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The Heartbreaking Beauty of Pixar’s Films

As we review another year past, here's a sentimental look back at 15 years of Pixar brilliance

By Matthew Jeppsen | January 01, 2011


In 1995 Pixar released their first feature film, Toy Story. Since then, this amazing group of creatives has led in visual innovation and unique stories. As we review the year 2010, it seems fitting to share this inspiring mashup of Pixar films from the past 15 years. Enjoy.

(Via Blastr)

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Peter McAuley: | January, 01, 2011

Great mashup. I still can’t believe Pixar is making Cars 2. Cars was the only film that had no adult level and my least favourite of all the Pixar films. Nothing beats the production design of Ratatouille in my books

Peter McAuley

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