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Why FCP X’s secondary monitor should be 1920x1200, not 1920x1080

Depending upon your prior experience, you might call it a program monitor, a Canvas, or nowadays even a Viewer.

By Allan Tépper | August 15, 2011

While the jury is still out as to whether we can actually trust a calibrated Rec.709 or sRGB monitor connected directly to a Mac for critical gamma and color evaluation for grading from Final Cut Pro X (the way we can do conditionally as explained in my other articles with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and 5.5), some editors who don’t yet demand that capability (or are awaiting complete integration between FCP X and the professional i/o devices from AJA, Blackmagic, Matrox, or MOTU) are looking to purchase a second monitor to use that feature in FCP X. Of course, I’m referring to the feature which Apple called “Digital Cinema Display” in classic FCP jargon, which displayed your “Canvas” (“program monitor” in traditional pro video jargon, plus some other functions) full screen onto a secondary monitor connected directly to your Mac computer. In FCP X, the jargon has changed, so it’s called showing your “Viewer” on a secondary monitor. In this article, I’ll explain why (even though you’re probably editing 1080p) your secondary monitor for FCP X should be 1920x1200, not 1920x1080. I’ll also recommend some monitor candidates for that.

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FCPX, Is It Prosumer Or Not?

Some people get really testy when you suggest it's iMovie Pro...

By Terence Curren | August 11, 2011

In this episode of "The Terence & Philip Show" Philip & I consider the concepts of editing introduced with Final Cut Pro X, and who it might be made for. Is it designed for "pros" or dilettantes? One thing is for sure, Philip doesn't like me using the word "Prosumer"! Click below to join the heated conversation... Read More



Mac Mini w/Thunderbolt: preferred platform for many new editing systems

By Allan Tépper | August 08, 2011

Whether they are planning to edit video with software from Adobe, Apple, or Avid, the new Mac Mini with Thunderbolt has become the preferred platform for many people, including several of my consulting clients who are tired of waiting for new MacPros to be released and can’t stand the glare from the ultra-glossy iMac. The Thunderbolt capabilities in the new Mac Mini (helpful for fast external RAIDs and the upcoming professional interfaces from AJA, Blackmagic, and Matrox) together with the available i7 processor and 8GB -or even 16GB- RAM upgrades from third-parties, plus direct dual monitor capability (which gives the editor the choice to purchase one or two high-quality matte displays) really seem to make the Mac Mini much more sensible for serious audio/video editing than in the past. In this article, I’ll cover all of the details about such a system.

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Why Jump On Board With FCP X?

Embracing change [Sponsored by FMC]

By Scott Gentry | July 31, 2011

FCP X has received a lot of scrutiny since Conan O'Brian. However, it seems that gradually more and more editors are starting to roll with the changing tides. Embracing change is always a challenge, especially when we can be so set in our routine ways.The new Final Cut Pro is not only a software upgrade but a whole new change in editing mindset. Apple has always been a leader in innovation and technology and with its track record we do believe it will support their new product and overtime even use it to alter industry trends yet again. But, If you are not convinced and are wondering what path to take. Here for your options on crossing over, upgrading yourself or migrating to the new technology. Read more... Read More


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Have you got phonetic search tool Get for FCP? Good, cause it’s gone

Apparently the software has been discontinued ... for some reason or another.

By Scott Simmons | July 29, 2011

Remember the super cool phonetic searching tool for Final Cut Pro Get? This was an amazing software tool made to complement FCP that could phonetically search your media and return search results to FCP. It was powered by technology from Nexidia that made it all possible. Hopefully you have a copy if you need it because it seems that Get for Final Cut Pro is no more. Read More


FCP X ! The Response A Month Later

Did Apple handle the launch well, or was it a huge fail?

By Terence Curren | July 29, 2011

In this latest episode of The Terence and Philip Show, we discuss how the postproduction landscape has changed a month after Final Cut Pro X was revealed. How has the competition responded and how the Final Cut Pro community has reacted? Lots of discussion on the launch and subsequent response to Final Cut Pro X, touching on every aspect of the release.Why is there an emotional connection with creatives and their tools. Where do Final Cut Pro 7 users go? Who is really focused on NLEs in professional postproduction? Click play below and join us for this in-depth discussion. Read More


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Notes from using Premiere Pro in a real-world, client-in-the-room edit

Premiere Pro has come a long way and is a real alternative for FCP users looking for a quick switch.

By Scott Simmons | July 26, 2011

Adobe Premiere Pro has been back in the post-production public consciousness for quite a while. Now at version 5.5 it feels like Adobe began really pushing it when the Mercury Playback Engine was added in 5. I've been toying with it off and on for quite a while now but with the recent release of Final Cut Pro X I wanted to give it a real-world, client in the room test. In the end it was both very good, kinda bad … and a little bit ugly. Read More


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100 Final Cut Pro X Questions Answered

These are questions asked before, during and after recent FCPX webinar

By Scott Simmons | July 17, 2011

Recently I hosted a Final Cut Pro X Hands On Tour webinar for It was a great event with 90 minutes of FCPX for over 800 people attending. (An archive of that can be purchased btw). People often ask questions before, during and after the webinar. Here's 101 of them that were asked, answered to the best of my knowledge. Read More


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Reviewed: Class on Demand - Avid Media Composer for Final Cut Pro Users

It's already helped me make a quick transition.

By Marco Solorio | July 14, 2011

With the recent release of Final Cut Pro X from Apple, it became quickly apparent that my facility was not going to be able to adopt the new software from them. This coupled with the fact that Apple has completely slaughtered their line of pro apps, it was clear that Final Cut Pro in general was a thing of history for us. Read More


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Cutting It Close Live! FCPX show archive online

Last night's round robin FCPX discussion is now online

By Scott Simmons | July 09, 2011

Watch live streaming video from cat5tv at

Last night's Cutting It Close Live! webisode on Final Cut Pro X is now available on Mastering Multicam author Mitch Jacobson's Category-5 Livestream channel. It was a couple of hours of good FCPX discussion. Read More


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Adobe & Avid attract FCP-defectors with special discounts

SingularSoftware reverses prior policy; offers 50% crossgrade for PluralEyes

By Allan Tépper | July 08, 2011

When I began publishing my FCP-exodus articles last year, even some other ProVideo Coalition magazine writers thought and commented that my words were an exaggeration. However, now some of them are defecting from Final Cut Pro, and several other award-winning editors are doing the same. Part of the enticement to jump ship are the special crossgrade pricing being offered by Adobe and Avid, and part is the fact that they need either features which are currently missing in FCP X and/or the need to import FCP 6/7 projects in their new editor. In this article, I'll round up the crossover pricing from Adobe, Avid, and SingularSoftware, which has reversed its prior policy based upon this new era of turmoil in video editing tools. I'll also offer some quotes from editors who have moved or declared intentions to move. Read More


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FCP7 back for Enterprise/new features for FCPX within weeks

By Allan Tépper | July 07, 2011

Yesterday (July 6, 2011) Apple reportedly held a briefing in London. According to Arnold Kim of, Alex4d summarizes tweets by attendee @aPostEngineer which reveal the nine points, which range from FCP7 licenses being back for Enterprise, XML i/o coming for X soon, AJA support for tape in X, xSAN support for X. Here are the nine points, verbatim: Read More


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My Final Cut Pro X review now online

Click over to Studio Daily for the review

By Scott Simmons | July 06, 2011

The Editblog has been relatively quiet on the subject of Final Cut Pro X (with the exception of the burning questions and omf export) since its release just a few weeks ago. That's mainly because I had been busying really kicking the tire on the application (in addition to regular editing work) trying to dig in for the FCPX Hand On Tour webinar and a full review for Studio Daily. That review has just come online so I wanted to point to it here. Read More


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A Sober Look at the Past, Present, and Future of Final Cut Pro

It will be painful, but no matter what you will work out.

By Alex Lindsay | July 06, 2011

So it's been about a week and many are calling Apple's new Final Cut Pro X a failure. Is this premature? Let's take a look.To begin, it seems like everyone covering this needs to qualify how they use Final Cut Pro to explain their angle. Here's mine... Read More


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Is This The New Model of Financing Your Project?

Financing is scarce. The world is changing. How do you navigate the new waters?

By Terence Curren | July 06, 2011

Sponsored movies of the 70?s and 80?s were the precursor to Branded Entertainment, and it's a major way of getting funded today. But is it the future? Philip and I discuss examples and why it might be more successful in the new paradigm of commoditized content creation.Click on the link below and join the conversation on the latest episode of The Terence & Philip Show. Read More


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Update alert! Magic Bullet Suite 11 and DaVinci Resolve 8

One is a new update and one is shipping from an NAB announcement

By Scott Simmons | July 02, 2011

Two big software updates have recently dropped. Red Giant Software released version 11 of Magic Bullet Suite including a new product in the suite called Cosmo. Meanwhile Blackmagic has begun shipping the big version 8 update to DaVinci Resolve. Read More


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Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 brings better handling of medium framerate videos recorded as PsF

One of a series of undocumented improvements in Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and Media Encoder CS 5.5

By Allan Tépper | July 01, 2011

You may have noticed that even many late model AVCHD cameras shoot medium framerate progressive video (i.e. 1080/25p and 1080/29.97p) as PsF (Progressive Segmented Frame), meaning that they (unfortunately) record 25p-over-50i and/or 29.97p-over-59.94i. This regrettably occurs with both consumer and even some of the latest professional AVCHD cameras with the mentioned progressive framerates. Fortunately, this practice doesn't damage the internal AVCHD video recording quality to any perceptible degree since the encoder knows that it's progressive, but unfortunately it makes the video more susceptible to being mistreated later on, either by a video editing program which mistakenly thinks that it is interlaced and consequently de-interlaces it when importing it into a progressive timeline, or by an HDTV set that does the same thing. Unnecessary de-interlacing is a bad thing and should be avoided when bringing progressive footage into a progressive timeline… or into a progressive display device, like an LCD, Plasma, or projector. One of the best ways to prevent unnecessary de-interlacing is by recording the progressive signal natively (not as PsF), but that's not the case with many cameras when shooting 1080/25p and 1080/29.97p. This article will clarify the issue further, explain how we overrode it manually with Premiere Pro CS 5 and Media Encoder 5, and how the 5.5 upgrade resolves it automatically! Read More


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Izzy Video produces free 2:39 FCP X video tutorial

By Allan Tépper | July 01, 2011

Our colleague Israel ("Izzy") Hyman of Izzy Video has produced and published a free 2:39 Final Cut Pro X video tutorial. Yes, I said free. Yes, I mean 2 hours and 39 minutes, and yes, it is extremely well organized and well presented, and demonstrates that FCP X (despite several initial limitations) is extremely powerful. I have invested the time into seeing the entire production, and have absorbed it. I must applaud, congratulate, and thank Izzy for investing the considerably more time producing it. Finally, I must encourage any video editor to invest the time to absorb it also, and then (if you agree with me) you can applaud, congratulate, and thank Izzy too. The tutorial is divided into 26 digestible chapters, so you don't have to watch it all in a single session. Read More


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A Final Cut Pro X timeline OMF’d into Adobe Audition

No real commentary here other than seeing track how it turned out

By Scott Simmons | June 29, 2011

We all know that Final Cut Pro X doesn't yet support import / export of XML data. And there's no OMF export out of the box either. Automatic Duck is offering OMF export via their Pro Export FCP. As a test I exported a short OMF sequence out of FCPX and into Adobe Audition. Someone was asking about what the tracks looked like in the end. This was that result. Read More


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Apple publishes urgently needed FCP X FAQ

By Allan Tépper | June 29, 2011

Apple has just published the following FAQ for FXP X, in which the company answers previously unanswered questions and commits itself to adding certain missing features. Here they are. Read More