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Gifts For the HDSLR Shooter in Your Life

That Won't Break Your Budget!

By Clint Milby | November 25, 2010

For those of us in the industry who spend most of our life engaged in activities that many of our friends and family don't really understand, shopping for us can be a daunting task. Although warned to just get gift cards, sometimes our loved ones insist on getting something more personal. The result can be a gift that never sees the light of day, is re-gifted or we have to make that awkward request for a receipt which never sets well... Read More


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Hands-on with the Panasonic AG-3DA1 S3D Camcorder

Using the 3DA1 at the Createasphere / Panasonic 3D Workshop

By Adam Wilt | November 14, 2010

Last weekend I attended the two-day Createasphere 3D Production Workshop Utilizing Panasonic AG-3DA1 Cameras in Burbank, and got a good overview of the issues in shooting stereo 3D (S3D) content, as well as some immensely instructive hands-on experience with the AG-3DA1 S3D camcorder. Read More


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Adobe Delivers Salvation for HDSLR Shooters

Cutting 7D Footage Natively with Adobe Premiere CS5

By Clint Milby | November 12, 2010

Without a doubt, the greatest challenge for HDSLR shooters has been editorial. I recently read of another new software that's supposed to magically make your HDSLR footage palatable for the finicky Final Cut Pro. Why you would ever want to put yourself through the misery and expense of purchasing an additional piece of software that takes hours to work and may crash your computer just so you can cut with FCP is beyond me. The good news is, now you don't have to... Read More


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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Helps Keep the Peace at Home

The native 7D editing means it's easy in, easy out

By Scott Simmons | November 08, 2010

This probably isn't the usual article on a piece of non-linear editing software. There will be no discussion of professional workflows and how it's used to create broadcast television or feature films. But rather it's a discussion of how a modest beginning, dabbling with a new piece of software and one of its signature features has grown into more than just a passing curiosity. It's also about how that single feature drew me in to Premiere Pro CS5 and how that feature is helping keep the peace at home.

Read More



TiVo Premiere for professional use

How to transfer TiVo recordings to your Mac over Ethernet or WiFi for journalistic or other pro use

By Allan Tépper | November 05, 2010

For a long time, I have had my eye on TiVo to use instead of the Comcast-provided Motorola DVR. I have known for a few years that the workflow required to re-purpose DVR recordings is much smoother, cleaner, and easier with a TiVo than what's feasible with a conventional DVR. Up until recently, the price for an HD TiVo unit -together with the monthly TiVo fee- had kept me away. However, in the month of September 2010, TiVo was giving away the latest entry level model known as TiVo Premiere when one signed up for a 2-year contract. Under this agreement, the TiVo monthly fee is only US$3 more than what Comcast charges for the old Motorola DVR rental, so the offer became irresistible. This article describes the process to upgrade from your conventional DVR to TiVo Premiere, and the available workflows to re-purpose content for personal or professional use, including the steps to enable editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 or (with additional steps) with Final Cut Pro.{C} Read More


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Quicktip: Easy access to the Mac OS System Preferences

I can't believe I didn't know about this before now!

By Scott Simmons | November 03, 2010

Every now and then you might come across a little tip, trick or shortcut that when you see it you scream eureka! Why didn't I know about that before now? That's exactly what happened the other day when I accidentally right+clicked on the Mac OS System Preferences icon in the dock. Read More


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REVIEW:  ProDAD Mercalli

Image Stabilization Software

By Bruce A Johnson | November 03, 2010

If you have been paying attention to PVC lately, you may have read my recent article "An Aerial Adventure." If you haven't, go ahead and have a look. I'll wait.There, now wasn't that fun? You may remember that my experience with Loran Nordgren and his AirCam aircraft wasn't entirely successful. While the pictures were certainly usable, even the combination of the Canon XL-H1's optical lens stabilizer and the Kenyon Labs KS-8 gyro wasn't enough to smooth out all the buffeting caused by being out in the wind at 70 MPH.Software to the rescue! Read More


How To Pick The Perfect Font

One Chart To Rule Them All

By Bruce A Johnson | October 27, 2010

My buddy Mark Suszko sent along this link to a great flowchart which takes the mystery out of choosing the right typeface for you project. Me, I want a copy in poster-size! Thanks to Gizmodo, too. Read More


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An Aerial Adventure

Shooting From A... Flying Canoe?

By Bruce A Johnson | October 25, 2010

The phone rings,about a month ago. It's Paul, the scheduler at Wisconsin Public TV (my "day job.")"Hey Bruce, whatcha doing on Friday October 8?""Looks like I'm available. What's up?""These folks doing a documentary on Aldo Leopold need some aerials out near LaCrosse. You want to do it?" Read More


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You can reframe your R3Ds in Redcine-X

And you can use After Effects too for creating nice closeups out of 4K media.

By Scott Simmons | October 22, 2010

When you're working with high resolution RED media in a high-definition world then one of the advantages of the original 4K image is the ability to reframe shots in post due to the different sizes of the acquired image. You can quite literally create entirely new shots without any softening of the image since the resolution is there. It can be accomplished in RED's free software Redcine-X though I have to admit it took me a bit of time to figure out how to do it. Read More


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Magic Bullet Suite 10’s new Denoiser plug-in

Magic Bullet Steady is gone but Denoiser is a great addition for working with noisy DSLR footage.

By Scott Simmons | October 14, 2010

A few weeks ago Red Giant Software released update to the ever popular, ever useful Magic Bullet Suite. This new version 10 includes the most recent versions of many useful tools including Magic Bullet Looks, Frames, Grinder, Instant HD, Mojo, PhotoLooks and the recently updated Colorista II (which you can find a review of here). One tools that is now gone from the suite is Magic Bullet Steady but it's been replaced by a new one: Magic Bullet Denoiser. And it's available as part of the suite or as a stand-alone purchase. Read More


What if we start all over?

Given a green field, could we build a better entertainment business model?

By Terence Curren | October 08, 2010

What would the production industry be like if we had no existing industry: no established production business, no guilds, no agreements, no contracts, no established workflows. How would we go about establishing something like broadcast television so people could still make decent middle class salaries, be creative and do what they love to do.In our longest show ever, Philip Hodgetts and I discuss this concept with special guest with Howard Brock on episode 11 of The Terence & Philip Show. Read More


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Alexa ISO Settings: The Least You Need to Know

Changing an HD camera's ISO has a greater impact on an image than simply affecting exposure. Learn what's really happening... and take advantage of it!

By Art Adams | October 08, 2010

My previous Arri Alexa article showed you how the camera's dynamic range responds to different ISO settings. In this shorter article I'll show you why that's useful and practical information. Read More


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Export via Sorensen Squeeze 6 from the FCP timeline

I often forget this Quicktime Conversion option is available in FCP.

By Scott Simmons | October 07, 2010

Just the other day I needed to export mp3 audio files from several long Final Cut Pro timelines to send to a client for review. There was no reason to send video and they wanted to get small audio files that didn't have to be of great quality attached to an email. What better format than mp3! With that I remembered that Sorenson Squeeze 6 (now at version 6.5) installs an Export Using QuickTime Conversion option in FCP. After making the mp3s I thought that a reminder of this would make a good blog post. Read More


Zeiss Lenses At PhotoCine Expo

Zeiss Lenses At PhotoCine Expo

The Distagon T* 1,4/35 and their Compact Primes

By Clint Milby | October 02, 2010

Richard Schleuning of Zeiss shows off their latest lens (not yet released) the Distagon T* 1,4/35 and of course their Compact Primes. To find out more about Zeiss lenses, check out their website at Read More


Arri Alexa’s Dynamic Range: It’s All in How You Use It

Arri Alexa’s Dynamic Range: It’s All in How You Use It

Always push exposure to the limits. But learn where the limits are first!

By Art Adams | September 28, 2010

Knowing that the Arri Alexa has 15 or so stops of dynamic range is nice, but it's hardly useful information unless you know how those stops are arranged at different ISO settings. Fortunately I've done the hard work for you. Read More


Redrock Micro Drops Bomb at PhotoCine

Redrock Micro Drops Bomb at PhotoCine

New Product Promises to Change the Game

By Clint Milby | September 28, 2010

Redrock Micro Introduces LCD Viewfinder For HDSLR from Clint Milby on Vimeo.

Ground breaking new LCD viewfinder connects to HDSLR using HDMI Cable and mounts directly to rig. Clearly the most innovative monitoring solution only available from Redrock Micro. Read More


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RED Visit, 21 September: EPIC!

I hold an EPIC in my hands, and get a glimpse beneath the covers and behind the scenes.

By Adam Wilt | September 26, 2010

[Update 2010.09.27: Spanish version / versión en español with thanks to / gracias a Carlos Zapater.]At five minutes to midnight on 13 September, I received a short message from RED Digital Cinema's Jim Jannard: "Want to come to the studios and get a sneak peak of EPIC and the soon to be famous HDRx?" Eight days later—this past Tuesday, at high noon—I stood at the gates of RED Studios in Los Angeles, not really sure what to expect.I wasn't disappointed. Read More


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Greenscreen Resources

Some tips; some tricks; some supplies.

By Chris and Trish Meyer | September 24, 2010

As much as we like to keep up with the newest products and latest trends, some information is timeless - such as advice on shooting greenscreen. The After Effects Facebook feed forwarded a link to a very useful article by Jonas Hummelstrand of General Specialist posted back in 2006 that everyone should read before setting up a keying shoot. If I had to add one amplification, it would be to try to hire a stage that has some depth to it, so that the screen - and lighting for the screen - can be some distance behind the action; this will further blur it out, and reduce spill.Here's a few more links of note:We recorded a quick video tutorial on using Keylight in After Effects with for AdobeRosco and Composite Components sell paint, tape, fabrics, and lights for keyingAlex Lindsay of Pixel Corps wrote a two-part Greenscreen Primer for PVC, broken down into the set and the camera(By the way, we also overhauled the keying chapter in Creating Motion Graphics 5th Edition, including high-def sources to practice with courtesy of Hollywood Camera Work.)If you have any other favorite resources, please feel free to post them in the Comments below! Read More


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A Conversation With Michael Britt

Britt Talks Career, Collision, PhotoCine and the HDSLR

By Clint Milby | September 21, 2010

By now, you're probably aware of what is still the only HDSLR convention, PhotoCine Expo. If there is a driving force behind both of these conventions it is Michael Britt. Michael started as a unit stills photographer on movie sets which led to a career in digital photography. Due to his expertise, Michael became consultant to high end photographers converting to digital. All of his experience; technical, creative and marketing culminated in the creation of Image Mechanics where Michael was a partner until 2009. Read More