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Chat with the editor of Slumdog Millionaire

By Scott Simmons | February, 18, 2009

It's no secret that Avid editing systems and Avid technology had a hand 0 Comments | Read More

So Analog TV Has Gone Away…

By Bruce A Johnson | February, 18, 2009

Today is February 18, 2009, the day after roughly half of the US analog TV transmitters were shut off for the last time. While I didn't see any of it happen with my own two eyes, all

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Quicktip Day 18: Determine total Avid bin duration

By Scott Simmons | February, 18, 2009

Quicktip #18 (February 18, 2009) Determine total Avid bin duration!If you want to know the total duration of an number of clips in an Avid bin just select clips:And then press Command+i to

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How to pick and register a trademark - Part One

By CharlesBKramer | February, 17, 2009

Mystique for Sale Applications to register a trademark once involved a lot of mystique.Standard equipment for trademark attorneys used to include an arcane filing system containing multiple

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Editing in Motion Part 1

By Mark Spencer | February, 17, 2009

Introduction: Why Edit in Motion?Many motion graphics projects are built around a video edit which is then enhanced with effects, titling, and graphical treatments. Think of a the structure of a

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Quicktip Day 17: Add Avid filler at start

By Scott Simmons | February, 17, 2009

Quicktip #17 (February 17, 2009) Add Avid filler at startWant an easy way to add black to the start of an Avid sequence? Just go under the Clip menu and choose Add Filler at Start:It will

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iStockaudio is alive and online

By Scott Simmons | February, 16, 2009

I'm sure there's not a person out there working in media today who hasn't at least heard of iStockphoto. The stock photo house has been a staple of affordability and convenience in the

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Quicktip Day 16: Expand all FCP tracks via mouse

By Scott Simmons | February, 16, 2009

Quicktip #16 (February 16, 2009) Expand all FCP tracks via mouseA quick way to change the track height of all video or audio tracks in a Final Cut Pro timeline all at once is to OPTION +

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Quicktip Day 15: Option click to select a file name .... or not?

By Scott Simmons | February, 15, 2009

Quicktip #15 (February 15, 2009) Option+click (or maybe don't Option+click) on an existing file to use that nameThanks to 3 Comments | Read More

Panasonic’s AG-HPX300: full-res camcorder with AVC-I under $11K

By Adam Wilt | February, 15, 2009

Panasonic announced the AG-HPX300, a 1/3", 3-MOS shoulder-mount P2 camcorder with a 17x Fujinon interchangeable lens (the Euro version will be the AG-HPX301E). In many ways, it's a companion to the

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