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Blackmagic’s “Slow-Motion” Feature

By Brian Hallett | January, 14, 2015

Right now, the only two Blackmagic cameras that shoot high frame-rates are the URSA and the Studio Cameras.  Until Blackmagic fixes this we are left with wild speculations for NAB 2015 and

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How to Build an In-House Studio

By Greg Ball | January, 14, 2015

So the decision has been made to bring video production in-house, and you’re the company’s video guru. You’ve been tasked with building an in-house

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“Advantageous” puts futuristic lens on modern struggles

By Meagan Keane | January, 13, 2015

Writer and director Jennifer Phang caught the attention of movie aficionados with her award-winning feature film Half-Life, which premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Now, with several

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Sync-N-Link X for Final Cut Pro X

By Mark Spencer | January, 13, 2015

Why would you want a separate app to sync audio and video clips?

This week on MacBreak Studio, Sam Mestman from returns to make

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Tuesday Deal: Senal SMH-1000 Headphones

By Rich Young | January, 13, 2015

B & H had a special today on Senal SMH-10000 Comments | Read More

Cinematography of Inglourious Basterds

By Matthew Jeppsen | January, 12, 2015

A week or so ago I posted a cinematography breakdown of Roger Deakins work in Prisoners. This week

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Surviving Your First Film Market

By Arthur Vincie | January, 11, 2015

In November I went to my very first American Film Market.  If you're a filmmaker or any kind of "content creator," you really need to start learning about this end of the business. 

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Product Review: Pegasus2 M4 SSD RAID

By Helmut Kobler | January, 10, 2015

I’ve been impressed by Promise’s Pegasus2 line of Thunderbolt-enabed RAID drives. They’re fast, reliable, come in multiple configurations (4 drives, 6 drives, 8 drives), and are

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IK Multimedia: Android will finally receive proper USB audio support

By Allan Tépper | January, 10, 2015

For the past few years, I have been covering many third-party USB audio devices for iOS phones and tablets in ProVideo Coalition magazine, including digital microphones and audio interfaces

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A Little (Big) Avid Media Composer & Final Cut Pro X Trimming Demonstration

By Scott Simmons | January, 09, 2015

Ever since the release of Final Cut Pro X there’s been a lot of discussion around FCPX’s trimming capabilities. They are quite strong with a very fluid way of trimming edits using the

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