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Final Cut Pro X and Auto Backup

on MacBreak Studio

By Mark Spencer | April 29, 2012


Steve Martin shows off the new Auto Backup feature in the 10.0.3 update in Final Cut Pro X. He shows how Final Cut resolves a corrupted project file by using this powerful feature and lets you restore your project to its prior condition.

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JonWade: | April, 17, 2013

Awesome tip! My Time Machine backup drive wasn’t mounted and I needed to revert back to an edit point that I was working on yesterday.  I corrupted the project file with text edit and then removed the FCP backup folder files up to a point in time yesterday, relaunched and it took me right back to that version of my edit.  Thanks fellas, you just saved me a lot of work.

mxpublishing: | June, 01, 2013

“Final Cut resolves a corrupted project file “?? The truth be told, it sometimes works, and its sometimes doesn’t!!

In FCP X there is no manual Save option, so you have to rely on the AutoBackup.  The problem is, the AutoBackup has a bug that still, in May 2013, has not been resolved by Apple.  Today I lost, 4 hours of work in Final Cut Pro X, thanks to this issue. The file saved in the Backup folder is corrupted and won’t open. 

The concept is good, the implementation in my opinion is lousy.

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