Pro Video Coalition

MPC creates spectacular visions

By Meagan Keane | September, 05, 2014

MPC is one of the world’s leading visual effects and motion graphics studios, with more than 2,000 employees in eight global offices. The studio’s work includes blockbuster films such

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Comparing 3D type options for After Effects

By Rich Young | September, 04, 2014

While some may claim that the After Effects CS6-era Ray-traced 3D renderer is a minor feature

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TurbulenceFD Depth Pass Using Cinema 4D

By David Torno | September, 04, 2014

Creating a depth pass for a smoke simulation should be a simple task you might think. In most cases with professional softwares it can be, but not all softwares support this feature. In

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PVC eNewsletters

By PVC News Staff | September, 03, 2014

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Karrot Animation expands 2D possibilities

By Meagan Keane | September, 03, 2014

Rapid technology advances have made computer animation one of the fastest growing industries in Europe and North America. The demand for animated entertainment is growing partly due to expanding

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New Blackmagic URSA Footage

By Brian Hallett | September, 02, 2014

There are not many URSA's out in the wild but that does not mean we have to wonder how the footage from the camera performs.  Thankfully, Captain Hook of "A Couple of Night Owls" has

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Blackmagic didn’t quite remove the Band-Aid after all…

By Allan Tépper | September, 02, 2014

In June 2014, I published an article stating that Blackmagic had finally removed the Band-Aid for original DreamColor monitor users, based upon information published in their own ReadMe and

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Review: Plantronics accidentally enters broadcast headset market

By Allan Tépper | September, 02, 2014

Plantronics is a renowned headset manufacturer for office communication, general listening, mobile telephony, and gaming, but not for broadcast or multimedia production. However, due to an

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Moving Proxy Media in Final Cut Pro X

By Mark Spencer | September, 02, 2014

How can I take my proxies with me?

It's a question we've heard enough times that in this episode of MacBreak Studio, I show 0 Comments | Read More

Philip Bloom follows passion and earns passionate following

By Meagan Keane | September, 01, 2014

Filmmaking is less of a career and more of a way of life for Philip Bloom. He began his 24-year career focusing on news and documentary work, building his skills in all aspects of video

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