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Editing on Smoke for Mac

An introductory video blog.

By Brian Mulligan | March 19, 2012


Smoke is known as a finishing system, but it's a great editor in it's own right. Many people are looking for options with their editing tool of choice and I think that Autodesk Smoke needs to be looked at as one of those choices. It is just as powerful and editor as FCP 7. Adobe Premiere, or Avid Media Composer. I have been editing on Smoke for over 6 years.

So to shed some light on Smoke I have created a short video showing the basics of editing. I hope to follow it up with more videos, illustrating trimming and timeline compositing and effects. If you are still shopping around, or want to see how Smoke works as an editor, I encourage you to try the 30 Day free trial.

If anyone has any questions on the video, please feel free to ask.

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Tarr: | March, 27, 2012

Smoke is 15 grants?

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