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Philips Promotion Most Ambitious Frozen Time Shot Ever

By Mark Christiansen | April 16, 2009

You will wonder how they did this.

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Mark Spencer: | April, 16, 2009

That was fantastic. If you play the little Director section, you can see the guy to our right swinging a little, making it clear that these are actors/and or mannequins…

Scott Simmons: | April, 16, 2009

That is cool. I’m still not sold on this ambilight tech though. Sure we have something similar in our grading suite but it doesn’t change colors .... it has always seemed more distracting to me when I’m watching one of these TVs.

Paul Conigliaro: | April, 16, 2009

That piece is amazing, gimickry of the 21:9 display aside.

After clicking some of the “bonus features” it seems it was steadycam with subtle movements stabilized and camera match-move tracking for the extra elements.

I’m also not sold on Ambilight. It was just really distracting.

Matthew Law: | April, 16, 2009

The director was a little cheesy, but the rest of the site was beautiful.

I actually have a pretty solid idea of how they did this, I’ve worked on a very similar project before.  only we had a clearly smaller budget.

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