Breaking The First Rule Of Non-Linear Editing, Part Two

Breaking The First Rule Of Non-Linear Editing, Part Two

It just gets weirder and weirder.

By Bruce A Johnson | January 29, 2010

Our story so far: Our intrepid editor and geek just spent about $7000 on a new editing computer. To try and save money, he bought the HP Z800 without a DVD drive or video card. When he finally tries to install the BluRay burner...)"bump."Whaaaat? Read More


Breaking The First Rule Of Non-Linear Editing, Part One

Breaking The First Rule Of Non-Linear Editing, Part One

Update? Are you nuts?

By Bruce A Johnson | January 27, 2010

When last we spoke, I had announced my intention to break The First Rule Of Editing - to actually upgrade my editor in the middle of several ongoing productions. My reasons were threefold:* Against all odds, I had the money;* My 4-year-old dual-Pentium Dell XPS600, which had been rock-steady, had suddenly become pretty flaky, with USB ports disappearing and reappearing at unpredictable times - and when your keyboard, mouse and ShuttlePro are all USB devices, that can be a bad thing;* And as a Adobe Creative Suite CS4 user, the demo of the upcoming Abobe Mercury engine in combination with new-technology CUDA video cards and a hot Windows machine is quite impressive. Check it out.For the last ten years, I have made something of a specialty out of taking inexpensive, low-to-midrange computers and making DV editors out of them. Back in the days of the Canopus DVRaptor, I could take the puniest machine, add RAM and a hard drive for media, and build a pretty functional editor (by the standards of the early 2000's) for less than $700. I built more than 50 editors like this over several years, but times have changed. The budget this time was going to be a whole different beast. Read More


T©pper’s predictions for iPhoneOS 4.0

T©pper’s predictions for iPhoneOS 4.0

Google/Android's current advantages; demystifying Nexus One misinformation

By Allan Tépper | January 21, 2010

While many writers are concentrating on the anxiously anticipated Apple tablet, I have chosen to leave that topic alone until after its official announcement. If you are interested in that, see Alex Lindsay's and Chris Meyer's great articles here in ProVideo Coalition. I have decided to publish my predictions for iPhoneOS 4.0, based upon my own desires for features, as well as those expressed by the general market, and some features offered already on some Google/Android-based mobile devices -especially the recent Nexus One- which are currently missing from the iPhone. I am surprised that these desirable features haven't even been mentioned by other popular media outlets who have reviewed the Nexus One. So keep reading to discover my predictions for iPhoneOS 4.0, and some little known capabilities of the Nexus One and some other Google/Android devices. Read More


apple avid editing fcp final cut pro mac software wish list

My 2010 Wishlist for Final Cut Pro

Inspired by Peter Wiggins ... here's my own list

By Scott Simmons | January 20, 2010

Peter Wiggins posted a Top Ten Wish List for FCP in 2010 over on his blog recently. Then in a tweet he asked: What is yours? Years ago I posted what could have been called my FCP wish list in two Editblog posts: Bottom 10 Final Cut Pro and Bottom 10 FCP Tips ... revisited. They read just like a Final Cut Pro wishlist. So with those in mind here's my Wish List for Final Cut Pro in 2010. Some are revisited right from the Botton 10 FCP Tips, some echo Peter's. Everyone who has used FCP for any length of time are bound to have their own. Read More


apple camera color flolight kino lighting red schneider spot zeiss

Low-Budget PSA’s, Shot on RED, Prove that Budget is Not a Barrier to Excellence

Fast, cheap and good--normally you can pick any two. For these PSA's we got all three.

By Art Adams | January 20, 2010

"Dad has a barn and mom can sew--let's put on a show!" Production budgets aren't what they used to be, but that doesn't excuse sloppiness. There's almost always a way to do good work as long as your creativity extends beyond lighting and framing into the realm of "making do." Read More


color correction color grade colorist composition fast lighting red red one

A Tale of Forbidden Love, Shot on RED

"Independent film" implies independence from money, but not from quality

By Art Adams | January 15, 2010

A short schedule, minimal crew, no budget, a RED with an untried software build, and a trained dog in nearly every shot. What could go wrong? Read More


client approvals client screeners dropbox edit quicktime screeners storage

Using Dropbox for quick and easy client screeners

It's fast, easy and free

By Scott Simmons | January 08, 2010

Dropbox is an unbelievably handy online file syncing, file sharing and backup service that performs a lot of amazing tasks at a free or affordable price. I have been a .Mac/Mobile Me user for several years now so I hadn't used Dropbox until recently but now that I am using it I'm very impressed by the service. Check out the Useful Service for Editors: Dropbox article I recently posted on Studio Daily for more specific information on Dropbox. This article is about how to use Dropbox to make fast and easy QuickTimes for client screeners. Read More


My 2010 New Years Resolutions

My 2010 New Years Resolutions

At least these are my "professional" ones

By Scott Simmons | January 05, 2010

With 2010 now firmly established on my calendar and (kinda) in my mind it's time to turn my attention to the venerable concept of New Year's Resolutions. As one who makes resolutions annually and actually gives it a valiant effort to keep them all some of them, I wanted to outline a few professional resolutions that I have made to add to my personal ones. And since resolutions are really just goals I've always found my goals much more attainable when I write them down. So what better place to write them down than here on the Editblog. I hope someone holds me to them. Read More


apple backup backup day mac safety software superduper

Today begins Backup Day

Let's all pledge to do a better job of backing up this year

By Scott Simmons | January 02, 2010

I think it's time I face the honest truth in that I don't do as good a job of backing up important files, projects and media on the computers in and around my life as I should. There's a couple of floating firewire drives that I shuttle from computer to computer and then SuperDuper a clone or a disk image to that drive. And since a backup is only as good as the ability to get to it and restore it I try to send certain important documents offsite into the cloud. But it's not with much regularity so I've decided to make myself a reminder to declare some point early in the month Backup Day! Read More


avid fcp media composer

More Avid Media Composer for the Final Cut Pro Editor

Looking at more of the Avid functions and tools

By Scott Simmons | December 26, 2009

Continuing on an article in the last Pro Video Coalition newsletter, The Basics of Avid Media Composer for a Final Cut Pro Editor, this article will look at a number of other functions and how they differ from Final Cut Pro to Media Composer. One of the main reasons why I'm writing these articles is that Avid offers a free, full-featured demo of Avid Media Composer 4 available for download. When I wrote the first piece that demo was only for 14 days. They have since upped the time for this trial to 30 days. That's great as it brings this demo in line with most free demos and even affords enough time to try to learn the in's and out's of the application a little bit better any maybe even use it on a real job. Read More


apple ipad iphone ipod tablet web video webcast youtube

Apple + Tablet = New Video Distribution Outlet?

Rumors of an Apple tablet device are getting too loud to ignore. What do they mean for us?

By Chris and Trish Meyer | December 24, 2009

As a long-time Apple user (and - full disclosure - Apple stockholder), I've learned long ago to take Apple rumors with a grain of salt. However, combine Read More


SFTP: An open letter to all software developers with FTP-only support

SFTP: An open letter to all software developers with FTP-only support

Regular FTP is quite dangerous; SFTP is much safer.

By Allan Tépper | December 15, 2009

You know who you are: Adobe, Apple, DVcreators, elGato, Telestream, and others. Even though we would love to have a utopian world -and a utopian Internet-, we are certainly not there yet. There are bad guys out there, and we can't afford to make it easy for them. That's why there are secure websites (https) and secure e-mail encryption (SSL). Fortunately, there are many good software programs that already support SFTP, including CoreFTP, Cyberduck, Fetch, Transmit, and Übercaster. And from Apple, even iWeb (starting with the '09 version) supports SFTP. So why don't Adobe Media Encoder, Compressor, DVKitchen, Turbo.264HD, and EpisodePro support SFTP too? All of these are professional tools, but for some unknown reason, they alarmingly all lack SFTP support as of the publication date of this article. Read More


5d 7d canon dslr ginter mk2 mkii v-dslr vdslr

Canon 7D DSLR Operation 101

Basic how-to tutorial to quickly get you up and shooting on the 7D

By Matthew Jeppsen | December 15, 2009

Everyone's favorite video DSLR advocate, Tyler Ginter, has produced another video tutorial similar to his last (that one concentrated on the 5D MKII). This new tutorial focuses on the basics of how to set up and how to shoot video on the Canon 7D. In this tutorial, Tyler takes all the pain and suffering out of the menu and settings configuration process. If you want to get the fast track on how to shoot with the 7D, watch the video below... Read More


aup contract fios internet verizon wtf

How many Verizon FIOS users are in violation of new AUP?

Let's keep those comments on-topic, mmkay...

By Matthew Jeppsen | December 08, 2009

This is a bit off the normal video topics, but deserves some attention as we have the whole comment thing here for each article. Being a bit off-topic, it's actually rather ironic, considering what follows...I'll explain. It seems that Verizon has changed the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for FiOS users. And oddly, a good percentage of FiOS users are probably already in violation of the new AUP. Read on... Read More


5d 7d alias canon checkered dslr mk4 moir© moire pattern

DSLR Video and Aliasing Artifacts

V-DSLRs, OLPF, and hoity-toity French words

By Matthew Jeppsen | December 04, 2009

If you are shooting video with one of the hot new DSLRs, you are probably aware of the aliasing issues found in some of your footage. If not yet, you will at some point. Just keep shooting, it will show up. Fine detail aliasing has always been an issue for any camera system, but it's particularly prevalent in DSLRs as they lack an Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF) that is specifically tuned for video. In the case of the 5D & 7D, engineers at Canon have also chosen to sample a limited number of lines from the image sensor to downsample to 1080p. This is quick solution, but not the highest quality way of doing things; it creates aliasing image artifacts, and reportedly limits the resolution of the cameras at around 720p. It's almost as if these tools were primarily designed as still cameras! How strange. At any rate, I've learned to warn my clients before interview shoots not to wear shirts with fine detail patterns, as they will moir© faster than you can say "how the hell do you pronounce that word?" Read More


9400m 9600 gt apple gpu graphics macbook mbp motion nvidia render

Release the Hidden Graphics Processing Power in your Macbook Pro

Why you might not be getting max performance from your MBP, and how to fix it!

By Matthew Jeppsen | December 02, 2009

Since sometime in late 2008, Apple's 17" and select 15" Macbook Pro models have included not one but two graphics processors, the nVidia 9400M and 9600M GT. It is my understanding that by default the laptop uses the integrated lower-wattage 9400M, which includes 256MB RAM and helps extend battery life. It will run the main laptop display and push an external display as well. The additional nVidia 9600M GT graphics option is actually a discrete internal PCI-E card featuring 512MB of RAM and offers significantly faster Motion GPU rendering performance. You can see both of these cards listed separately in your System Profiler. So how do you tell which card you are using, and how do you switch between the two cards? I'm glad you asked, grasshopper. Read on and I'll tell you how... Read More


11 Excellent FCP Tips & Tricks

Settings & Best Practices that can limit your weeping & gnashing of teeth

By Matthew Jeppsen | November 29, 2009

Editor/Colorist Oliver Peters has posted a really nice collection of Final Cut Pro tips that are bound to save you time and effort. His suggestions are not "how to use", but more about Preferences, Settings, and project setup options that can help you avoid the gotchas of editing with FCP. There are great tips here for novices and seasoned editors alike. Check it out. Read More


edit editing fcp final cut pro keyboard mapping mac

FCP:  an annoying delete, duplicate bug found while I was remapping the FCP keyboard

If it's not a bug then it needs to be documented in the user manual

By Scott Simmons | November 22, 2009

When I'm working I'm always in a constant state of awareness about how I can change my keyboard mapping to make my workflow faster and more efficient. The keyboard manifesto argues that changing Final Cut Pro's default keyboard mappings can make your editing faster and more efficient. But it's also important to be aware of changes that you might make. I never would have expected a couple of keyboard changes to cause me an hour of confusion and rebuilding a timeline but that's what this FCP bug did. Read More


back focus cinematography fill from the key side lighting red red one

Anatomy of a Spot: Commonwealth Club

RED brings a quality boost to a low-budget quickly-shot spot.

By Art Adams | November 16, 2009

In this economy one has to stretch every production dollar as far as it can go. This doesn't mean compromising on quality, though: keeping things simple can yield huge dividends. This includes knowing when it's okay to shoot with available light, and when natural light needs a little help. Read More


effects fcp final cut pro final cut studio mocha mocha for final cut track tracking tutorial

Automagic part 2: mocha for Final Cut

If you need to gather tracking data to pass to FCP then this is the app for you

By Scott Simmons | November 13, 2009

I am not a VFX artist. I think that if I could plug a data pipe straight into my brain and download an entire profession right into the gray matter ala The Matrix it might be some level of visual effects expertise. It's amazing what you can do with affordable desktop software but even something as accessible as Adobe After Effects can take a whole career to master. It's also amazing at the level of quality that one can achieve with all of the other desktop applications that are out in the world today. I received a copy of Imagineer Systems' mocha for Final Cut a while back but I hadn't had the time or the need to really use it. But at a recent automotive shoot for The Garage Blog we were looking at footage and someone commented that we should have put our own logo license plate on the cars before we drove them (never mind the fact that such a license plate doesn't exist). Idea! I can do that in post and mocha for Final Cut will be the perfect tool. Read More