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On Color Matching

By Chris and Trish Meyer | September, 17, 2009

During a job, footage may come from a variety of sources: freshly-shot clips, archival elements, greenscreen, 3D renders, and stock footage. The trick is making all of them

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Surviving in Post, Another Tool to Add to the Arsenal

By Terence Curren | September, 15, 2009

Take a rapidly changing market, throw in new "low to no cost" distribution methods, add two lumps of recession and you have our current business environment. And it isn't pretty. Surviving in post has

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The Vertical Bar Graph Raw Exposure Meter

By Art Adams | September, 15, 2009

The vertical bar graph raw exposure meter is the least explained meter in the latest RED manual. It's also one of the most valuable exposure tools the RED ONE offers.

As English is my second

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Adobe Would Like Your Assistance with A Survey

By Scott Gentry | September, 15, 2009

Adobe would appreciate your participation in a survey regarding your production and post-production workflows.By completing the survey, you will be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win

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A rare YouTube Post from me

By Steve Hullfish | September, 14, 2009

I know it's kind of lame to just post someone else's YouTube video - but this seemed worth the time: funny, clever and "video relevant."

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You can refuse to do a freebie edit and not be a dick

By Scott Simmons | September, 13, 2009

There's a great article on the Village Voice blogs by A History of Violence screenwriter Josh Olson titled 7 Comments | Read More

More tidbits on D300S sustained shooting @ 8fps

By Mike Curtis | September, 12, 2009

So I got my D300S, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. One of the major features that grabbed my attention was the ability to shoot up to 8 frames a second with it. Asterisk - with extra gear.

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Nikon D300S vs Canon 7D Specdown

By Mike Curtis | September, 11, 2009

So I got a Nikon D90 almost exactly a year ago - it was my first DSLR, and I was in love - I've totally had a blast with it. But there

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Snow Leopard - Go or No Go?

By Mike Curtis | September, 11, 2009

So I was thinking about dipping a toe into Snow Leopard. As I only have two Intel based machines (an 8 core Mac Pro and a black MacBook), I figured I'd try it out on the MacBook first.First

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The First Must-See short shot with the Canon 7D

By Matthew Jeppsen | September, 11, 2009

Jason Magbanua is one of a very select group of wedding videographers that understands how to craft a story of substance and manage to meld it with cinematic visuals. It seems as though the

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