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Baselight for FCP is coming, part of an overall Baselight strategy

At under $1,000 Baselight for FCP won't be cheap but it will be useful

By Scott Simmons | April 11, 2011

One of the more interesting products I saw at NAB on Monday was Baselight for Final Cut Pro. One of the coolest things was the new Baselight Blackboard 2 control surface (check out the video at the end of the post). I think Baselight for FCP is cool in that it's very well thought out, not just as a tool but where it fits into the post-production pipeline. Read More


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ScopeBox 3 delivers software scopes for Mac for only $99

The price is coming down from near $700 to $99.

By Scott Simmons | April 11, 2011

I stopped by the Divergent Media booth to check out their updated ScopeBox version 3software. You might remember ScopeBox was a near $700 when it came along quite a few years ago. This newest version is going to be a totally different business model as price goes to $99. Read More


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DaVinci Resolve goes to 8, goes multilayer, goes free

It's quite an impressive upgrade and exactly where Resolve needed to go.

By Scott Simmons | April 11, 2011

I was excited to see DaVinci Resolve 8 when I walked into the NAB show floor. I was even more excited to see that version 8 supports a multi-layer timeline as that's has always felt like one of Resolve's limiting features. 8 wasn't the only big news on the Resolve front as they also introduced DaVinci Resolve Lite, a free, 2-node version of the software. Read More


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Adobe Premiere Pro hits 5.5

The incremental update gets some new features, Mercury still screams

By Scott Simmons | April 11, 2011

Here we are at NAB again and here's another release of Adobe Premiere Pro (and the entire Creative Suite). This year's release isn't quite the watershed release that last year's CS5 was but Premiere Pro CS5.5 packs some very nice updated features in overall, while still ignoring a few that I personally think they need to address to keep it moving forward and winning in the minds of editors. Read More


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Baselight introduces Baselight on Final Cut Pro

Along comes another high-end color grading option for the rest of us

By Scott Simmons | April 09, 2011

One of the first big announcements out of the NAB gate comes from Filmlight and it involves their Baselight product line. The overall news is an update to Baselight (taking it to version 4.3) and a new Blackboard 2 control surface. But the biggest surprise comes in the form of the Baselight Plug-In for Final Cut Pro. This "under $1,000" plugin looks to offer parts of the actual Baselight user interface right in FCP's Viewer window. Read More


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Are you ready for FCP X?

Rumors over Supermeet are flying!

By Steve Hullfish | April 05, 2011

Rumors are flying that Apple will be using the Vegas Supermeet to announce the next version of Final Cut Pro. Supposedly, Apple will be taking over the entire event for their announcement, canceling all other sponsors, including AJA, Avid, Canon, BlackMagic, Autodesk and others, who were set to give presentations.I am waiting for some confirmations from inside sources at various companies but some of the "proof" that is public so far:Daniel Berube, a co-producer of the event with Michael Horton, has rushed back to Vegas early from LA due to changes at Supermeet.UPDATE: Philip Bloom just confirmed with me that Canon has canceled his appearance at the Supermeet, though he still may present (possibly as a guest of Apple.) At present he doesn't know if he will speak or not. Canon was told last night that Apple has demanded ALL "lecturn" or stage time exclusively. Some sponsors who were not using presenters may continue to sponsor the Vegas event, but none of them will be presenting on the stage. I can't imagine any news that would warrant this kind of "take-over" other than to announce and demonstrate the next full version of Final Cut Pro and possibly an entirely newly designed FCS4.Frank Capria mentioned on the Avid-L2 that Avid would find another venue to present director Kevin Smith, who was scheduled to present at Supermeet. (UPDATE: Avid confirmed that Supermeet (Michael Horton) told them last night that their sponsorship had been canceled. According to Avid, "Apple doesn't want anyone to have stage time but them.") (UPDATE: Avid will be hosting Kevin Smith at other venues during NAB, for more information: offered a "no comment" on their Supermeet sponsorship and referred all questions to Michael Horton (who runs Supermeet). AJA has their own party that night at a different location, so it probably doesn't affect their plans too much.Black Magic also gave me a no comment, though they acknowledged that something was happening with their Supermeet sponsorship.I'm still waiting to hear from Michael Horton and Black Magic. UPDATE: 8:44pm, April 5th) The Supermeet website recently changed, dropping all previously mentioned presenters and mentioning a "very special guest" with a "sneak peak at something very special." This basically confirms most of the rumors. ( Here is the statement I just received from Autodesk (6:15pm Central time, April 5):Autodesk will not be presenting on the main stage at Las Vegas SuperMeet during NAB, but will be participating in the SuperMeet Digital Showcase. For more information on the SuperMeet event, please contact the FCPUG organizers. During NAB, there will be numerous opportunities to see Smoke in action, both through customers presentations and Autodesk demonstrations on the Autodesk tradeshow booth SL2120. We are also providing free hands-on Smoke training in the North Hall on Monday & Tuesday.UPDATE: Black Magic Design has confirmed that they - and actually most of the sponsors - are STILL sponsors of the Supermeet. The main thing that changed with the addition of the Apple announcements is that the STAGE presenters have been changed. BMD is excited to be giving away over $20,000 of prizes at the event.Stay Tuned for more!!! Keep checking back for updates or add me to your RSS feed. Read More


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Tantalizing News From Telestream

Apple ProRez Encoding On The PC?

By Bruce A Johnson | March 31, 2011

It's no secret that I am a PC user. I'm very happy with the performance of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 (and all the other programs in the Adobe suite) on my HP Z800 machine. However, some of my client's end-users are Mac people, and have at different times demanded output in the Apple ProRez codec...,,,which, of course, PCs cannot do. At least, until now, if what Telestream has to say pans out. Imagine my interest when I saw this headline in an email:Telestream Enables Encoding to ProRes on Windows Server ProductsDetails as of now are hazy, and I have asked for clarification. But if this turns out to be what it sounds like, it could be a great step forward in making peace between the Windows and Apple editing camps.Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? What do you think? Read More


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Video post-production: a 2011 top career that is dying

The research analysts have spoken so it must be true

By Scott Simmons | March 29, 2011

If you were wandering around the Twitter world this morning you might have seen discussion of a Wall Street Journal story that listed "video post production services" as one of the top 10 dying industries! But don't be too sad fellow editors, this Business Week article lists editors as one of the Top 10 Careers of 2011! We're damned if we do, damned if we don't. Read More


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Lightworks Touch: an NLE from the past

A dedicated unit such as this might make editing a bit more pleasant

By Scott Simmons | March 28, 2011

One of the booths I'm most excited about hitting at this year's NAB show is the Editshare booth to check out their Lightworks project. Lightworks was an early non-linear editing system that Editshare purchased a couple of years ago and released as a free open-source download. They've got an impressive roadmap and since I don't have a PC at my disposal I'll have to wait until the Mac version comes along to really test it out at home but I will be checking their demo out at NAB. Read More


No More HDCAMSR Stock! Now What?

The tape shortage crisis and what it means to production and post.

By Terence Curren | March 26, 2011

Terence and Philip start discussing the tape shortage crisis - particularly HDCAM SR - caused by the situation in Japan: is tape dead, or will it merely lead to a resurgence of D5? Who's accepting file-based delivery, is that even practical, and who gets to drive the need for tape delivery?Remember, "No-one ever voluntarily changes their workflow"!Considerations of tape shortage leads to discussion on archiving non-tape sources, and the issues surrounding that. Click below to join in on the conversation in Episode 23 of The Terence & Philip Show. Read More


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Book Review: Alexis Van Hurkman’s Color Correction Handbook

This is a MUST read for those interested in color grading and a SHOULD read for everyone else.

By Scott Simmons | March 18, 2011

If you're wanting to learn more about post-production then you've got quite a few areas where you can target studies. There's creative editing and storytelling (of course), there's audio mixing and sound design, there's the technical world of editing where you're dealing with workflow and media organization, there's graphics, effects and color grading as well. A good place to learn any of these specific tasks is the right book. For color grading there's Alexis Van's recently released book Color Correction Handbook: Professional Techniques for Video and Cinema. Read on for a review of this great book. Read More


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What impact will this blazing new technology have on our world?

By Terence Curren | March 18, 2011

You've likely heard about the new interconnect technology called Thunderbolt. With two 10 Gbit/sec channels this has some interconnect power, at budget pricing. It'll make a big difference when momentum gathers.How will affect production and post production? What will it do to the future of computers? Will Apple still need to make towers?Philip Hodgetts and I debate this and more on episode 22 of the Terence&Philip show. Click below and join the debate. Read More


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Has Shakycam Finally Run Its Course?

Let's all hope so...

By Bruce A Johnson | March 17, 2011

GREAT review of the new movie "Battle: Los Angeles" by Matt Zoller Seitz at, taking the filmmakers to task for the evil combination of long zoom, short depth of field, and lack of shot stability that equates to nausea for the viewers. Huzzah! Huzzah! Something that has needed to be said for over a decade!Will it make a difference? Doubtful. You see as many faux-Steadicams as decent tripods at NAB, a travesty I expect to continue next month. Anybody want to lay odds?And no, I haven't yet seen "Battle: Los Angeles," but once it hits the Roku I promise to pop a few Dramamine and give it a go. Read More


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Adobe’s Creative Suite Production Premium Hits the Workflow Sweet Spot

When's the last time you tried Premiere Pro?

By Jeff Sengstack | March 16, 2011

Video and film producers are migrating to tapeless HD workflows using powerful mobile and fixed workstations. Adobe's Creative Suite Production Premium collection of tools, including After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere Pro, offers a complete, integrated production package. Its efficient, time saving, cross-product workflow, allows editors to work with HD in native formats with no need for intermediate rendering. But studios have been slow to fully embrace this powerful suite of tools. Until now. Read More


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PluralEyes for Premiere Pro CS5 (Mac) reviewed

You'll wonder how you ever survived without it

By Allan Tépper | March 14, 2011

If you ever record dual-system audio or multiple camera angles without synchronized timecode, you'll wonder how you ever survived without PluralEyes added to your editing software. Users of Premiere Pro CS5 for Mac who are aware of PluralEyes for other editing programs will be happy to know that a version of PluralEyes is now available for their preferred app too. This article will go over PluralEyes' general features and then illustrate the specific workflow used with Premiere Pro CS5 compared to the way it works with other video editing software. Read More


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Canon jumps on Thunderbolt

Canon first to jump on Apple Bandwagon

By Steve Hullfish | March 11, 2011

So, when Apple recently announced support for Thunderbolt the biggest question after the release by many in the video community was: "Who else is going to support this?"The answer has come from a major player: Canon. This is a natural partner who can obviously utilize Thunderbolt's 10Gbps port. Read More


Final Cut 8 or iCut Pro?

The secret is out and some have seen it. What to expect from the next version of Final Cut Pro

By Terence Curren | March 05, 2011

Philip Hodgett's and I discuss the new, yet to be released Final Cut Pro. Philip also explains what is replacing Quicktime in the new Mac universe. Join us on episode 21 of the Terence & Philip show. Read More


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Quicktips 2011 Day 30 follow-up for the Day 27 Speed up FCP’s XDCAM export

Further tests from this Reader Quicktip shows there might be more to this than originally posted.

By Scott Simmons | March 02, 2011

This original Reader Quicktip about speeding up the FCP XDCAM export that came to us from James Stuckey Weber really showed he was having some very dramatic speed increases just by closing the FCP Canvas and Timeline. It seems after a bit more of James testing and discussing this with some fellow editors there's a bit more to tell. It's more about collapsing multiclips that closing the windows. Read on for James' new testing numbers. Read More


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Quicktips 2011 Day 27: Speed up FCP’s XDCAMexport

February 27, 2011 - Conforming XDCAM can take a while but this tips speeds it up

By Scott Simmons | February 27, 2011

This Reader Quicktip comes to us from James Stuckey Weber and it's a tip to speed up the exporting process of the XDCAM format in Final Cut Pro. I don't do a lot of XDCAM export from FCP so I can't confirm the rather dramatic speed-up this tip claims but I can't deny it either. When the XDCAM export does present itself next time I'll be trying it out. Read More



Thunderbolt in MacBook Pro: a new era for demanding video editors who prefer laptops

Sound the trumpets! The 2-year mourning period that began in 2009 can finally end!

By Allan Tépper | February 27, 2011

As we have amply covered in multiple articles in ProVideo Coalition magazine, demanding online editing of multiple realtime HD video layers requires a high bandwidth connection to an external disk array, especially in the tapeless acquisition era, when it is even more desirable to use RAID5 (or equivalent). In many cases, it is also extremely desirable to have a high bandwidth connection to advanced video i/o devices from companies like AJA, Blackmagic, and Matrox. Since Apple laptops have never offered direct eSATA ports -and some professional i/o interfaces connect via the ExpressCard/34 port, demanding editors were able to connect one or the other (but not both simultaneously) in sub-17" MacBook Pros until June 2009, when Apple nixed the ExpressCard/34 slot on 15" models. Now that Apple offers a Thunderbolt port on all MacBook Pros (13", 15", and 17"), we'll soon be able to have both of our wishes simultaneously: high bandwidth for external storage, and high bandwidth for advanced video i/o interfaces. Thunderbolt in a laptop indeed represents a quantum leap for serious video postproduction. (See also my upcoming related article regarding Thunderbolt in live video production.)In this article:The virtues and limitations of ExpressCard/34Thunderbolt says: "Here I come to save the day!"Is the King of DAS dead? Has Thunderbolt dethroned eSATA?10Gb/s, not 10GB/s! Read More