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NAB Day One Tidbit - Edelkrone

The news behind the big news

By Mark Spencer | April 07, 2014

On this first day of the NAB show, I avoided the huge crowds around the BlackMagic and AJA booths and instead dug around in the Central Hall. I wanted to find something that not everyone is talking about.

I have a slider from Edelkrone that I'm quite impressed with and I caught up with their CEO, Kadir Koymen. In this short video demonstrates a very motion control slider configuration.

You'll have to excuse the horrible audio during the interview - I'm experimenting with a very compact setup: an iPhone 4S mounted on a Grip&Shoot smart grip and a Rode smartLav mic plugged directly into the iPhone, and it's clearly overdriven. It's designed to be plugged into the iPhone like this, however, it's meant to be used in conjunction with the Rode rec app - which you can't do while shooting video at the same time. I'll be looking for other solutions.

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Lee Herbet: | April, 07, 2014

Two bit advantages for me of this setup is that it only requires on tripod and that it’s relatively portable.

I don’t have one yet, but very keen to get one as soon as my next project helps fund it smile

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