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Media Composer 101 - Lesson 3 - Project Selection/Creation

The Project Selection window in-depth!

By Kevin P. McAuliffe | October 30, 2014

In the next lesson of Kevin P McAuliffe's "Media Composer 101" tutorial series, he takes a look at the Project Selection window, and why you really need to think about what you're doing, before choosing that project preset.

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Blackmagic Studio Camera Review

Blackmagic steps into the Live Broadcast Market

By Brian Hallett | October 29, 2014

Without a doubt, the Blackmagic Studio Camera is a niche camera with a dominating monitor and Super 16mm sized sensor. This camera is designed for the world of multicam operations, and in Blackmagic's special way, they take the usually expensive arena of broadcast and make it a whole lot less expensive and available to the masses.  

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Rating and Filtering in Final Cut Pro X

This Week on MacBreak Studio

By Mark Spencer | October 28, 2014

Guest Bill Davis takes us back to the basics this week.

One of the foundational building blocks for working in Final Cut Pro X is a firm grasp of  rating and filtering clips. This process utilizes Final Cut's underlying database model and its ability to leverage... Read More


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Cineform in Creative Cloud: render quality settings + more

By Rich Young | October 28, 2014

GoPro Cineform, aka the SMPTE ST 2073 VC-5 video compression standard, is a cross platform codec that in Creative Cloud piggybacks onto QuickTime (warts and all). The codec is available in Adobe video apps in CC 2014.1, and plays system-wide if you download the free player or free GoPro Studio app. GoPro Cineform is a wavelet-based codec that holds up well even after multiple encodes, and features full support for alpha and large frame sizes of 4K and beyond.

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HitFilm 3 Pro for free if you own HitFilm Plug-ins

new version announced for late November 2014

By Rich Young | October 27, 2014

FXHOME has announced HitFilm 3 Pro, now available for pre-order for release in late November 2014 for just $299. Hitfilm, available for Mac and Windows, supports modern filmmaking workflows that require you to be an editor, VFX artist, and colorist at the same time.

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Lookout Movi You’re Not the Only Kid In Town

My 2 Days with the Defy G5

By Bobby Marko | October 23, 2014

For the last two years the largest innovation in camera support and movement has to be the motorized gimbal. These devices have taken the filmmaking and video industry by storm. It’s hard to find one industry blog or magazine who isn’t talking about these devices. From handheld... Read More


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Visual Effects Workflow with Final Cut Pro X

This Week on MacBreak Studio

By Mark Spencer | October 21, 2014

How does Final Cut Pro X fit into the visual effects workflow of a feature film?

Quite comfortably, as we discover on this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, where I get the opportunity to speak with Mike Matzdorff who was the first assistant editor on a big-budget studio... Read More


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Adobe ‘Gone Girl’ panel: Premiere & After Effects

a roundup of resources

By Rich Young | October 21, 2014

You can join Adobe for a panel discussion with the editorial and post-production team behind the movie Gone Girl from director David Fincher. As you may have heard, the Fincher team leveraged Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects in a workflow based on RED Dragon 6K raw footage files framed in 5K.

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Media Composer 101 - Lesson 2 - What’s New in Version 8.2

What's New in version 8.2 of Media Composer Subscription

By Kevin P. McAuliffe | October 19, 2014

Much like with most applications, you wait for the major updates (version 4, 5, etc) for new features to add to your editing toolkit.  Well, with the new Subscription Model of Media Composer, the world best editing application now gets new features every few months.  Here's what's new in version 8.2.

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Interactive Title Design in Final Cut Pro X

This Week on MacBreak Studio

By Mark Spencer | October 14, 2014

Did you know you can do interactive, realtime title design directly inside Final Cut Pro X?

This is the subject we tackle in this week's edition of MacBreak Studio. While Motion is the primary companion application for creating motion graphics for editors using Final Cut... Read More


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I Need You but Can’t Pay You: 4 Things to Remember When Asking for Free Work

By Bobby Marko | October 14, 2014

We've all been there! The all too familiar passion projects - ie: short films, documentaries, even feature films. When we create these projects we know in order to pull them off, we have to invite others to get the vision, to hopefully be as passionate about the project as we are, all in... Read More


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Why We Need Color Correction

And why we need to convince our audience that they do too.

By Terence Curren | October 13, 2014

The tools of our trade have been commoditized. Everyone can perform the job of seasoned video and film professionals, right? If you answered no, do you think the average consumer can articulate the value you add over the newcomer? How do we continue to get compensated for our hard... Read More


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Tools and free models for Element 3D

By Rich Young | October 09, 2014

Topher Welsh is back with his takes on After Effects, VFX, and motion graphics at VisualFXtuts.

It's also a good time to mention a few related recent products as we're waiting for Element 3D v2.

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Sneak peeks at Adobe Max 2014: Editing, animation, audio, and design

Co-hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

By Rich Young | October 08, 2014

In addition to a new family of iOS mobile apps and enhanced Creative Cloud 2014.1 desktop tools, Adobe previewed in-development technologies in sneak peeks at Adobe MAX 2014. 

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Locking Fonts in Final Cut Pro X

This Week on MacBreak Studio

By Mark Spencer | October 08, 2014

Why would you want to "lock" a font?

That's a question we tackle in this week's MacBreak Studio, where I show Steve Martin from Ripple Training how you can do exactly that.

With the integration between Final Cut Pro X and Motion, it is a common scenario for a... Read More


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Know the Pro: Stu Maschwitz

We talk Star Wars, the Visual Effects Industry, Video Copilot and all things Red Giant with Stu Maschwitz

By Kevin P. McAuliffe | October 07, 2014

This article series, to be posted once a month, will focus on one person in the Film or Television industry who’s name might not jump out at you right away, but you’ve definitely been influenced by their work.  This month, we’re talking to Visual Effects Guru, and Creative Director of Red Giant Software's Magic Bullet product line, Stu Maschwitz.

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Video Copilot Element 3D v2 unveiled


By Rich Young | October 06, 2014

Andrew Kramer unveiled new features coming in the long-awaited Video Copilot Element 3D V2, which is compatible with AE CS5+ and promised for November release.

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New Creative Cloud and mobile apps at MAX 2014

Updated with video and additional detail

By Rich Young | October 06, 2014

Today at Adobe MAX 2014, Adobe released a new family of iOS mobile apps and enhanced Creative Cloud 2014.1 desktop tools that enable creatives to access, use and create from anywhere. Details on what's available today are available from the Creative Cloud Team at Creative Cloud: A New Era of Mobile Creativity.

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After Effects World keynote by Andrew Kramer

Demo reels and keys to becoming a better artist

By Rich Young | October 02, 2014

Andrew Kramer presented the keynote at the 2014 After Effects World conference and made it available on Video Copilot. It was edited using the multi-camera workflow in Premiere Pro CC.

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Email Marketing For Freelancers - Why You Need A Mailing List

By Dan Carr | September 30, 2014

I started off this series of posts last month with a look at simplified accounting for freelancers, using FreshBooks.  This month I want to talk about an incredibly powerful, yet highly underused marketing tool, the email newsletter.

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