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Matt Jeppsen is a freelance cinematographer, and Kendal Miller is a director at Cultivate Studios. They often collaborate on film & video projects, and you'll find related musings here.


education gaffer gaffing gripping training workshop

On Set Lighting Workshop in Burbank

2 Day Workshop on Lighting & Grip - Feb 7 & 8th

By Matthew Jeppsen | January 24, 2015

Gaffer Craig Burns is offering an unique lighting and grip business workshop in Burbank on Feb 7-8, 2015. Burnie seems like a no-nonsense type of guy, and I get the sense that his teaching style will be practical and straightforward. 

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bounce california sunbounce flex fill flexfill foam foam board lastolite mirror board reflector shiny board

Simple DIY bounce boards

How to make a set of reflective foam boards for under $20

By Matthew Jeppsen | January 19, 2015

It seems like every grip truck has a few beadboard / foam bounce boards in the package, they are lightweight and very useful in a variety of lighting scenarios. I recently needed a few of these in various sizes for small local jobs, and decided to build my own. For about $20 in materials, I was able to build a set ranging in size from 24x36 to 42x42.

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4k 4k dci 7q 7q+ convergent design monitor oddysey odyssey prores recorder

Odyssey 7Q and 7Q+ get expanded 4K ProRes recording options

4K DCI ProRes recording from RAW sources

By Matthew Jeppsen | January 18, 2015


The Convergent Design Odyssey series of monitors and recorders has been a work in development since they first shipped in the fall of 2013. Since then, they have been rolling out regular firmware updates to fully enable the capabilities of the monitor/recorder.

Now we sit a little over a year later, and the latest 4.10.100 firmware update (released on Dec 19th) has enabled 4K RAW to Prores HQ recording from Canon C500, Sony FS700, and Sony FS7 cameras. In October of 2014, the 3.10.100 update had previously enabled FS700 4K RAW to UHD Apple ProRes recording, as well as non-RAW 4K sources to both UHD and 4K DCI. But with the December update, that support has now been extended to include UHD and 4K DCI from C500, FS700, and FS7 RAW sources, at up to 30 fps.

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bastards cinematographer cinematography color grading color pallette colorist davinci inglourious basterds resolve tarantino

Cinematography of Inglourious Basterds

Analyzing the work of Robert Richardson

By Matthew Jeppsen | January 12, 2015

A week or so ago I posted a cinematography breakdown of Roger Deakins work in Prisoners. This week I'm sharing another one of Matt Scott's breakdowns, this one from the Tarantino film Inglourious Basterds.

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electronic viewfinder evf gratical gratical hd loupe monitoring oled viewfinder zacuto

Zacuto Gratical HD pre-orders get a $700 price drop

New pricing for pre-orders, now $900 off retail

By Matthew Jeppsen | January 06, 2015

Zacuto and their resellers have dropped the price on pre-orders for the Gratical HD EVF. Pre-orders for this new electronic viewfinder were previously listed at $3600, and as of today listed at $2900. This price drop is retroactively available to anyone who has already pre-ordered, they will simply need to contact their reseller to confirm the new price. 

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analysis breakdown cinematographer cinematography composition deakins director of photography lighting prisoners roger deakins

The Cinematography of Prisoners

Analyzing Deakins masterful frames

By Matthew Jeppsen | January 01, 2015

Prisoners was a tense, dramatic movie. I remember being almost exhausted after watching the film for the first time. But as I mulled it over in the following days, I was struck by how subtly powerful the cinematography was. Never did it call attention to itself, but almost every frame was polished and cleanly executed. Roger Deakins is a master at naturalistic lighting, and his skill really shows in this film. 

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arc 8050 arc-8050 arc8050 areca macbook macbook pro post-production promise raid raid 0

Areca 8050 Thunderbolt RAID Review

How I built a 24TB RAID6 for under $2800

By Matthew Jeppsen | December 21, 2014

About six months ago, I had a 20 Terabyte problem. I had a shelf of external hard drives of all shapes, sizes, and interfaces, and weak, infrequent backup system. It was time to consolidate my media and fix this issue. After much research, I invested in a Areca Thunderbolt RAID and a reliable backup solution. Here are my adventures in building this complete system.

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adam savage commandments inspiration make mythbusters savage top ten

Ten Commandments of Making

Sage advice from maker Adam Savage

By Matthew Jeppsen | December 15, 2014

At the 2014 Maker Faire, mythbuster and creative Adam Savage spent some time talking about what it takes to be a Maker. He kicked off his talk by defining what he calls his Ten Commandments of Making. Maker Faire tends to have a craftsperson appeal, but what struck me was how well Adam's ten principles translated to the film & video industry. Here are Adam's Ten Commandments, paraphrased and expanded for creatives in production.

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american cinematographer asc bongo cardellini christmas christmas gifts cinematographer dop dp light meter

Stocking Stuffers for Shooters and Cinematographers

Production gifts that are useful

By Matthew Jeppsen | December 09, 2014

With Christmas fast approaching, here are ten stocking stuffer gift ideas for the filmmaker. These are all tools I own, love, or use on a daily basis. 

1. Bongo Ties

$6 at Amazon

With a thousand uses for these handy rubber band ties, I try to... Read More


A Little Inspiration

Websites for mood boards, shorts, and creative inspiration.

By Kendal Miller | May 09, 2014

Let's face it, we don't always feel creative. I'm always on the look out for great sources of inspiration. Sometimes l need a little fuel in my creativity tank, and other times I'm looking for ways to visually represent my ideas to team members and clients. Here are a couple of... Read More


Daily Inspiration - NOMOS Glashuette

Daily Inspiration - NOMOS Glashuette

A simple, captivating piece on Swiss watchmaking

By Matthew Jeppsen | May 04, 2014

Sometimes you have to whisper to get someone's attention. I was struck by the clean simplicity of this short film about the process of making a NOMOS Glashütte Swiss timepiece. There are no flashy camera moves, no stirring emotional score. Just understated, clean compositions that get out of the way and let the content shine through. And the audio capture & sound design is perfect. Watch below.

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Using Google Earth and Helios For Location Scouting

Using Google Earth and Helios For Location Scouting

By Kendal Miller | May 01, 2014

It has been said that 90% of good cinematography is pointing the camera at something that looks good, and for me a large part of that equation means shooting the right time of day for the right location. I have used Helios for a while to help determine when and where I should be for the best light, but on a recent project I was able to push this technology to a whole new level. Cultivate Studios recently received a call from a client. They wanted to be shooting on location in Turkey in ten days and I had no budget for a scout to work remotely and I had never been to the country. It was time to do some homework.

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dit editshare editshare field ethernet field 2 field2 freshdv jeppsen media management media server

Working in the field with the Editshare Field 2

A multi-month case study of the Field 2 mobile system

By Matthew Jeppsen | February 03, 2014

Last fall I produced a large video project for a large youth summer camp based in the Ozarks. This organization offers an intense multi-week program for kids of all ages. My Arkansas video production company was hired to shoot and edit a number of video assets to be used in the camp's marketing efforts for the following season. Thanks to an existing relationship with Editshare (they have assisted FreshDV's NAB coverage in the past), I had the opportunity to work with a portable Editshare Field 2 unit throughout both production and post on this project. I wanted to talk about how the Field 2 fit into our workflow in this case-study.

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aaton freshdv handheld handle kino kinogrip wood zacuto

KinoGrip Wooden Camera Grips

Pimp Your Rig with something Comfortable and Custom

By Matthew Jeppsen | January 28, 2014

Wood handgrips have come back in to vogue lately. There's something lovely about a warm wooden grip when operating a handheld camera. It feels amazing, and it looks damn fine. There are several folks making wood grips these days, a lot of designs are similar to the look of the classic Aaton wooden grip. One company that has sprung up recently is KinoGrip, and they now offer a wide variety of custom trigger and non-triggered grips that hearken back to the Aaton spirit, but with an updated shape. I've been shooting with a KinoGrip for a while now, and love it. Read on for some photos and my thoughts...

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artemis c300 cine meter cinemeter cinevate commercial corporate video dslr duzi genus

PVC Experts & Answers Webinars: Inside the Mind and Gear Bag of DP Matthew Jeppsen

Watch the archived version of the live event

By Matthew Jeppsen | December 10, 2013

DP Matthew Jeppsen talks through the kind of problems and solutions he runs into as a DP on a daily basis whil traveling domestically and internationally. Matt covers a wide range of topics but focuses primarily on docu-style shooting, with a lot of discussion about travel/destination shooting.... Read More


12x12 20x20 diffusion dop dp lighting rags rosco silk

How to Calculate Light Output Through Diffusion

You can't. You must test. Here are some test results.

By Matthew Jeppsen | November 12, 2013

Recently I was looking for a formula that would allow me to calculate how much light output I would get from a given size HMI once I punched it through a 12x12 diffusion frame. Calculating light output for an un-modified light source is pretty straightforward; tools like the iOS app Pocket LD offer a catalog of heads, and tell you what their photometrics are at a given distance. But diffusion is a much different animal...there are so many variables, really the only way to know how a light source output will be affected is by experience and testing...

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cinevate glidecam gopro iphone slider stabilizer steadicam steadycam

Cinevate Kickstarting a GoPro Stabilizer

Morpheus is a multi-use stabilizer for small cameras

By Matthew Jeppsen | November 12, 2013

Cinevate launched something very interesting today, a stabilizer system for small cameras. Morpheus is a stabilizer, tripod, and mini-dolly that they've been developing for years. 

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fire flames fs700 heli helicopter inspiration inspirational music video octocopter pyro

Daily Inspiration - Small Feet “Rivers”

Flames and slow-motion heli work. Simple, beautiful.

By Matthew Jeppsen | November 12, 2013

Sometimes it's the simple ideas that are most beautiful. This music video seems almost too simplistic; it's just a man on fire, an RC octocopter, and a FS700 shooting slowmo. And yet it is executed beautifully. Watch below...

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1600 3200 alexa arri cml epic f55 f65 low light lowlight

Alexa, Epic, and F65 get the Single Candle test

Digital Cinema low-light comparisons at 800 and 3200 ISO (and the F55 too)

By Matthew Jeppsen | October 18, 2013

CML just posted a few low-light comparison images from the Sony F65, RED Epic, and ARRI Alexa cameras. There is also one from from the F55, shooting the only ISO option that was available at the time of the test. All cameras were shooting log, and they have included DPX frames that you are free... Read More


alfonso audio bts foley gravity mixing mixing sound sound soundworks

The Sound of “Gravity”

Mixing sound on Alfonso Cuaron's latest film

By Matthew Jeppsen | October 10, 2013

Here's an exceptional behind-the-scenes featurette that talks about the sound and foley work in Gravity. One interesting note...the Foley artists used transducer contact mics to create many of the sounds in the film…that is, they recorded vibration from contact, not airborne audio, which is similar to how astronauts would experience sound in space. They also talk about using Dolby Atmos to fine-tune panning and positioning of audio, and how that helped to mirror the disorientation of on-screen characters. It's a fascinating piece, watch below.

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