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How I tripled my podcast listenership after Apple iTunes censorship

By Allan Tépper | December, 06, 2014

Apple censored my CapicúaFM podcast at the end of October 2014. There was no notification or explanation. They just removed CapcúaFM from iTunes, while leaving my older

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“Stan Lee’s Superhumans” searches for real-life superheroes

By Meagan Keane | December, 05, 2014

Established in 1994, Off the Fence is an award-winning integrated content company headquartered in Amsterdam. The company creates high-quality non-fiction and independent films for international

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Media Composer 101 - Lesson 6 - Bins part 2

By Kevin P. McAuliffe | December, 04, 2014

In the second of our two part look at bins, we'll take a look at some tucked away features of Media Composer that will really help you get organized, and stay organized right from

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Enhanced Storyboarding in Final Cut Pro X

By Mark Spencer | December, 04, 2014

Do you still need a reason to use Motion?

This week on MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin from Ripple

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Review: Luxi For All Incident-Metering Photosphere for iOS and Android

By Adam Wilt | December, 03, 2014

Luxi For All (US$30) from Extrasensory Devices is a small, translucent white hemisphere with a spring

0 Comments | Read More and G-Technology Announce a “TECH TALK” on Storage at Manhattan Edit Workshop

By | December, 03, 2014 and G-Technology Strorage Announce a "TECH TALK" on Storage at Manhattan Edit Workshop December 8th

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Christmas Gifts for DSLR Videographers

By Jose Antunes | December, 03, 2014

A Christmas gift list can be either for personal use or to suggest someone the things we would like to have. Here is our list of suggestions, which wants to be a starting point for you

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