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Want an ikan monitor? Enter their contest.

By Scott Simmons | May, 06, 2009

If you are in need of a small external monitor for your video shoots or maybe a small supplemental monitor for your edit suite then head over to ikan corporation and enter their 2 Comments | Read More

Hands on with the Gearnex Gear Head

By Art Adams | May, 05, 2009

Camera operator Bret Allen, SOC leapt into the manufacturing world after a phone conversation with an Arriflex rep. Frustrated by the high prices gear heads commanded on Ebay (used 10 Comments | Read More

Final Draft upgraded to version 8

By Scott Simmons | May, 05, 2009

It doesn't seem to happen very often so maybe it's worth mentioning when it does .... 0 Comments | Read More

Review: Sony RM-1000BP LANC Remote Control

By Adam Wilt | May, 03, 2009

The RM-1000BP controlling an HVR-Z5U.

Sony's US$1200 (street price) RM-1000BP Remote Commander is a LANC remote control. It connects to any Sony camcorder with a 2.5mm LANC (a.k.a. Control-L) jack, which

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Review: Sony VCL-HG0872K wide-angle lens for HVR-Z5U

By Adam Wilt | May, 03, 2009

The wide lens, with its hood and eyebrow, bulks up the front of the HVR-Z5U.

The US$1000 VCL-HG0872K is a 0.8x wide lens designed specifically for the HVR-Z5U HDV camcorder; it bayonets in place of the

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If you read my NAB 2009 wrap-up in Firefox…

By Adam Wilt | May, 02, 2009

Just a quick update: I had some HTML comment lines in my NAB 2009 Wrap-up article. They caused Firefox (but not Safari or

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I’ve grown to really like Avid’s new logo

By Scott Simmons | May, 01, 2009

One of Avid's big announcements at NAB 09 was that they have consolidated all of their many companies into one: Avid. So Digidesign, M-Audio, Pinnnacle and Sibelius are all Avid. With this new company

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Review: Rode NTG-3 short shotgun microphone and Blimp windshield

By Jim Feeley | May, 01, 2009

The Rode NTG-3 microphone, shown here in the Rode Blimp mount sans windscreen, delivers great performance at a moderate price.

Users of short shotgun microphones can be sorted into two categories.

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Review: Sony HVR-Z5U 1/3” 3-CMOS HDV Camcorder

By Adam Wilt | May, 01, 2009

"When Sony bought Konica/Minolta", says Sony's Juan Martinez, "we suddenly became a major lens manufacturer." One of the results of this acquisition is the HVR-Z5U, an HDV/DVCAM camcorder with a 20x

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