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Star Wars Main Title (as if by Saul Bass)

Parody illuminates two contrasting styles

By Mark Christiansen | March 04, 2008

A friendly reminder: if you want your motion graphics work to be shared far and wide, humor and satire can be a great way to go.

Note: the AEList apparently beat me to the punch on this one... s'okay, wanted to test video embeds here anyhow...

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Alex Montoya: | March, 04, 2008

Just wanted to say hi from Spain. I’m a happy owner of your AE book. Keep the good work.

Mark Christiansen: | March, 12, 2008

Thanks Alex! A message yesterday from a marketing manager on the After Effects team said she had been speaking with a studio who referred to the book as a “bible” - you might think I have a big head or hear this stuff all the time, but each time it does I’m humbled and reminded to stay focused and keep working.

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