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Blackmagic Production Camera Gets A New “Heads Up Display”

By Brian Hallett | July, 24, 2014

Blackmagic release firmware 1.9 with a new "heads up display." To say the new features found in firmware 1.9 is good news is a massive understatement.  If you own or shoot with a Blackmagic

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Assure ALL Your Audio is Legal

By Jose Antunes | July, 23, 2014

The note "Disputed third party matched content" will be the first sign that YouTube considers you audio to be used without permission

When starting in videography with a DSLR, the main

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Inspiring Hate and Love with Sharks and Tornadoes…Again!

By Jeremiah Karpowicz | July, 22, 2014

Although the Syfy channel has been producing original movies since 2001 (when it was known as the Sci-Fi channel), it’s safe to say that none of them have made an impact like the

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Finding Unused Clips in Final Cut Pro X

By Mark Spencer | July, 22, 2014


Did I use that clip already?

Continuing their exploration of new features introduced in the 10.1.2 update to Final Cut Pro X, this week on MacBreak Studio 0 Comments | Read More

A Simple Suction Cup for Your DSLR

By Jose Antunes | July, 21, 2014

Usable as a camera support to shoot through a car window or windshield, the Manfrotto Suction Cup 241V is also usable on a car bonnet, for video capture on the move. Or for some unique photographs

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Theatrical Television

By Richard Wirth | July, 20, 2014

Television has been trying to grow up and be a projection medium since its inception.  With the advent of digital, the little box of light and shadows has finally gotten its big boy pants and

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Capturing the pulse of the capital

By Michelle Gallina | July, 17, 2014

Over the course of 12 years, Drew Geraci’s has gone from being a photographer’s mate on a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier to a sought-after time-lapse photographer and videographer. After

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Blackmagic Adds New ProRes Options To Their Cameras

By Brian Hallett | July, 17, 2014

Blackmagic announces camera firmware 1.8.2 which adds three Apple ProRes formats to three of their cameras.  Meaning longer record times with significantly smaller file

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Choosing a Pole for Aerial Video

By Jose Antunes | July, 17, 2014

It started out as PAP, for Pole Aerial Photography, but now it also is PAV, or Pole Aerial Video. It's a technique that allows you to create images that have an aerial look, although they are

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Review: iRig Pro preamp/A>D from IK Multimedia

By Allan Tépper | July, 16, 2014

Although I have reviewed many audio preamps and A>D (analog-to-digital) converters, the iRig Pro I am covering here is truly unique for several reasons, two of which are why I purposefully

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