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Burning DVDs from Final Cut Pro X-without FCP X!

On This Week's MacBreak Studio

By Mark Spencer | December 17, 2013

On this episode of MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin from Ripple Training shows us a great trick for burning DVDs from projects created in Final Cut Pro X.

Now some of you may be saying "what's a DVD?" - but DVDs are still a widely-used offline distribution medium so a process that makes burning them more efficient could be interesting.

Yes, you can of course use the Share options in Final Cut Pro X to mux and burn a DVD. But what if you then want to make another copy? Do you need to fire up FCP X and go through the Share menu again? Actually, you don't need to even launch Final Cut Pro X to burn additional DVDs!

Steve takes us deep into the FCP X application package to reveal an application inside an application inside an application: the aptly-named Create Disc application, to be precise. While this application normally runs in the background without making itself known, by launching it directly, you can bypass both Final Cut Pro X and even Compressor to burn a muxed DVD.


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maccolar: | December, 18, 2013

You may take a look at this step by step guide, it will teach you how to convert and burn movie to DVD on Mac. I followed it and successfully burned movie to DVD to play on my home DVD player, it’s easy to understand, I think it deserve a try.
Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question about Mac.

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