versatile hand-held camera with quite a few surprisingly good features.  From professional codecs,

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Creating, Promoting and Utilizing Corporate Video Content

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | November, 23, 2014

As companies and organizations of all sizes realize the importance of a digital presence, video professionals have the opportunity to create video content which enables those companies and

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Installing and editing with Final Cut Pro 7 on a new Macbook Pro with Yosemite

By Scott Simmons | November, 23, 2014

It had been well over a year since I saw my good friend and longtime business partner Final Cut Pro 7 but this week saw the opportunity request to open it back up and work on a music video.

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Making sound visible through Cymatics

By Rich Young | November, 23, 2014

Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena (often of material media on a vibrating substrate), was pioneered by Swiss scientist Hans

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SmartView 4K monitor: like a DreamColor monitor with built-in Teranex?

By Allan T├ępper | November, 22, 2014

At IBC in Amsterdam, Blackmagic showed its US$1995 SmartView 4K (Ultra HD) monitor, which features built-in 3D LUTs, Teranex scaler, adjustable on screen markers, H/V delay, blue only,

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Video Production in an UltraHD World Premiere Pro CC & the GoPro CineForm Codec

By Dave Helmly | November, 21, 2014

UltraHD is here to stay as more and more consumers demand content that makes them feel like they are part of an experience. Some

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Media Composer 101 - Advanced - Reformatting your Footage

By Kevin P. McAuliffe | November, 20, 2014

We're heading back to the mailbag to answer another viewer question, and it's one that throws people for a loop a lot of the time, and that is getting your SD footage to look

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Blackmagic URSA Gets 80fps

By Brian Hallett | November, 20, 2014

Blackmagic updates the URSA to firmware 1.9.9 giving the camera quite a few more options and making it a more user friendly camera for shooters.  

The 3:1 Lossy Raw recording will

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Coming Soon: Veydras Micro 4/3 Cinema Primes

By Adam Wilt | November, 19, 2014

Los Angeles lensmen Ryan Avery (formerly with Schneider Optics) and Jim Zhang (a behind-the-scenes designer for the likes of Century Optics, Chrosziel, and 16x9) have teamed up to build the “0 Comments | Read More