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Using the Link Behavior in Motion

This Week on MacBreak Studio

By Mark Spencer | August 13, 2013

This week on MacBreak Studio, I show Steve Martin from Ripple Training how you can connect the animation of different parameters on different objects using the Link behavior.

The Link behavior is part of the collection of parameter behaviors - some of the most powerful behaviors found in Motion. With it you can take just about any parameter of any layer, behavior, filter, mask, or group - as long as it is a parameter that can be animated - and connect that parameter to a different parameter of that same object, or to a different object.

To illustrate this idea, I link the value of a number generator to the length of a simple shape object so that as the shape (in the form of an arrow) grows in length, the numbers increase in value.

The only tricky part of using this behavior (after figuring out which parameter should drive the other), is to determine the correct Scale value, which adjusts the impact of the "driver" parameter on the "driven" parameter.

There are myriad uses for the Link behavior; my hope is that this simple example gives you ideas for other ways to use it.


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