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Should Apple really drop Log and Capture from the next FCP?

It's an interesting discussion courtesy of Philip Hodgetts

By Scott Simmons | June 27, 2010

Just a few days ago Philip Hodgetts posted an intriguing article over on his blog The present and future of post production business and technology. It was titled Why Apple should drop Log and Capture from FCP and has generated some interesting discussion in the comments afterward. Read More


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Last chance to get free tickets to Friday’s SuperMeet

If you're in Boston then you're almost there

By Scott Simmons | June 24, 2010

Tomorrow is the 1st Ever 1st Annual Boston SuperMeet. If you haven't gotten your tickets already you're almost too late but apparently (as of this writing) there's about 50 or so left so if you want to attend Friday's event then you might want to reserve your tickets now. Doors open at 4:30 and the location is the John Hancock Hall of the Back Bay Event Center. There's a full rundown of the agenda as well as a list of all the prizes to be given away in the world famous raffle at the official SuperMeet website. If you'd like to snap one of the remaining tickets for free then enter the code editblogvip in the Discount Code link on the ticket purchasing page. Read More


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Color Correction Conundrum SOLVED!

Thanks to our PVC Readers!

By Bruce A Johnson | June 23, 2010

Many thanks to all the PVC readers that responded to my anguished plea for color correction help! You can see the before and after results above. Not perfect, but good enough for my purposes. Five readers (if you include Chris Meyer) offered ideas, but Eric Addison was both timely and pretty damn good. He even set up a small Premiere Pro sequence to be downloaded, unzipped and opened. Once the sequence was loaded, it was no big deal to save the color correction preset and re-use it in my four-camera HDV concert coverage. As you can see, the yellow was exiled and the shot was saved! Thanks, Eric!And a tip 'o the bike helmet to PVC readers Portishead, Jim Hines and PerroneFord for sharing their ideas too! Read More


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Join me for a free DSLR Post-production webinar this Tuesday

You can't make use of that DSLR's video capability without the post production.

By Scott Simmons | June 20, 2010

This coming Tuesday, June 22, I'll be hosting a free webinar discussing DSLR post-production. The program will kick off at 10:00 AM Pacific, Noon Central time and run for approximately 90 minutes. It's free to attend the event, all you have to do is register.UPDATE: This webinar is now available On Demand for $25. Click here to purchase the webinar and other supporting materials. Read More


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TecnoTur episode 2 (English): Radio Lollipop + Matrox’s announcements at NAB 2010

ProRes422 encoding in Windows, compatibility with Avid MC5, MAX 2.0 with scene analysis and VBR encoding

By Allan Tépper | June 16, 2010

TecnoTur episode 2 (English) is now available, and includes an interview with Radio Lollipop, and with Matrox regarding all pro video announcements at NAB 2010. Brittany Smith of Radio Lollipop -an international radio network based in the UK, with affiliate stations in children's hospitals throughout the world- tells TecnoTur about her background in commercial radio, and her current position at Radio Lollipop. Then Rub©n Abruña and Allan T©pper travel to NAB 2010 in Las Vegas and interview Wayne Andrews, a Matrox pro video product manager. Wayne tells us about ProRes422 encoding in Windows, compatibility with Avid MC5, and MAX 2.0 with scene analysis and VBR encoding. Read More


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A Color Correction Conundrum

Hey you smart guys - help a guy out? Please?

By Bruce A Johnson | June 08, 2010

Hey folks, remember I mentioned that one of my first big projects with the CS5/nVidia Mercury/CUDA combo is a choral concert? Well, it is time to cut that puppy. I recorded the concert with 3 Canon HDV cameras, which look great, and my brand-spankin'-new GoPro Hero HD camera. Problem is, I didn't have time to white balance the GoPro (in fact, I'm not even sure how you would go about it. Gotta re-read the manual.) In any event, I clamped the GoPro to a light stand and pointed it at the piano keyboard. Blind, of course, since the GoPro has no monitor, but I had a good feeling about the framing. What I didn't count on was how far out the white balance would get. You can look at the thumbnails on this page, or go find full-sized .TIFs of the GoPro shot and a reference from the back of the church at these Flick addresses:The wide shot from the back of the churchandthe piano shot.Honestly, I'd be happy just to get the piano shot *close* to the wide shot, but at this point I will take what I can get. BTW, I would suggest you give tips using the basic PremPro color-correction tools, like 3-Way Color Corrector and such. I've gone through a dozen interations, sometimes stacking different CC filters, but so far no luck.I'm just a simple country videographer - all this color-correction stuff isn't in my native skill set. See what you can do and educate us all! Fame awaits (in ot her words, I'll post the names of the folks that come closest.)Thanks in advance! Read More


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A tour around Avid Media Composer 5.0’s interface changes

Veteran Avid editors will notice quite a few new things with this upgrade

By Scott Simmons | June 08, 2010

With any big software upgrade there's going to be changes. Some visible, some not so visible. Personally, I love those changes ... as long as they add new or needed functionality without getting in the way. One of the big things we often worry about with big upgrades are interface changes that might clutter up a clean design or impart on the editor additions or subtractions that might seem more like a step backwards. Of course much of this type of thing is subjective. One editor's productivity enhancement is another editor's unnecessary feature. With that said, here's a look at some of the bigger interface enhancements that I noticed upon first working with Avid Media Composer 5.0. Read More


Nature Photography Gone Wild!

Hummingbirds you can reach out and touch, almost.

By Bruce A Johnson | June 07, 2010

Check out this behind-the-scenes video from PBS' "Nature" series on how the producers captured ultra-close-up, ultra-slo-mo footage of hummingbirds for an upcoming show. Absolutely fascinating! Read More


AdobeCS5 and nVidia:  First Impressions Part 2.1

One Mystery SOLVED!

By Bruce A Johnson | June 03, 2010

If you have been following my ongoing Adobe CS5/nVidia shakedown cruise (here's Part 1, and here's Part 2) you might have read my whiny cry: Read More


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VFX Tell the Story in California State Fair Spots

A RED ONE, a barn, seven kids, a guy in a yellow bear costume, the setting sun, an animated dinosaur and dozens of visual effects elements combine to create dazzling imagery on a moderate budget.

By Art Adams | June 01, 2010

A bit of prior planning, some clever visual effects and a new RED software build help a talented production team get maximum bang for minimum bucks. Read More


Adobe CS5 and nVidia: First Impressions Part 2

Or would that be "Second Impressions"?

By Bruce A Johnson | June 01, 2010

Sorry about dropping from sight for the last couple of weeks, but when the day-job calls, it calls with a vengeance. I also apologize for the lack of photos, but I just didn't think to do screengrabs at all the right times. Bad editor! No doughnut!As I was saying... Read More


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Magic Bullet Grinder grinds your DSLR footage into a more editable format

While Grinder may seem redundant it's fast, cheap and easy to use

By Scott Simmons | May 28, 2010

Red Giant Software has just dropped a new tool into the family of Magic Bullet products and it might be of great interest to the DSLR shooter. Magic Bullet Grinder is a simple application tasked with transcoding your Canon 5D/7D/1D files out of their H.264 native state and into something a bit more usable. It also can create lower resolution offline versions of the same clips for editorial should you be in an offline to online position. While simple, Magic Bullet Grinder works quite well and has a few tricks up its sleeve. Read More


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1st Video ships bringing more video editing to the iPhone

App updated to encode better video.

By Scott Simmons | May 23, 2010

There's another entry into the iPhone video editing app category that has just hit the iTunes app store in the last day or so. VeriCorder Technology's 1st Video (which I previewed here thanks to HandHeld Hollywood just after NAB) aims to one up the previous king of iPhone video editors, ReelDirector, by providing a bit more functionality and moving it beyond a novelty or a toy.UPDATE: 1st Video has received an update to output better video:This is good news if you're planning on buying the app as the video quality was one of its weakest points. Read More


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Adobe CS5 and nVidia:  First Impressions

or..."Breaking the First Rule of NLE, Part 3"

By Bruce A Johnson | May 19, 2010

I guess once you break the big rules, you get used to it. You may remember my mini-series from last January, when I replaced a several-year-old Dell Pentium-D workstation with a fire-breathing HP Z-800 eight-core Xeon box. At that time, I installed my existing Matrox RT.X2 video accelerator card and an ATI Radeon HD4870 video card, to work in collaboration with Adobe Creative Suite CS4. The system ran pretty well, but it wasn't a month later that the news started leaking out about something big on the horizon - something called Mercury and CUDA, to be included in the new version of Adobe Creative Suite - CS5.April brought my yearly trek to Las Vegas for the NAB Convention, and one of the first places I went to was the Adobe booth. The demos of of the Mercury engine running with the nVidia CUDA cards were incredibly impressive. I knew instantly I wanted to torture-test this combo. A few phone calls by the PVC brass brought to my door (eventually) an nVidia Quadro FX4800 video card and the Adobe CS5 Master Collection. As what seems to be the lone member of PVC that edits on a Windows box, I intend to use this combo for ongoing torture tests for PVC. But first I had to see if it could even be installed in a calm and controlled manner. Read More


The DV Show lists 14 FREE FCP tools. Here’s 14 paid ones as well.

A great list of FCP freebies got me thinking about what are the must have paid tools as well

By Scott Simmons | May 16, 2010

The DV Show dropped a great post over the weekend that answered a question from one of their readers: "I'm looking for some plugins or tools to enhance my productions. I mainly use Final Cut Pro and was wondering if there are any free or low cost alternatives to make my videos look better." With that they listed 14 Must Have FREE Plugins & Tools for Final Cut Pro. It's a fantastic list of a number of great tools that will be right at home in any editor's toolbox. But this post got me thinking about some of the paid plug-ins and tools that are great in the FCP editor's toolbox as well. Read More


The exodus from Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premiere CS5 has begun

Adobe's power and market share increases while Flash wanes

By Allan Tépper | May 06, 2010

On April 5th, 2010, I published the article Will Adobe's new Mercury technology provoke a sudden exodus from Final Cut Pro to CS5?. At that point, the title was still a question. Since then, NAB 2010 came and went without a word from Apple regarding the potential future of Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Studio. Apple's complete silence on this topic seems to indicate that Apple is much more focused on the consumer market, especially their mobile devices, and no longer on professional applications and hardware. This is further revealed by Apple's continuing release of MacBookPro 13" and 15" models without ExpressCard34 slots, which is now offered exclusively in the 17" model… and by the complete lack of direct eSATA ports on any Apple laptop. In the meantime, Adobe has already shipped Premiere CS5 for both Mac and Windows. As stated previously, CS5's Mercury engine can handle multi-layers of H.264 raw footage in real time very gracefully. (CS4 can also do that, although not nearly so gracefully.) Based upon private e-mails and conversations with editors yesterday, the exodus from Apple's Final Cut Pro to Adobe's Premiere CS5 for many began yesterday. Read More


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Review: MC Color control surface

Euphonix's entry into the more affordable color grading surface is a strong one

By Scott Simmons | May 01, 2010

A bit earlier this year Euphonix began shipping its highly anticipated MC Color control surface. This unit was designed for use with Apple Color and has been welcomed by Color users to add another option to their hardware based control surface choices. Until the MC Color came along your choices were either one of the JL Cooper units or the more affordable Tangent Wave. At $1,499 the MC Color doesn't break what I think is the magic $999 mark (magic in the sense that it will put a control surface in the hands of a lot more users) but it's right along side the Wave in price and less than the JL Cooper offerings. The MC Color is also a very new unit. There's a few glitches and bugs than can probably be worked out in software but the hardware is what it is at this point and there's both a lot to like and a missing feature in the hardware itself. But there's one thing that's certain, the MC Color makes the Color application much more useful than a mouse alone. Read More


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Creative Suite 5 is Shipping

Links to the PVC reviews of Premiere and After Effects

By Chris and Trish Meyer | May 01, 2010

Less than three weeks after "launching" Creative Suite 5 at NAB, Adobe has started shipping it, including After Effects and Premiere Pro. In case you missed it in the middle of the NAB information overload, Scott Simmons has already (p)reviewed Premiere Pro CS5, and we did the same with After Effects CS5. I imagine we'll all have a lot more to say once we get a chance to use it more in real-world situations; stay tuned...

Read More


Get for Final Cut Pro enables phonetic searching of media

It indexes your media, word by word

By Scott Simmons | April 15, 2010

Above is a short iPhone-originated RealTime video of a new Final Cut Pro companion application called get, from AV3 software.The application runs alongside FCP and indexes all your media on a particular hard drive or specified folder by listening to the audio and then allowing the editor to search for terms in the get application interface. There you can preview, scrub around media and jump to each search result. Questionable name aside (and is it: Get, get or 'get' ?) the product is very cool. Read More


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Avid’s web-based editing demo

It looked fast and futuristc. At least in demo form that is.

By Scott Simmons | April 15, 2010

Yesterday I sat through Avid's web-based editing demo. I wasn't sure what to expect as the idea of editing video over the web sounds painful. Adobe Premiere Express tried web-based editing once and it wasn't pretty when I tired it out. But bandwidth is faster and it looks like Avid is serious about making it work. Read More