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Research software automatically de-shakes video

By Matthew Jeppsen | July, 14, 2009

Here's a sweet little bit of research in the works...Adobe and some folks at the University of Wisconsin have come up with a software solution to automatically remove shakes and wobbles in amateur

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Avid Media Composer & Boris FX - The perfect match

By | July, 14, 2009

Over the past few weeks I've found several great tutorials on using Avid & Boris FX together. Some of them have already

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New Firmware for the HPX300 series camcorders

By Adam Wilt | July, 14, 2009

The email looked like any other masculine-insecurity spam: "NEW PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING UPDATES". But it went on to say, "FOR PANASONIC AG-HPX300", so I knew it was OK... there's 2 Comments | Read More

“Droidmaker” available as a free download

By Adam Wilt | July, 14, 2009

Michael Rubin, the author of several Mac and editing books, wrote a Lucasfilm/Pixar-centric history of the development of nonlinear editing and computer

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You’re never too old (or too smart) to learn something new

By Scott Simmons | July, 14, 2009

If you've never heard of FXPHD then you're either new to this whole film / video / production / post-production world or you just

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HOW Design Conference 2009

By Chris and Trish Meyer | July, 12, 2009

Why would someone brave mid-100 degree temperatures and high humidity to visit Austin Texas in the summer? To get a dose of creative inspiration, of course. But rather than

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Get the Latest P2 Software

By Richard Harrington | July, 11, 2009

Just last month Panasonic updated their P2 software and drivers. Of course its not always easy to find where this software lives. Sure you can bookmark the page, but seems like I

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A Great Example of Stop Motion Animation

By Richard Harrington | July, 10, 2009

Olympus has released a re-imagined Pen Camera. The original was

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A Little More Space On The Shoe

By Bruce A Johnson | July, 08, 2009

Whenever I review hard-disk video recorders (and I do a LOT of those reviews) my first two questions always are:How do you power it?andHow do you mount it?I remember one review of a unit

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Film Tax Credits:  Worth The Money?

By Bruce A Johnson | July, 08, 2009

As a state employee (my day job is with Wisconsin Public Television) I pay fairly close attention to the biennial Wisconsin state budget. Aside from the parts that directly affect me (I'm getting

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