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Tip: Double-click to Open R3D in REDAlert with RedPortal

Handy, free, hard-to-find utility

By Mark Christiansen | April 14, 2009

A while back (late 2007 to be exact) Anders Holck posted a Mac helper app that lets you double click an R3D file to open it in REDAlert. The link was only ever posted on reduser and disappeared at some point after it was posted.

Happily, it has recently been re-posted as a .dmg installer file. Once you've installed it, select an R3D file in the Finder and in the Get Info box (cmd + I) set RedPortal as the app to open all R3D files (Open with RedPortal and then Change All).

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Anders Holck: | April, 17, 2009

Just wanted to mention that I have fixed the link in my original post on RedUser.

Thanks for the heads up:-)

Best Regards

Anders Holck
(The Nerd behind RedPortal)

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