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Avatar - The Making of a VFX Scene

Wondering what the Avatar fuss is all about? This should help.

By Matthew Jeppsen | November 26, 2009


So unless you've been under a rock for the past 3-6 months, you are probably aware of Avatar, James Cameron's latest film. It's been hyped as a visual effects masterpiece, but why exactly? If you aren't familiar with the unique VFX processes they used to create this film, the following video should help. Watch below...

Watch via Hulu, or Youtube below.

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Guy Forget: | November, 26, 2009

This video can’t be watched outside the United States. I think this must be the same one on Youtube :

Synaptic Light: | November, 26, 2009

Thanks Mezigue
I almost lost it when I saw that Hulueula


Matt Jeppsen: | November, 27, 2009

Thanks for the Youtube find, Mezigue. I’ve embedded it in the post as well.


Ivan Oliveira: | November, 27, 2009

The video looks nice and I’m very curious, but I watched the begging and the guys are telling part of the story. I think I will come back to this post after I watch the movie smile

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