NAB 2009 - Monday Madness

A sampling of tech demos and real products.
Adam Wilt
By Adam Wilt 04.21.09

gCubik: Sharing and Grasping 3D Images

I spent Monday at NAB in the South Hall, with a brief excursion into North Hall. Here's a little of what I saw and heard...

gCubik: Sharing and Grasping 3D Images used a handheld cube with 3D LCDs in each face to demonstrate in-the-round (or in-the-cube) 3D images.

Real-time holographic white-light camera.

A 4k video camera on an optical bench shot a small setup using white light (through a series of lenses and a lenticular sheet) and the resulting image, processed by a bank of PCs, created a holographic image.

Real-time holographic 3D display rig.

The image was reproduced using a set of RGB lasers with prisms and combiners.

The resulting postage-stamp-sized image may not have been the most dramatic thing imaginable (and I wasn't able to get a properly usable photo of it), but like a dancing bear, the wonder was that it worked at all!

3D immersive sound system.

Three speaker globes, each with 26 individual speaker elements, and two traditional speakers were used to create an immersive soundscape. They were fed tracks recorded from an equally immersive array of microphones surrounding musicians. Walking through the space sounded just like walking through a small ensemble.

These were tech demos, and may or may not make it into shipping products in the future. When I went to the South Hall, the stuff was at least supposed to be offered for sale...

The Avid booth in the front of the South Hall upper level takes the sapce that Sony used to occupy.

Avid returns to NAB with "New Thinking", a large and impressive booth, and a nicely reworked logo.

Next: two cool products for the rest of us, and some Adobe demos...

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