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My First Shoot with the Canon 5D

By Art Adams | August, 04, 2009

The Canon 5D is a cinematic nightmare. In movie mode it's hard to see focus, difficult to set exposure, and it doesn't show you exactly what you're getting. It records to heavily compressed 8-bit

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Behind the Scenes

By David Lawler | August, 03, 2009

Here's a sneak peek at the process of producing + filming our newest webisodic series by Zacuto Films.

In [ critics ], film/video veterans, Steve Weiss, Director of FilmFellas, and Philip

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The Foundry releases Rolling Shutter for After Effects & Nuke

By Mark Christiansen | August, 03, 2009

The Foundry today released Rolling Shutter, a new plug-in available 7 Comments | Read More revamped as a comprehensive script destination site

By Mark Christiansen | August, 03, 2009

Lloyd Alvarez, creator of as well as some of the most useful After Effects scripts available, released a new version of the site that may finally put an end to the need to google for

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After FCP7/FCS3… we still need DVKitchen!

By Allan T├ępper | August, 02, 2009

Final Cut Pro 7 fortunately now offers many inboard "sharing" features which were very weak or non-existent before. Now FCP7 allows us to export to multiple formats and destinations in a single job

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DGA Digital Day 2009 Conference Notes

By Mike Curtis | August, 02, 2009

This will be looooooong - these are my raw notes, as taken, of sitting in on the panels at the DGA Digital Day today. I saw almost everything, but skipped out on some VFX stuff to go see the footage

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On Reusing Colors

By Chris and Trish Meyer | August, 02, 2009

Over on, they recently published the third of a trio of articles we wrote on the use of color. In this final installment, we discuss a few approaches for sharing

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Notes from DGA Digital Day 2009 vendor area & camera footage demos

By Mike Curtis | August, 02, 2009

OK, here's a two parter - went to the DGA Digital Day (that's the Directors Guild of America to you) and it was basically in two parts - sit down presentations, and a vendor area to wander. Here's

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MacWorldSF 2010 Free Expo Registration

By Adam Wilt | August, 01, 2009

The annual MacWorld Expo show soldiers on next February, despite the lack of Apple itself (so far, Apple isn't exhibiting at

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