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FCP X Good or Bad?

It is definitely a game changer, but will it work for you?

By Terence Curren | June 22, 2011

Philip had FCP X one week prior to release and answers my burning questions in this 30th episode of The Terence and Philip Show. What's missing?What's new?Who can use this?Who can't?What was Apple thinking?Click below and join the conversation. Read More


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Those Burning Final Cut Pro X Questions Answered

The answers aren't all good but based on rumors they were expected.

By Scott Simmons | June 22, 2011

Well here we are into the first official evening of Final Cut Pro X's release out into the world. It's been a busy day and a Twitter search will show a good bunch of love, a whole lot of hate and a little bit in-between. There were a blessed few who got advance copies and they've written some FCPX must read articles. If you want to try it yourself then $299 and the Mac Apps Store will get you a copy. I first want to answer the Burning Questions that I had just the other day. Read More


After Effects News Roundup

After Effects News Roundup

It's been a busy two weeks

By Rich Young | June 21, 2011

The last two weeks have seen a return to action in After Effects news with many more news items on tutorials, plug-ins, etc. and more action on the Premiere front too while FCP X waits in the wings. There's also some notes on related news. News roundups for May (part 1, part 2) can be found at AEtuts+. Read More


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My burning questions about Final Cut Pro X

If rumors are right they may be answered next week.

By Scott Simmons | June 16, 2011

As we sit what might be less than a week out from Final Cut Pro X's release (if the rumors hold true) there's been a new firestorm of controversy that erupted after posted some YouTube videos from a recent LAFCPUG meeting where FCP guru/trainer made this statement about FCPX 1.0: "It will not be ready for professional use." And he has since followed up on that comment. Comments should always be taking in context. With the context of what I have seen about FCPX here are the questions that I will answer first when I download my copy. Read More


mocha Pro Demo at Editors’ Lounge

An awesome planar tracker... and a LOT more!

By Terence Curren | June 16, 2011

Mary Poplin demonstrates the power of mocha Pro (yeah, they spell it with a lower case "m") at a recent Editors' Lounge in Burbank. If you are interested in the power this app brings to tracking, rotoscoping and compositing, check this video out. Oh yeah, and the tracking data is supported in Boris Continuum Complete, so you can even use this data in your favorite NLE. Read More


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Study says prolonged sitting may be as dangerous as smoking

While it's probably not that simple that doesn't sound good for post-pros

By Scott Simmons | June 13, 2011

There was a recent news article from CBS San Francisco called Sitting Vs. Smoking. As an editor who spends a whole lot of time ... well, sitting I clicked over with interest. That's where I was greeted by the first sentence of the piece: Smoking cigarettes is the cause of so much preventable, deadly disease. But now new research shows sitting for long stretches of time may be just as dangerous. Uh oh. Read More


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Panasonic AF100 joins forces with Sony encoder for 25p Euro spot in Miami

The Sony encoder in the nanoFlash allowed for 4:2:2, 25p recording from the AF100

By Allan Tépper | June 12, 2011

Recently I was put in charge of the technical workflow for an HD 1080/25p real estate commercial spot to be shot in Miami, Florida, and broadcast in several European countries. I suppose my years of writing articles and giving seminars about 25p workflow in (ex) NTSC countries had something to do with my being chosen. This article covers: why director Rub©n Abruña chose the Panasonic AF100 rather than the Sony FS100, the lenses used, how the Sony "Beyond XDCAM-HD" encoder in the nanoFlash recorder achieved a superior 4:2:2 recording, the technical workflow used in the production and post, and even how we were able to display the final 25p spot on the client's segregated HDTV set (which normally rejects anything 25Hz or 50Hz) without having to convert the signal. You'll also be able to view and hear all four language versions of the 30-second spot: Castilian, English, French, and Italian. Read More


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Today The GoPro Let Me Down

(sad face)

By Bruce A Johnson | June 03, 2011

Regular readers of my mind-spillings might remember the Color-Correction Conundrum of a year ago, where I used the decidedly outdoor-color-balanced GoPro Hero HD as an accent camera for a choral concert in a church. The lemon-yellow footage of the piano keyboard was brought to heel by help from the readers of this blog, and since I had such success last time, I figured I'd do it again. Read More


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Audition: Made for Video (Part Three)

Asking the questions that need to be asked.

By elaine montoya | June 03, 2011

In part one of Audition: Made for Video, I demonstrated how developing a workflow can save you time and money - when time is of the essence. We explored how to bring single clips, multiple clips, and complete sequences from Premiere Pro to Adobe Audition - with and without video. We took a look at the roundtrip process of bringing audio back into Premiere, as well as the process of going back and forth between the two applications to make changes, sweeten the audio or master the final mix.In part two of Audition: Made for Video, we took a look at some of the features of Adobe Audition that we use on a regular basis when producing motion+connect.In the final segment of Audition: Made for Video, we're going to take an in-depth, step-by-step look at the process of integrating Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro, where the pitfalls are in the current release, and hopefully provide insight as to why these issues exist from a technical perspective. Read More


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Adobe’s Speech Analysis is still chugging along in Premiere Pro CS5.5

It's still far from perfect but as a time-saving tool it saved me quite a few keystrokes

By Scott Simmons | June 01, 2011

When Adobe introduced CS4 they also introduced a new feature that many thought would be the suite's first real killer feature: Speech Transcription. I think the fantasy might have been this: gone was the day of paying a human to transcribe footage as the machines could finally do it for us. That wasn't the reality as the results were often a garbled mess. The humans continued to do a better job. Adobe's transcription accuracy has been improved since version 4 and with CS5.5 it's actually usable. I used it recently and I'm convinced it saved a lot of typing. Read More


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Video Is Just Another Form Of Literacy

Is this good or bad for post professionals?

By Terence Curren | June 01, 2011

With production and post costs plummeting, will everyone use video as another form of writing?In this episode of The Terence and Philip Show, the discussion revolves around the question of whether or not "video production" is ‘just another form of literacy'. Click below and join our conversation. Read More


Animate a character in After Effects

Animate a character in After Effects

A survey of resources [updated]

By Rich Young | May 31, 2011

After Effects provides a variety of tools to animate characters, including Painting, Puppeting, and Parenting. Fortunately, there's an equally wide variety of tutorials available online on using these tools. Here's a survey of just some of those tutorials from Daniel Gies, Angie Taylor, Todd Kopriva, Stuart Preece, Rex Crowle, Pete McEvoy, Ryan Boyle, Marcin Zeglinkski, and Dave Scotland, plus additional tips, expressions and scripts from other After Effects and animation luminaries going all the way back to Walt Disney himself. Read More


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Audition: Made for Video (Part One)

A complete roundtrip audio workflow solution for those of us working in broadcast, film, vfx, and motion graphics.

By elaine montoya | May 27, 2011

Adobe recently released Production Premium CS5.5. With this new release, there are some amazing new features designed specifically for motion graphic designers, vfx artists, and editors. I was fortunate to get a chance to try out early versions of several of the applications, and couldn't wait for the release date this past April. My reason? In addition to the numerous updates to applications in the Production Premium suite - including ‘major upgrade' features like the new Warp Stabilizer, Camera Lens Blur and Light Falloff features in After Effects - I was really excited about the inclusion of Audition into the Production Premium and Master Collection suites.Here is a look into my own real-world workflow using Audition. Read More


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Internships in Post, Good Idea or Bad?

Do they help you enter the entertainment field, or are they just an excuse for free labor?

By Terence Curren | May 18, 2011

In episode 27 of "The Terence & Philip Show" Philip and I are joined by former intern and current Alpha Dogs' employee Isai Espinoza in a discussion about the value of Internships to both the employer and the intern. How to get the best out of an internship, and what's in it for the employer are the main subjects. In typical fashion, this quickly leads to a discussion about breaking into the business, and what it takes to make it.Click below to join our latest conversation. Read More


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Update Alert! Apple ProKit 7.0

A few fixes for FCP, Motion, Soundtrack and Logic

By Scott Simmons | May 18, 2011

Yesterday Apple pushed out a Pro Applications update in the form of ProKit 7.0 for Snow Leopard 10.6.6 and later. It doesn't look to be anything more than some minor issues with FCP, Motion, Soundtrack Pro and the Logic apps. This one: "Fixes leaks and improves stability for the color picker and timecode interface in Final Cut Pro and Motion" intrigues me a bit. I installed yesterday and so far all seems well. It's available from the above link or via Software Update. Read More


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Native Format Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

The promise; the reality; how to do it.

By Colin Brougham | May 15, 2011

In the past few years, a barrage of new video acquisition formats and recording methodologies have sprouted like mushrooms after the rain. The major shift has come in the form of tapeless, file-based acquisition that uses equipment that has its roots in the information technology industry. As video post-production has scrambled to keep up, editors have been left with little choice than to become ersatz compression specialists and computer technologists. We all wear a few extra hats these days, but there are times when you just want to do what you do without a lot of additional work.Adobe Systems has heard the cries of editors everywhere, and kicked open the door on a completely different way of working with tapeless, file-based media. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, which is available standalone or as the anchor application of the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium bundle for both PC and Mac, is the company's latest gambit in the evolution of non-linear editing and post-production. If you tried and dismissed Premiere sometime in the past before the software received a ground-up rewrite and gained the "Pro" suffix, it's time for a second look. In this article, I will review both the general theory of the tapeless native file format workflow, and also give specific instructions (including video demonstrations) on how to get up and running quickly.Disclaimer: Yes, I am an unabashed fan of this workflow, and can't help sounding like a kid in a candy store about some of it - but read on and you'll soon understand why. Read More


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NVIDIA’s Quadro 4000 for Mac, more affordable speed for the right application

Cheaper and smaller than the Quadro FX 4800, the 4000 can greatly compliment the right application.

By Scott Simmons | May 11, 2011

It's been several months since NVIDIA released their newest graphics card for the Macintosh. The Quadro 4000 for Mac uses their newest GPU architecture called Fermi. This card packs a whopping 256 cores onto a card that is half the physical size of the older Quadro FX 4800 (it had only 192 CUDA cores, the slacker). The other bit of news is that the 4000 has a smaller price than the FX 4800 had, coming in at just over $700 (street price) from an Amazon search. On top of all that there's quite a few applications out there that are taking advantage of NVIDIA's CUDA technology that lets apps harness all this GPU power. Read on for a look at several post-production tools and how they work with the 4000. Read More


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Update Alert! Magic Bullet Grinder

A free update to version 1.5 adds some nice features

By Scott Simmons | May 05, 2011

I really like good, focused, affordable post-production tools. Magic Bullet Grinder, one of the most focused tools of all, was updated today to take it from 1.0 to 1.5. That's $49 for the Canon DSLR transcoding tool to buy it new but the 1.5 update is free. What's new in 1.5? Best of all is more ProRes codecs and timecode support. Read More


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NAB 2011: Adobe’s Al Mooney Gives Us the Upside of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

NAB 2011: Adobe's Al Mooney Gives Us the Upside of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

By Clint Milby | May 05, 2011

On Monday at NAB, the amazing people at Adobe arranged for me to meet with the project manager for Premiere CS5.5, Al Mooney, who very graciously took some time to enlighten me on what people can expect from this upgrade. I was a bit skeptical going into the interview, as many times software upgrades that involve decimal points are repackaged versions of the previous one, but I have to say I was totally taken back by just how many new and improved features Adobe is offering in Premiere CS5.5.According to Al, Adobe has been taking advantage of their very healthy community of users and bringing some of the top editors who use different platforms such as FCP or Avid to watch and see what these guys found challenging. Read More


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Is Cloud Based Editing In Your Future?

Avid showed it last year at NAB. Is Apple about to open a new data center just in time for FCP X?

By Terence Curren | May 05, 2011

Is the cloud the future of editing: with a facility cloud or a remote cloud? How will the tape shortage change delivery into the cloud? How does cloud editing work? Will the cloud be suitable for archive? Will the cloud lead to outsourcing?Check out the latest Terence & Philip Show by clicking below to join the conversation on the future of editing. Read More